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Highway to the Stars

from the December 2003 Star Beacon

Jim Drake

     EDITORíS NOTE: On Oct. 14, 2003, Edna Drake lost her husband, Jim, at their home in Kelowna, B.C. The following is Ednaís story.

by Edna Drake

     I am slowly recovering from the shock of my dear Jimís sudden departure. He was the one, you know, who had never felt pain, was very fit and well - apart from that short spell of fibrillating over a year ago. The hospital put him on drugs as a preventive as the heart specialist informed me that he had a strong heart and a strong constitution. But, as his diagnosis showed, he would always have an irregular heartbeat through his electrolytes. He was actually back to a normal heartbeat and was pretty well fit.

     On Oct. 13 we had a couple of friends drop in. Jim said he would just lay down, that he had a slight tummy ache. It was his first pain, but not severe, and he threw up slightly.

     At 4 a.m. the morning of the 14th, I asked Jim if he was okay on my way to the bathroom. He remarked, "Well, Iím still breathing," and jokingly laughed. At 5:30 a.m. he passed away in his sleep. The medical pathologist reckoned that was the estimated time of "lights out."

     At 7 a.m. I asked Jim if he would like a cup of tea. I asked him twice, then went to him and said, "Oh, Jim, your eyes look funny." They were all misted over. I rushed to friends next door and told them I could not wake Jim up.

     The neighbor man rushed in, put one finger on his throat, and one on the phone. Along came two ambulances, one oxygen inhalator, and a couple of fire engines.

     The very next day I started to tell a few friends, but was not doing too good a job of it, so I had some help to contact others.

     On the third day I received a call from a friend who is a channel. She told me Jim contacted her, saying, "He did not take the tunnel. He took the Highway to the Starways. And... he finally saw the ship."

     Jim has often said he would like to see a spaceship as I and others had seen. We had even gone with three other friends here in Kelowna, where we heard there are many sightings, about a week before Jim left. At that time there were no lights or ships... so Jim never got to see one at that time.

     He has now seen them. The message continued that he is not ready yet to fly the ship, but later... Jim was a pilot in the Royal Air Force.

     This took me back about 12 years, when I read in a book or magazine put out by Timothy Green Beckley and Diane Tessman, Your Passport to Heaven. In that book, on page 97, it talks about a lady named Norma, who was driving along a road and her car stalled, and a huge spaceship blocked her way. Two space beings came out in space suits, followed by another person behind them. The space beings spoke to her, asking, "Are you Norma?"

     She was startled and asked them who they were. And then she saw the person behind them dressed in a shirt and jeans. It was her husband who had died seven months before. He spoke to her, saying, "I have always loved you, and I will watch over you daily." With that they returned to the ship and it sped away.

     In this book there are two more instances similar to that one. I never ever forgot reading those extraordinary experiences. A few years after that, still remembering the cases I had read, I sent away to Inner Light Publications for that book again, as I just could not find it and I wanted to read it again. I had mentioned this book and the cases of UFO contact and how they tie in with the dead or departed, and nobody believed me - that there was such a book or that it was a reality.

     I always did wonder why I had such a fascination for this book after many years, never forgetting the cases. Some strange inner searching for what or why...

     I never did doubt the authenticity of Inner Light Publications, as I have followed all of their publications and thoroughly believed what I read. I even remember reading in that book I received many years after the previous one... a good friend, Mark Macy, on page 112, discussing his electronic transmissions from the spirit realms, a subject that at one time I was fully engrossed in and attempted many times to sit and record - and was actually successful in hearing my departed sisterís voice on tape. Also, I belonged to the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) group that Sarah Estep ran for many years, before handing it all over to Tom and Lisa Butler. And I might say she chose wisely these two.

     What Mark Macy is having great success with is very real - as is that of John Edward, the well known psychic with his TV program Crossing Over. Thousands of people are awakening to the way it really is. John Edward is following right behind Mark Macy and his pioneering work of years before.

     With these cases so prominent in my mind, from the write-up in the book Your Passport to Heaven, I cannot but feel that this was a message for me to pursue. It might, one day, have a very significant meaning, which of course we may discover when Jim has more to tell us all... in time.

     Of these cases I am convinced that one day my husband will be boarding a ship similar to these other fine husbands, and in time he will be assisting with the piloting of these fine ships, showing their "Lights" to the many darkened areas of disbelief and denial.

     I do believe my husband is guiding my words here, as I had only intended to write a few lines, informing Ann of the sudden passing of Jim, my husband. I cannot believe I am sitting at my computer for this long a time after my shock/grief - constantly coughing, with sleepless nights and constant company of comforting, consoling friends, which I greatly treasure at this time.

     What also comes to mind at this time of Jimís passing is the mystical miracles that are presenting themselves.

     First, despite his busy schedule in various parts of B.C., a mentor and good friend made his way to me at this time of sadness. He teaches "The Divine Plan" and the "Earth Star Project." He goes by the name of Michael, an Extraterrestrial, who entered this earth plane to carry out his mission to "en-light-en" the many still trapped in the darkness of their unawakened souls.

     Michael was accepted into an earth body, to enable him to carry out many duties and teachings that are truly needed in these times of change, with more changes yet to come.

     Another of these miracles is a dear friend whom I have not seen for quite a few years. We lost contact when in Surrey, B.C. She has the ability, through her many years of training in homeopathic healing, knowledge of herbs and vitamins, to make us well and to assist us to help ourselves in curing and healing. She arrived here, brought by another friend from the Coast.

     She had made a quick, snap decision that she would like to live here in Kelowna, in this very apartment building. So an attempt was made to secure the apartment that was available, a door along this hall. But, upon asking the manager, he apologized and said it was rented. However, my friend did not seem too disappointed (what faith we have), for no sooner had that day gone, I received a call from the manager, telling me if my friend wanted to look at the suite, the other person had not gotten back to him. So the suite was saved, it seems, for our friend who does such amazing healing and knows what is the best in the way of getting better.

     So there are many helpers out there, to assist us all to help ourselves back to good health - unless, of course, you come across a man like my husband, who is not suffering poor health - only wanting to join our Brothers and try his hand at pilot control, which he did not get enough of during his Air Force days.

     Psalm 18:10 - "And he rode upon a cherub... and did fly... Ďyea,í he did fly upon the wings of the wind."

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