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Galactic Gathering opens Portal of Light in Denver Sept. 27

from the October 2009 Star Beacon

Special Report on the
by Ann Ulrich Miller

        “There are no innocent bystanders in attendance. Now is the time for action and peace,” declared Ascended Master Kuthumi during the talk given by Dr. Norma Milanovich on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 26 in Denver, at the Galactic Gathering, a conference put on by the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC).
        Dr. Milanovich had received a message just days before that foretold of a Portal of Light that would appear over the conference building in the Denver Tech Center at midnight on Sunday, Sept. 27. Dr. Milanovich, famous for writing We, the Arcturians in the early 1990s, has been receiving messages from the Arcturians since 1984. She was an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico and has traveled in more than 75 countries and has even spoken at the UN, spreading the messages for peace and awareness of higher consciousness.
        This past June, Dr. Milanovich was part of an international UFO congress held in Turkey that comprised more than 1,000 people in Istanbul. During the two-day weekend conference there was open media coverage of the event and an actual UFO appearance in the skies over Istabul on Sunday afternoon that lasted 15-20 minutes over the conference building.
Film footage showed a second ship off in the distance. People were taking pictures with their cell phone cameras and the media carried the story in a more open-minded way than what we might have seen in America. Apparently the mentality toward such phenomena is different than what we have experienced with the media in this country.
        “Earth is moving quickly,” Kuthumi warned in his message. “Each soul must begin to make peace with all around.” Within three years time will cease to exist and there will be only one reality (truth).
“People panic only because they are not prepared,” said Kuthumi. He emphasized that it is important to resist nothing at this point.
        2012 is huge — the greatest opportunity for humankind. We need to step up to the plate and take responsibility as we become fully conscious. “Practice this now,” advised Dr. Milanovich. “We don’t have the luxury of being shaken up like the masses. We need to behave the way the masters do. We must rise to the occasion.”
        The Galactic Gathering conference began Friday evening, Sept. 25 with opening statements by Franklin Carter, spokesperson and co-founder of The Institute for Study of Galactic Civilizations, who said the purpose of the gathering was to “educate the public that these civilizations are out there.”
        Jeff Peckman, who is working hard to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver with the citizens’ effort for ET disclosure by getting signatures so that there can be a ballot initative, acted as moderator at the conference. He needs 1,000 more signatures in the next three weeks for his initiative to go on the ballot in February or next August. When on the ballot, it will legitimize discussion of ETs and those of us who are working toward UFO disclosure will no longer be seen as “on the fringe,” and the media will take the UFO subject seriously. To learn about the ballot initative, go to

Rainbow Eagle
        The first speaker was Rainbow Eagle, an Okla-Choctaw “wisdom keeper,” who is the author of the book A Walk in the Woods. He spent most his life traveling and living among traditional Native Americans, sharing with traditional people and learning from respected elders. He disclosed that the word apocalypse actually means “that which is hidden becomes known.”         Also, a heretic is simply “one who values choice.” He maintains that Nature is multi-dimensional with parallel dimensions, and that a walk in the woods is the best way to understand the larger picture.

Dr. Arthur Horn
        Saturday morning the first speaker was Dr. Arthur David Horn, a physical anthropologist. He had grown up in small towns in eastern Kansas and had been raised as a Christian, but grew disillusioned with religious dogma when he was a young man.
        He left academia 19 years ago because “science was becoming too materialistic.” He was impressed with the scientific evidence of reincarnation, including children who could recall their past lives. He resigned his job with Colorado State University in 1990 and moved to California.
        He discussed ET influences on humankind’s biological and cultural evolution. In Mount Shasta, he and his wife, Lynette, resumed research into human origins, a lifelong interest, and produced his book, Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Biological and Cultural Evolution, released in 1994.

Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle
        Dr. Sprinkle is well known as a legendary pioneer in UFO contactee research. Having worked with hundreds of hypnosis clients, he shared some of his experiences in his talk. He had actually been a skeptic regarding UFOs until he had his own sighting of a strange daylight disc many years ago. Still somewhat skeptical, his second sighting with his wife, in Boulder (1956), convinced him of the reality of UFOs.
        Throughout the years Dr. Sprinkle has played a pivotal role in ufology, helping people deal with their encounters. He was a professor of Counseling Services at the University of Wyoming until the late 1980s, and has been in private practice the last 13 years in Laramie, Wyo.
        His main message: “It’s okay to have fun while we’re waiting for UFO disclosure and the rest of humanity to get with the program.” I have the feeling Leo must have been a comedian in a past life as he has a natural ability to make people laugh and feel relaxed when they’re around him.
        Several years ago my late husband and I were honored to have Dr. Sprinkle in our home for lunch, which included an interesting discussion about ETs and a chance for him to meet Sanni Ceto, one who walks among us.
        In his talk, Dr. Sprinkle showed a chart about the “Levels of Consciousness,” which can actually be measured or calibrated. At the bottom is NATURE, which is “sensing”; next is LIFE, which is “feeling”; followed by THOUGHT, which is “thinking,” and finally SPIRIT, which is “intuiting.”
        His “Model of Suffering” included remedies on resolving each problem. At the very bottom is the Survival level, with the SSS solution: “Seek a Safer Sanctuary.” Next was the Biological level, with BBB” “Build a Better Body.” For those having problems at the Psychological level: LLL means “Learn a Lot of Love.” Then for those suffering at the Spiritual level, GGG: “Get a greater god.”
        “It is important to focus on the positive,” said Dr. Sprinkle. “Eliminate, or at least minimize hatred.” His observation of the media’s role has pointed to “cover-up,” using the three D’s” “deny, delay or distort” truth. The media continues to suppress medical and scientific information.
        In his opinion, there is no controversy about the ET presence in our world. Public announcement will allow all of us to prepare ourselves for becoming part of the Galactic Federation. Our job right now is to meditate, investigate and activate.

Wendelle Stevens
        On Saturday afternoon retired US Air Force pilot Wendelle Stevens gave his talk on the Pleiadians and their contacts. Stevens has published more than 30 books on UFO contact cases and was one of the first to discover Swiss farmer Billy Meier, who had life-long contact with Pleiadians/Plejarans and has photographed hundreds of astounding pictures of their ships with his camera, using only one arm (due to amputation from an earlier accident).
        Stevens said that for tens of thousands of years Earth has been visited by Pleiadians, who are described as human-looking and beautiful people. A female ship captain named Semjase was Meier’s primary contact, and on Feb. 28, 1975 Semjase landed her craft in a meadow in Switzerland. When Billy Meier attempted to approach the craft, he ran into a barrier — apparently a forcefield of some sort.
        The Pleiadians’ life span is 10 times that of the Earth human. A Pleiadian who is 700 years old is the equivalent of a human being at 70 years of age.

Ron Regehr
        A lesson in petroglyph interpretation was part of Ron Regehr’s presentation Sunday morning. Ron, a retired aerospace engineer working in space and space surveillance systems, has been a ufologist for more than 50 years and held various security clearances up to the level of top secret Q. He is the MUFON deputy director of research and their specialist in space satellite technology. He shared his research regarding the interaction of ETs with the Hopi and Anasazi nations. He referred to the Anasazi as “Hisatsinom,” their preferred name, and said the word Anasazi is insulting, according to the Hopi.
       The Four Corners area of the US is important and it was interesting at the end of Ron’s talk when he showed a chart that interposed the constellation of Orion over the Southwestern United States, and the points where the stars were overlapped several sacred areas, such as Chaco Canyon.
       Ron Regehr is coming out with a new book soon, called 2012: The Star People Return.

Sheldan Nidle
       “Becoming Galactic Humans” was the name of Sheldan Nidle’s talk before lunch on Sunday. Sheldan had contact with ETs from early in his childhood. He was so overwhelmed with it that at age 14 he requested that the Sirians discontinue seeing him. They honored his request and left, but said they would return.
       Sheldan holds three master’s degrees, one in political science, one in Southeast Asian government, and one in American politics. He had a very high aptitude for science, but when he discovered the academic world was not ready to listen to his views (which are reminiscent of Nikola Tesla), he changed his mind about majoring in the sciences.
       In the 1980s the Sirians resumed their contact with Sheldan. In 1997, while living in Maui, he founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO), part of the Galactic Federation of Light, which comprises fully conscious Beings of Light. PAO’s mission includes four goals: 1) to prepare the world for First Contact; 2) to spread the message of the Galactic Federation of Light; 3) to establish a network of Planetary Activation groups around the world, and 4) to promote our roles as Physical Angelic Guardians.
       Sheldan disclosed that 40 percent of the Galactic Federation of Light is made up of humanoid beings. Most members, he said, are fully conscious beings. Earth is one of the most important planets in the galaxy. Millions of ETs surround our planet and they care about our ascension.
       We are moving from a seven-chakra system to 13 chakras. The first three chakras (root, navel and solar plexus) are the same. The fourth is the diaphragm, where stress ends up. The fifth is the heart and the sixth the thymus, which is important in preventing disease. Seventh is the throat chakra, and the eighth is known as the “Well of Dreams.” The development of this chakra could be why some of us have “strange headaches,” Sheldan said. Ninth is the pituitary, 10th is the pineal (the light center), 11th is the crown chakra, and the 12th is the “Galactic Female” with the 13th being the “Galactic Male.”
       A third (center) strand is being activated in our RNA/DNA. The third strand is the precursor to a fully active 12-strand DNA system. Obviously, a major shift is occurring in us genetically. Our DNA is changing and at a very accelerated rate.
       The most interesting part about Sheldan Nidle’s talk was a description of the Sirian ships. First, he told about the Receiving Room, where there is an energy field of love and greetings. Sirians, Pleiadians and Andromedans welcome you on board and you are given a Universal Translator Button, which he showed on screen as a tiny flat, metallic button that resembles your navel.
       A 3D holographic briefing screen explains the tour of the ship, and you wear what is called a “Smart Suit,” which appears to have no seams or fastenings, yet when you tap it in a certain way, it zips and unzips, enclosing you like an extra skin.
       He also mentioned how the ship responds to your thoughts. He called it the “Magic Hallway,” where walking is like moving through the air due to the floor’s electromagnetics. You can also teleport to other parts of the ship. The Sirians easily walk through walls. Earth humans are given a “pin” that enables them to do the same and is called a “Field Matter Adjusting Device.”
       We saw diagrams of the Maintenance Hangar and Sheldan talked about the self-service food center — replicators, like on Star Trek. He explained how Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, received his information from the ETs on many of the technological aspects of the Star Trek series and movies.
       The Sirians are multidimensional beings and can be both physical and etheric. They, like the Pleiadians, are really into music. He said that Lemuria (on Earth) was a Sirian colony.
       A Galactic Society, Sheldan explained, is based upon love and compassion, both for soul growth and for others. There is an etiquette and protocol for becoming fully conscious humans. “A wondrous destiny awaits us,” he promised.

Stan Romanek
       The Stan Romanek contact case is probably the most scientifically documented human/ET encounter case ever reported. Whoever decided to schedule Stan’s lecture last knew what they were doing. The auditorium was packed with people and Stan’s talk was riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat.
       Stan’s first sighting occurred on Dec. 27, 2000. He was driving his van the back way up to Red Rocks, near Denver, when a metallic object began pacing his vehicle. The local TV news reported on it.
       Stan’s father had served in the US Air Force and was in charge of missiles at Grand Forks, N.D. On June 6, 1968, there was an incident with a UFO hovering over one of the silos. “It armed the missile,” Stan disclosed.
He remembers seeing a strange woman when he was five years old. She was stunningly beautiful with very blue, slanted eyes, and she held out a glowing blue marble in her hand to show him.
       A UFO followed Stan and his wife-to-be, Lisa, in their vehicle on Sept. 1, 2001, when they were returning from a trip to Pennsylvania. The craft followed them through two and a half states.
       On Sept. 20, 2001, a UFO hovered over the retail store where Stan worked as a manager. That night, at 2 AM on the 21st, strangers knocked on the door of his home. Stan described them as “smaller people at the door,” whom he thought at first were wearing costumes. They were actually Grays.
       On Sept. 30, 2001, a UFO followed him again and it beamed a light down over his van as he drove over Old Stone House Park.
On May 19, 2002 the TV news once again featured Stan when there was a UFO over Lakewood. It was several years later (Feb. 11, 2006) when a witness came forward with 35mm pictures of that UFO.
       On June 25, 2002 Stan had his first hypnotic regression. He remembered a lot of symbols that were in his head. Scientists from top universities have been involved in analyzing various aspects of his case. They discovered one of the codes to be Element 115, and another Drake’s Equation. Stan admitted that he is dyslexic and did not know what the equations meant. An astronomer discovered that one of Stan’s equations could be deciphered for the date 9-21-12, which is the fall equinox in the year 2012.
       Stan married Lisa on July 27, 2002. On Sept. 3 of that year, Lisa woke up and noticed their electronic alarm clock was upside down (they took a photo of it). Pens and pencils lay beside the bed, along with a paper with equations in Stan’s handwriting.
       On Nov. 17, 2002 Stan was abducted again in his backyard, beside an apple tree. Marks appeared on his back, as well as a lump on his hip. They also discovered a burnt circle in the yard that contained meteorite dust particles. Regression revealed a Mantis and a small Gray were involved.
       On Jan. 5, 2003 Stan had a dream that his stepson was abducted. The boy was 8 years old at the time and afraid to get out of bed at night. Yet there were equations written with black marker on the walls.
       On May 31, 2003 the family set up a motion-activated Webcam in their living room. It was on July 17, 2003 when they recorded the “peeping tom incident” that shows an alien head in the window. As soon as the alien realized he was being videotaped, he quickly bobbed away.
       It was remarkable to see the video footage of actual aliens caught on film. Stan Romanek and his family have taken great care to document their experiences using modern technology. There are telephone recordings of a strange, mechanical woman’s voice that gave warnings to Stan, calling him “Starseed.”
       On Feb. 13, 2004 Stan woke up dressed in someone else’s clothing. He said one time he was left on the roof of his house and didn’t know how to get down. There was also a dramatic incident in which the aliens healed a leg injury that would have required major surgery following a fall off a ladder. Again, he documented the episode with photos and tape recording of his doctor’s mystified report.
       There is more — much more — about his ongoing case that you can read about in Stan’s book, Messenger. The sheer volume of bizarre information, including highly sophisticated scientific equations that pertain to space travel, among other things, has created quite a stir in the UFO and scientific communities. I feel that this could be one of the most important cases that will open up the UFO mystery in the months ahead.
       All in all, I’d say the first Galactic Gathering in Denver was a success. I’m sure there were more than 300 people in attendance, and if you get a chance to go next year, do it.

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