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Walk-in graduation and
post-grad work

from the September 2004 Star Beacon

The Pleiadian Light

through Hannah Beaconsfield

     This is the energy of the Arcturian Family of Light. We wish to address the walk-ins who are coming to the end of the obligations they have to their walk-out partners in the life through which they are working. This is a time of graduation for many of you. There is a sense of freedom and expanded potentials as the life’s problems reach resolution.

     This is also a time when you are negotiating on other levels of consciousness as to the path and the work ahead of you. The nature of your work on this plane and the terrain of your path are dependent upon Earth connections, the skills learned in the life and the skills carried by the walk-in spirit. These will begin to flow with more ease and grace after your “graduation.”

     We wish to address another level of contribution you can make on your world, which we will call a kind of post-grad work. This has to do with the transformation of the Earth species and the assistance that ET groups are contributing to the process. There are many of you who are already participating, and many more who will be joining, in a project that involves working with ET groups to alter your species’ genetics. This project is entered into by negotiation on superconscious or spirit levels of understanding.

     The value of having a conscious awareness of the work is that it makes it easier to understand what is happening to the physical body and provide the support it needs.

     As members of the Arcturian world consciousness, we are working with many of you at night when you are out of your bodies. You might translate this as an “abduction” scenario, as represented by your media reports and fictional dramas. However, we are light beings and are working only with light energy and altering frequencies. There are no probes, no painful examinations, no bloody noses. So you need not project any fearful scenarios.

     For one thing, we are working on your astral or etheric bodies, the ones that leave your sleeping physicality behind at night. We invite your astral equivalents to join us on one of our craft for a period of exposure to new frequencies and alterations on levels that can only be described as units of consciousness.

     Our craft are light energy craft, not dense material craft of your science fiction. When your astral selves are immersed in the energies of these light-craft, they begin to alter their vibrations to resonate more in line with their surroundings. This work is done in a slow process of repeated increments over a period of time. There are almost nightly visits to our craft “laboratories” for this programming project.

     All of this may make an interesting scenario and you might find it a fascinating idea, but the reason for us going to lengths to present this to you is because of what happens when your astral self re-engages with its physical counterpart.

     When the astral body returns to its sleeping double, it “imprints” the new frequency on the physical model. The new and unfamiliar patterns can have a jarring effect on the physical material body. There can be physical and/or emotional repercussions that act to both release the old patterns and to impel change. To have this awareness consciously can help to keep the disturbances in perspective. They won’t seem so “personal” and perhaps you can avoid judging them in a negative way.

     By working with many on your plane in this way we are endeavoring to create a scale shift or critical mass of lightworkers with the altered patterns that represent the transformation of your species. As you new versions of humanity go about your daily lives, you are entraining others to resonate the new patterns.

     We know there is discomfort for those of you choosing to participate in this way. It is an extra burden, over and above the general ascension process. However, your desire to serve and to speed the process is a gift you give to yourselves as well as the rest of humanity.

About the Author:
     Hannah Beaconsfield is the author of Welcome to Planet Earth, a guide for walk-ins, and Riding the Phoenix, as well as a children’s book, Wanda and the Fairy with the Gingham Wings, all available through bookstores or Hannah resides in New York City.


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