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from the July 2009 Star Beacon

edited by Ann Ulrich Miller

New York Triangle
         A sighting of a triangle occurred on Rocky Point, Long Island, on Saturday, June 13 at 11:30 a.m. The witness was sitting on his porch, texting, when he heard a loud humming noise “like (an) engine above my head.” He looked up and saw a slow-moving triangle flying low. “No way around it, this is a UFO,” he said. (40.939N, 72.93W) Thanks to MUFON CMS (Source: Filer’s Files 2009 #25)

South Carolina Triangle photographed
         The witness was outside watching some thunderstorms pass over his home in Greenville, S.C., on May 26 at 12:30 p.m. “I had my camera with me, hoping to get a picture or two of some lightning. I didn’t hear any sound, but then again there was thunder in the background... the camera I was using was a Minolta Z5.” Special Note: The witness did capture three clear shots of the object as it flew across the sky. Thanks to UFO Case Book and Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ. (Source: Filer’s Files 2009 #25)

Factual TV
        A brand new Web site has been launched, called
Users at the Web site will find the best long and short form videos and documentaries about UFOs and UFO sightings. The site also provides news, blogs and other content related to UFOs.
        FactualTV is an on-line service dedicated to gathering content relating to many different themes and subjects. You can also visit to see the entire choice of channels and categories.

Chile — What the devil?
        Researcher Raúl Nuñez from IIEE-Chile sends us this image from Las Ultimas Noticias, which asks: “What the devil is in this photo?” The text goes on to say: Rosa Araya says that the only thing she did was take a photo of her nephews in the backyard of her house in Montegrande to finish a roll of film.
        Upon developing the roll, she became aware of two things. She had only focused on the boys’ heads and that some strange luminous dots forming a sort of saucer appeared over the skies of Valle de Elqui. Ufologist Patricio Diaz, when consulted by the El Dia newspaper, dismissed the possibility that the image was a hoax.
        Then, in bold red: “The controversy is afoot. Diaz, a ufologist that everyone believed to have retired, opines and jumps into the fray...”
        A number of photo experts will surely opine as well and invoke a number of camera defects capable of producing such an image, but here at Inexplicata, it reminds us powerfully of the “clock” images studied by psychologist Berthold E. Schwarz in the 1970s as part of the Stella Lansing case. Could this be a Chilean equivalent?
                                                — Scott Corrales
                                                posted by Inexplicata
                                                at 8:31 AM, June 19, 2009

UFO researcher wants your input
        Thomas J. Streicher, a student researcher from Saybrook Graduate and Research Center in San Francisco, sent the following request:
        Have you had an experience of visiting another planet? Will you share your experience with me confidentially as a part of a research study?
        I am conducting a doctoral research study of experiences one may have had during travels to another planet and possible changes caused from these experiences. I am interested in learning about your experiences. I have particular interest in how these experiences may have changed your life. If you have had such experiences and are interested, please fill out the information questionnaire and consent form. This questionnaire may require approximately 15-30 minutes. To receive the questionnaire, please e-mail Thomas at He is from Nevada City, Calif.

Contribute to an anthology for starseeds and hybrids
        This came in from Cari Barlow:
My Dear Star Family, My name is Jujuolui. I am an ET/Human Hybrid from the Andromedan Galaxy, on a planet we call Faqui. My Earth name is Cari Barlow. I have been told by my people to contact all Awakened Starseeds and Hybrids who are willing to share their personal stories. We will be collecting these stories as soon as possible and compiling them into a book.
        The intention for this book is of a very high vibration. My intention and my people’s intention is to help awaken the readers and to gather our Star Family closer together.
        A publisher has already been chosen who is whole-heartedly in the ufology field and has a successful monthly journal. We are currently working on the details.
        Each “autobiography” will be listed separately in the book. We are looking to include the following information:
        * As much specific information as you know and are willing to share about your ET identity; such as your name, your species, your home world location/description, your spoken/written language, type of vehicles (ships) you use, etc.
        * How you “came out” or awakened to your ET identity and how it has affected your life.
        * The most significant of your ET experiences. We understand each one is important, but some have so many they could write their own books!
        * Your “Mission” here on Earth as you understand it.
        * Any drawings or pictures you wish to include.

        Each person whose story is used in this book will receive a free copy upon completion.
        We ask that each of you allow a way to be contacted in the book. Our intentions are to provide a way for the readers, who connect with you and/or your story, to reach out for assistance in their own growth and awakening.
        You may most certainly use a fictitious name in the book. It is a valid concern when disclosing this type of information to the public and we respect your decision.
        If you wish to be a part of this endeavor, please let me know you are interested so I can count you in. (We will only have so much room for stories we can include). I will send you any more information I have regarding the book plus a form you will have to sign before we can use your story. Please contact me any time at my e-mail address:

Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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