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The Mutation of Myths

from the May 2006 Star Beacon

The Pleiadian Light
through Hannah Beaconsfield

          As you walk along your living path, every step you take, every event you experience radiates a starburst of probable realities that have a validity equal to the event that you designate as real. (We are using the metaphysical definition of “probable” as being a simultaneous, parallel, or alternate reality, not the common usage meaning most likely to happen.) This starburst is made up of all the probable versions of any one moment in time. You do not have a conscious awareness of these probable realities, though you sometimes sense a “bleed through” from their vibrational signatures, a glimpse of a variation of the reality point you are living.

          We remind you of these probable realities as a prelude to addressing the nature of myths. Myths, no matter what their source, act as scaffolding for the reality beliefs of a culture. Some myths are based on events and personalities that have historically recorded validity. Other myths are constructed from the imaginations of individuals and taken up by the mass conscious. They are stories to live by.

          Myths serve the mass waking consciousness much as dreams serve the individual’s waking consciousness. They have symbolic meaning and as such are multidimensional. They hold multi levels of reality and all the probable patterns within their mythic proportions. The myths you live by are creations of your mass consciousness. These myths, whether they are built on historical heroes or villains or events, rise from an inner need to understand reality. They help you cope with the unknown and assuage the fear and insecurity of being separated from the Source of All Knowledge.

          You mythologize all your great religious, cultural and political leaders who have helped reform spiritual, social or governmental conditions. You have cast them in simplified dramas, in order to hold greater significance as symbols. In the case of historical events that enter into a mythic level of retelling, the dramas are adjusted to fit the needs of the society as a whole.

          You have a saying to the effect that history is written by those who win the war (or who have the power or the wealth). Those who write history are editing it to support their beliefs and values; the ones they want remembered as representing the true reality. The line between history and myth is thin to nonexistent.

          There is an historical anecdote in your culture about one of your founding fathers, George Washington. The story is that, as a boy, he tried out his new hatchet by cutting down a cherry tree. When confronted, he admitted to it, saying that he “couldn’t tell a lie.” Modern day myth busters will tell you that the incident never occurred, and on one level that is true. However, it remains an historical incident because it serves the mass consciousness as a teaching story. Therefore, the energy supporting it gives it an equal reality.

          America, as a new country, had to create a new mythology, so it used characters from its early settlers. They were cast in dramas that gave them romantic or heroic characteristics. (Sometimes the infamous were turned into heroes.) Jesse James, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and so forth, whether historical or imaginary, are examples of myths charged with energy from the mass consciousness. We focus on these examples because we are operating through an American channel who disseminates data to the culture with which she is aligned.

          It is of no real importance whether or not these dramas occurred in “recordable” reality, for they serve the needs of the culture. Fear and insecurity cause many to demand to know what is real. They need to have a sense of one truth to feel secure. This will be changing; it is beginning to happen now.

          We are not referring to any type of misinformation or manipulation by dramas that terrorize. In fact, the acquisition of metaphysical perceptions does just the opposite and instills a sense of peace about the nature of reality. Metaphysicians are comfortable with paradox, and this will eventually trickle down and the “man in the street” will embrace the concept of simultaneous realities with equanamity.

          The energy built up by the retelling of any story or myth charges it with a life force energy that is greater than any “real” anecdote that is never retold. High energy levels create and support reality. Because myths are multidimensional, they are malleable and change with time. They “mutate” to serve the changing needs of the culture. You are seeing this on several levels of world dramas as part of the ascension process.

          One such drama has to do with the story of Jesus, the Christed One. The story that has been passed down for generations with regard to his nature and his life events have served in establishing the Christian churches based on these values and principles. It is a simple, clear-cut telling, and has inspired billions of people for 2,000 years.

          As you are expanding all of your dimensions, stepping up the evolutionary ladder, your myths are starting to expand as well. You are currently “negotiating” on conscious and unconscious levels a change in the Jesus story that gives him a fuller dimension. This concerns the stories that tell of Jesus having been married and having children. This story has surfaced in several different versions, particularly in the last century.
There were highly regarded psychics in the past century who saw a version of the story in which Jesus was never crucified (another died in his place), but left the area of his homeland to preach in what is now the European area.

          If we tell you that all these stories are as true as the biblical one, you might feel frightened and thrown off balance. It threatens a belief that is a substructure of your spiritual security. We do say they are all true and other variations as well! And we also reassure you that your reality is quite secure, even more so because it now has a broader base.

          It is interesting that you often “unearth” material that debunks former beliefs and institutes new ones when the need for mythic change arises. A very significant event of this nature is the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The information in the scrolls is still being decoded and interpreted; but it has already altered a lot of what you believed about a seminal time period that has provided so many of the beliefs that support major religions and the faithful who built their lives on them.

          One interesting aspect of this myth changing discovery is the role played by women in the time and cultures that are part of biblical history. They had more important positions than previously believed and contributed their own “gospels” to the recordings of the times.

          This is significant information for your development now, because you must equalize and value the feminine polarity in order to take the next step in your ascension as a balanced world culture. Expect more such revelations from all your fields of investigation, for you need this support to validate the importance of the feminine contributions to your histories/myths. One area of the mythic feminine which will change in a different way is the folk tales of Western European tradition that reflected women’s roles in the recent polarized history. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood were the tales told by mothers for their daughters. They all depict the dependence of women on men for their validity and positions in society.

          New mythological characters reflecting the vision of a more integrated gender society are coming from different sources in your technological age. Movies and television, which are extensions of theater, create new heroes that grow out of the needs of the culture. So does the Mary Richards character of the Mary Tyler Moore Show replace Sleeping Beauty? Does Rosanne Barr’s character on her namesake series provide a model for today that Snow White can’t? Do the intrigues of Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow on Alias provide what Little Red Riding Hood once did for feminine myths? In terms of energy shifts, yes, this is a variation of myth mutation, or more correctly, myth replacement.

          Recently discovered archaeological evidence of powerful warrior women in Eastern Europe, with living genetic descendants in the area, is an important synchronous event supporting the evolution of the myths about women.

          You are living in a fascinating time, in which you can observe a major shift in the mythic reality that has been in place for thousands of years. Don’t allow fear to hold back your growth. You are not really losing anything, but rather your world reality is expanding.

          The changes don’t mean the past wasn’t real; it means that reality, in its multidimensional nature, is greater and richer than your former version of it. And it has more of everything for everyone!

E-mail the author at She resides in New York City.

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