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St. Germain: Past Lives and Karma

from the January 2006 Star Beacon

through Mike Quinsey

          If you think about the fact that you have all had hundreds of lives on Earth, with different civilizations and a multitude of different backgrounds, is it not provident that you cannot remember all of them? It would be a weight to carry that would weigh heavily upon your mind, and you would be sidetracked from your main purpose for coming into your present incarnation.

          Can you imagine trying to put right the wrongs of the past, when perhaps your present life did not offer such opportunities? You would find it hard to make progress, and we know that a number of you are pre-occupied with past incarnations. For some it is meant to feature in their life, and in that there is a specific purpose.

          Many of you know little or nothing of your past lives, although some have a limited recall of certain events that impinge upon their consciousness. You cannot get on with this life if you are frequently chasing an earlier one, and this is why, by and large, you are cut off from past memories. What you do have is essential to your progress, and that is a consciousness that has learnt lessons that now determine how you respond to events in this lifetime. Often, you will play out a role the exact opposite of what you have played before, and this is how you manage to balance yourself.

          If, for example, you were a professional criminal in an earlier life, let us suppose that when you passed over and reviewed it, you were full of remorse. You may want to turn that experience into one where you joined the Police Force, because you felt society would be best served in that way. Because of your experience, you may feel well equipped to enforce the law, knowing that you could understand the mind of the criminal.
You could become a great success, but there is always the chance that you could be drawn back into your old ways. This is where the testing comes in, and everyone brings with them vows that they have made to overcome their weaknesses. Tested you will be, and there is no judgment if you fail again. However, you will, for certain, be confronted with further challenges until you can handle them successfully.

          Karma is such a complicated matter, and situations have to be set up so that it can be cleared. Your Angelic presence will guide you into the right place at the correct time, and as you might say, for better or worse, you will go through your designated experience.

          At all times there is compassion and love with you as you deal with your Karma. Strange as it may seem, there are times when you are clearing negative Karma and entirely turn the situation around to your greater advantage. When you feel at your lowest point, you are often open to your Guides’ influence, and you can be lifted up and helped on the road back.

          The so-called pleasures of life are often short-lived, and there is no reason why you should not be able to turn inwards and find your true self. I hear you say, “That was not like me, I do not know what came over me,” and already you have acknowledged your shortcoming. Life is a series of episodes like that, and as long as you can move on, no undue harm has taken place.

          It is admitting your errors that are the hardest thing for you. Hiding from what is obvious to everyone around you, and pretending you do not have a problem. You have to see yourself for what you are, but also resolve to better yourself whilst you are on Earth. This is the place where daily opportunities will come your way and enable you to make progress towards the Light.

          In these end times are the last opportunities to clear old Karma and try to recognize it for what it is. You do not need anyone else to spell it out, as in your subconsciousness you fully well know what is expected of you. Mistakes are not held against you, but you would be well advised not to make them twice over.

          Life is about experiencing all that you can, and no one can say that any particular one has more merit than another. They all go towards expanding your consciousness, and the sum total is precisely what you are today.

          Do you now understand the edict that no one should throw the first stone? How can anyone make judgment of another soul? It is presumptuous to do so, as no one else can know the precise circumstances surrounding their actions. At this stage of your lives, you will have starred in many roles, and also had your share of dark experiences. Judge no one, lest you judge yourself, and as we often ask of you, be compassionate where you see another has fallen. You really are all in this together, and as a Human Race you will come together in One Consciousness, benefiting from the experiences of the whole.

          We know you do not have much longer to spend in duality, but it is an intense period, where so much Karma is being released. You only have to look around you to see how hectic these times are, and it is as if everyone is in a hurry to make their slate clean. There is a sense of urgency as changes are rapidly taking place, and as you might say, tomorrow is a different day. That elusive peace you seek is coming nearer, and soon you will be able to step up into a new vibration, having to never again enter this cycle.

          I am St. Germain, and I know that events around you give much cause for concern, but allow them to follow their own path to fulfillment and you shall see all come to completion. Concentrate on what you recognize as your remaining Karma, and be sure to fulfill your life plan. If you feel comfortable with what you are doing now, it would be reasonable to assume that you are well on the way along your chosen path. There is love beyond measure flowing onto Earth, and the outpouring will continue, unabated. Everyone has an equal opportunity to partake of these wonderful uplifting energies.

          “Thank You St. Germain.” — Mike Quinsey

          This article appeared in the LightCircle Ezine, a daily offering of inspirational messages. To join , visit

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