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from the July 2003 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

New format
     After 16 years of black and white, 11 x 17, The Star Beacon has a new design. This issue is the first one with the revised size utilizing color on the front and back pages. You may also have noticed that there are 16 pages instead of 12. If you have any comments or suggestions on The Star Beacon’s format, e-mail me at

Cosmic Cooking is cooking
     Okay, you procrastinators, it’s time to get those remedies, potions and recipes to us for the book we are publishing this fall, Cosmic Cooking, Healing Potions and Other Magic by Star Beacon Readers. We have some wonderful contributions so far, but need more, more, more! Indulge us, please! E-mail them to me at or send them to Star Beacon Book, PO Box 117, Paonia CO 81428. You’ve got until Aug. 15.

Perfect Health Vibrations
     John Robert Feather of Fairfax, Va., was on the phone with me recently to inquire about an article submission. At the time I was experiencing several days of pain in my neck. I told him about it and he asked if I wanted him to do anything about it. Silly question! But then he said, "I can’t do anything unless you ask." It got me thinking. How many times have I wanted something or needed a healing, but forgot to ask for it? Anyway, to make a long story short, I said "yes" and by the very next morning my neck was perfect again.

UFO Spaghettios
     George Filer of MUFON writes in his "Filer’s Files #22" that three flying "Spaghettios" were seen flying over Wisconsin in May. From Oshkosh in Winnebago County, Lee B. reported on May 15: "My dad and I were out in his backyard with a telescope and a digital camera, watching the lunar eclipse. At some point that night, while I was star hopping with my binoculars to locate a Messier object, I saw three very distant shapes move across my field of view. I instantly started following them through the binoculars. They were so faint, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find them again if I looked away for even a second."

     He says his girlfriend stood right next to him and he told her what he was seeing, and she said she could barely see something moving in the same direction. The objects appeared as three orange/red shapes, with the light appearing in a ring around the object, not as a solid sphere of light. "They moved steadily east," he continued, "and eventually disappeared in the trees. At first glance, I was just intrigued. And I didn’t think of them being odd until I saw how they moved independently! It wasn’t one fixed set of lights; all three seemed to bob towards and away from the other while they continued on their path."

‘Out of the Blue’ spawns believers
     On June 24 (Kenneth Arnold Day), the Sci-Fi channel aired its new UFO show, "Out of the Blue," starring Peter Coyote. Emma O’Brian wrote from Washington state that her brother’s friend, Ron, asked her, after viewing the show, if she’d ever seen a UFO. When she said yes, he admitted he’d never seen one. In reply, Emma said, "You’re lucky if you do, and you’re unlucky if you do."

     At 1:30 a.m. Emma awoke to her excited brother, who said, "You’ve got to see this!" Grabbing her camera, she followed him outside to where Ron stood pointing. They had seen a bright light coming from the east towards the mountains south of them.

     "My brother had enough time to count 15 smaller white lights going to this main white light," she says. "He tells me that these smaller white lights arched up to it as it moved across the sky in a relatively slow path, toward Seattle. He then decided to get me, while Ron kept his eye on this light. By the time I got there, it was gone."

     "Ron at 50 years old now isn’t so sure these things don’t exist," says Emma.

Closer to Mars each day
     In late August, Earth and Mars will be on the same side of the Sun, but this time the distance between the two will be at the minimal possible separation of about 34 million miles. UFO sightings are expected to increase this summer.

Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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