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Fisherman's close encounter with shape-shifting UFO

from the July 2004 Star Beacon

Report by Davina Ryszka
SSD/Field Investigator for MUFON
CO #061404

     VEGA RESERVOIR, Colo. — The sighting took place Sunday, June 13, 2004, between 10:30 p.m. and 11:00-11:30 p.m.. I interviewed the main witness on June 16. Three adults and one young adult all saw the UFO at the beginning, but the main witness drove his vehicle to another location to get a better view and had at least 30 minutes to view the object from far away and then at close range, about one-quarter mile away at treetop level.

     The group had been fishing until dark on the reservoir and had headed back to their cabin to fry up the fish for supper. After eating, the main witness went outside to go to the outhouse when he noticed what he at first thought was a very bright star. He realized in a few seconds that it was moving. It was a calm, clear night sky except for a few scattered clouds and no moon, but he could tell that the object was moving because of the backdrop of the stars.

     It struck him really strange as this bright light then began to dance around and move erratically. It moved up and down and back and forth. He said the light stayed in one general area of the sky, but made very unusual maneuvers, doing almost geometric-like figures in the sky, and then it would move back and forth like a pendulum (a circular, swing-like motion).

     He called everyone outdoors to watch this with him. They all kept trying to rationalize that it must be a satellite or helicopter, but they knew these movements were not like either of those things. They noticed two airliners flying over which were quite high, and they felt that this light was as high or higher than the aircraft, and felt certain that the aircraft would have been able to see the UFO.

     They then looked at the UFO through binoculars. They said it looked really weird, because when it moved it would leave a trace or glowing line behind it. It would move in such a way as to leave scribbles, as if it was scribbling in the sky. It did a figure 8 at one point. The object would sometimes look like a worm because of the movements and leaving a line/trail behind it as it moved.

     Everyone went back into the cabin except the main witness, who then drove his truck to a more open field, where he could view the UFO better.

     From Vega Reservoir and where their cabin is located, this light was first seen in the southwestern sky, quite high up. When he drove his truck to the field, it was still in the southwestern part of the sky but then at this point he said the object stopped and came straight down and went behind the mountain. As it was dropping it changed from a white to a reddish-orange color. For a time he could not see it, but then began to see a glow on the side of the mountain. He could see the trees as the light reflected off of them.

     He then realized that it was moving toward him and was now not very far away. He could see it was only about 100-200 feet off the ground over some aspen trees alongside the mountain. He could see a shape now that was oblong with a hump in the middle. There were many colors on this object. As it moved toward him, on the front of it he could see an amber or golden diffused-like light. He mentioned that many — if not all — the lights looked more diffused rather than direct lights. On top there was a reddish glow, and on the bottom a greenish-blue. Toward the back there was blue and then purple/violet-like color. It reminded him of some of the multicolored popsicles that you can buy now that have multi/blended colors. In the middle there was a thin band of real bright white light.

     To add to all of this, there were lines/traces of lightning all over the object. He described the lightning as “fingers of lightning” all over the object and constantly moving and changing. As it came toward him he found that he wished the game warden would now come by, so he could tell him about this and have him see it, too.

     There was absolutely no sound from the object that he could hear, but suddenly all of the birds in the area went from being silent to all flying (fleeing) in all directions. It was total chaos for a time with the birds, and at the same time he could also hear cattle bawling from up in the canyon.

     He said he had never seen anything like it, the way the birds were acting, going in all directions... so much so that he thought they would fly into each other.

     At first he had watched this object with binoculars, but because it was so close, he wasn’t using them and he told me that the strangest thing was that the UFO kept changing shape. It reminded him of watching a large balloon, or large soap bubble being moved about by the wind and changing shape with the wind.

     I asked him to estimate the size of the object and he said it was about the size of a semi truck/trailer with roundish edges and with a hump in the middle. He thought that he could see it was a solid object, possibly made of metal, but the outside edges seemed to be changing all the time.

     He thought that the fingers of lightning all around it and the fact that it was constantly moving might have created this effect. He had a camera and decided that he would try and take a couple of still photos of the object, but he knew he was at the end of his film in the camera and didn’t know if it would work. He was, in fact, able to get two photos taken before the end of the film. The film is being developed as I write this. His camera flashed when he took the pictures, and it is at this time the UFO went from being oblong in shape to more circular, and the whole thing turned a grayish-blue color. He said this may sound strange, but it now appeared transparent. Then he saw a bright flash of light and heard a loud crack sound, and the object was instantly gone, leaving only a blueish mist that lasted 10 seconds. He told me that it was very dark and all the lights on his truck were out and he could see this object vividly.

     He doesn’t know if the object departed so quickly that he could not see it, or if it just vanished somehow. He also wondered if his taking the pictures (because his camera flashed) at that time caused the UFO to depart. All this happened at the time he was taking the pictures.

     He drove back to the cabin and said he had a hard time going to sleep. When he did get to sleep, he said he tossed and turned, very fitfully, only getting an hour or two of sleep, if that. He awoke in the early morning hours, drenched in sweat, in a state of anxiety. He said it was not hot in the cabin to have caused him to sweat like that.

     He is quite shaken by what he saw and is not sure if he wants to tell many people about this, because they would probably not believe him. He doesn’t want people to think he’s crazy. I assured him that he is not crazy and told him about the many sightings lately, to let him know he is not alone.


About the Author:
     Davina Ryszka investigates sightings and crop circles from Delta, Colorado.


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