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An alternate contact scenario

from the December 2005 Star Beacon


through Hannah Beaconsfield

          On the night of Oct. 27 and into the morning of Oct. 28, 2005, there was a strange phenomenon over New York City and many adjacent areas. It was a sweet smell that was so pervasive that 911 and 311 emergency lines were inundated with calls.
          I was wakened at some early hour of Oct. 28 by this smell. I couldn’t figure out what it was or where it came from. The odor seemed like flowers to me. My mind devised a story to explain it. I thought a neighbor was cleaning and that rather than an acrid cleaning solution that they usually use they had switched to a more pleasant one. Since the smell wasn’t offensive, I went back to sleep and forgot about it.
When I got up later, I heard on TV that this had been a massive phenomenon and caused a lot of reactions. The EPA stated it was benign and most probably coming from some food preparation company. I really can’t imagine what the size of such a company would be to create an aroma that would cover such a large area.
So, I asked the Pleiadian Light if they could give some information about this occurrence.
                                                  * * *
          We are the Pleiadian Light. We greet you with Peace and Joy... and the sweet smell of success... a successful contact mission! The phantom aroma over New York City was a form of ET contact and was the work of the Integrated Intergalactic Network, of which we are a part.
          Whoever said ETs would only make contact by landing a spacecraft and walking out to shake hands with you? Often in the past, you have seen our presence as lights in the sky. Why wouldn’t we present ourselves to another of your senses? And to assure you that we come with only benign intentions, the smell was “sweet.” In addition, different people projected their own preferences on this pleasant aroma. Some said it smelled like coffee or maple syrup, some said chocolate, you thought it was flowery. This in itself is an indication of a transcendental rather than a material event. Note, we did not send you running for gas masks because of some foul odor. We tapped you gently on the shoulder and whispered, “We’re here.”
          This form of sensory contact has fringe benefits in that you breathe our essence into your own bodies. This gives you a sense of our reality absorbed in a nonverbal and, we hope, nonthreatening manner. Our energies act as a template and you align your own energy signature with ours. This is not an invasive situation for the energy is offered to you, free for you to use for your own ascension.
          The choice of contacting through the sense of smell has other advantages. Your olfactory sense directly stimulates the brain centers that affect your emotions, intuition and color your sense of reality.
          We can say further that this contact brought a much needed benign support for New York City. Your city has been traumatized and continues to suffer the effects of the trauma, though these effects are now being carried more on subconscious levels.
          The energy for change that this contact has brought to your plane has the effect of expanding perceptions. This expansion allows a wider overview of your reality. The wider view allows you to feel less anxiety about your current world situation because you feel “less in the dark.” It is the darkness and your inability to perceive what lies within that causes fear.
          In addition to expanded perceptions, you are experiencing an energy upgrade. As you have noticed, in the past few days, so many people you know, and even strangers you see on the street, have suddenly come down with colds. It is true this is the change of seasons, when microbes proliferate, but it is equally true that when you ascend a step in your vibrational level, you will experience some form of detoxification. Colds are a wonderful form of detoxification. They clear all the bodies of consciousness through this physical expression.
          When will you have the ET contact scenarios of your fantasies? The answer to that question is in the hands of your mass consciousness. The energy of change, the conflict between dark and light elements, the natural disasters and the destructive events initiated by various world leaders are causing such a riot of confusion that we couldn’t possibly have a clear path for communication right now.
          We will wait and watch and make limited contacts until the time when we can have open contact. Be at Peace.

          Hannah Beaconsfield resides in New York City. Her e-mail address is

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