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Ask Chief Joseph

from the January 2004 Star Beacon

Mother Earth: Natural Disasters

and Other Opportunities 

by Chief Joseph and John Cali

John Cali
     As some of you know, I live just outside Yellowstone National Park. For those of you unfamiliar with the United States, that’s in northwestern Wyoming in the mountainous far Western part of the country.

     There’s been quite a bit of speculation lately as whether there are any “natural disasters” about to happen in Yellowstone.
A dear friend wrote me recently. Here’s part of his letter:
“Those of you who have been called to the beautiful Yellowstone area, perhaps to anchor and calm the energy there, have a personal ‘stake’ in the area. (I) and others have feelings of an unrest in the Yellowstone area. I wonder if Chief Joseph would be interested in commenting about this part of Earth at this time? Thanks.”

     Here’s Joseph.

 Chief Joseph
     Dear ones, some humans have misguided perceptions of your beloved Mother Earth. She has a body and a consciousness which, in many ways, are remarkably similar to your own physical bodies and consciousness.
While we would totally agree with you that the human race have done much damage to the body of Mother Earth, you have not damaged her consciousness or her ultimate well-being.

     What we would not agree with, however, is the idea the damage you have done to Mother Earth’s body is beyond repair — as so many of you are assuming.

     Nothing in your own physical bodies, or in the physical body of Mother Earth, is beyond repair — ever.

     Your bodies — yours and Mother Earth’s — are self-healing mechanisms. They will never reach the point where they cannot be healed. Of course, in the case of your human bodies, many of you reach the point where you simply choose not to go on.

     But that does not mean, if you did choose to go on, your bodies could not be healed. You have many documented cases where those declared “terminally ill” or even “dead” have been restored to full physical vigor and health.

     Mother Earth’s body has the same inner restorative powers.

     And so we would not buy into the popular notion among some humans that Mother Earth is irreparably damaged and beyond all hope of restoration to full vigor and health.

     What you call “natural disasters” are part of Mother Earth’s natural life processes. Often they are clearings of blocked energies. Often they are simply realignments of the lines of energy, if you will.
In the larger scheme of things, natural disasters are simply opportunities to make the adjustments all beings with a physical body need to make now and then.

     There certainly has been much attention given to the possibilities of natural disasters — “unrest,” to use our dear friend’s word — in Yellowstone.

     This place you call Yellowstone is indeed a most special and sacred part of Mother Earth. And she knows that. It is also a relatively pristine and primitive part of Mother Earth’s body. Not untouched by human hands, but certainly far less touched than most other parts of Mother Earth’s body.
We see no imminent dangers to humans or to Mother Earth herself in the “adjustments” — whatever they may turn out to be — Mother Earth will be making in Yellowstone.

     All is well, dear ones. Your natural state, and the natural state of Mother Earth, is that of well- being and harmony. When you get off-course, your natural tendency is to make course corrections.

     Trust that all is well. Neither you nor Mother Earth are in any danger. Neither of you came into being to experience despair or disaster, even though, to your human eyes, that often appears to be the case.
Your souls, your higher selves — yours and Mother Earth’s — are far wiser and more powerful than most of you humans imagine. Your souls will guide all of you into those sunlit summits of bliss and ecstasy that are your birthright, and your rightful place.


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All rights reserved

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