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Ask Chief Joseph

from the April 2006 Star Beacon

Fear of Flying

by Chief Joseph and John Cali

John Cali
          As I’ve been reminded lately, there are several people among my close family and friends who are terrified of flying. You probably also know someone like that.
          Most of them cannot understand why I love flying so much. And they understand even less how I could have been a professional pilot for so many years. Defying death, as they saw it, almost daily.
          Yet nothing “bad” ever happened to me. I had no fear of flying then. Nor do I now. I make valiant attempts to explain that to those who ask me about it. I talk about fear, focus, vibration. But the usual reaction is just a blank stare — it obviously doesn’t make much sense to them.
          You won’t often find me quoting the Bible. But there’s one passage I’ve always liked: ... the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me. ... (Job, Chapter 3, Verse 25)
          Fear of flying (or fear of anything) is all about focus and vibration. Life itself is all about focus and vibration.

          Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph
          Many people who come to John and us privately are often asking the “why” question.
Why does my partner make my life so difficult? Why does my teenager hate me? Why don’t I have more money?          Why can’t I find my soulmate? Why must I work at a job I hate? Why is my body falling apart?
         In other words, “Why does my life suck?”
         As John said, it’s all about focus and vibration.
         Fear is an especially powerful motivator. Your world lives in fear mostly. Fear drives your world. Fear of what? you may ask. Fear of anything. Fear of everything.
         The happenings you read or hear about in your news media — murders, rapes, robberies, wars, disease, poverty — are always rooted in fear.
         Mostly it’s the fear of losing control over your life. Whether you be one lone individual or an entire nation. Almost always, your fear is of someone or something taking you over and depriving you of your right to feel good and to live a prosperous, joyous life.
         Your world teaches fear, promotes fear, urges fear upon you. John recently saw an advertisement titled “How To Prepare For an Accident.”          Everywhere you look, you’re exhorted to be fearful because, if you’re not, you won’t be safe. The implied message is: “Fear is the only way to live your life.”
         And that, friends, is exactly the opposite of the way you were meant to live your lives. You were not meant to cower in fear. You were meant to celebrate in joy. It doesn’t matter how it happens, but when you’re feeling fearful and focused on all the things that can go wrong in your life — then, rest assured, things will go wrong in your life.
         In buying into the mass consciousness, you’ve set up that negative vibration of fear. And, like Job, what you greatly fear will surely come to you.
         On the other hand, if you focus on all the things that can go right in your life, you find more and more good flowing into your experience.
         Why? Because you’ve set up a positive vibration. A vibration of knowing you are a child of the Universe, deserving of all the abundance that is your birthright.
         But however you focus, negatively or positively, you will get what you focus on. Because you’ll send out a vibration to which the Universe must respond.
         That’s the Law of Attraction in action.
         Why not use Law of Attraction to create the life you want and not the one you don’t want?
         It doesn’t matter if the whole rest of the world is going to hell. You, standing alone, can have a joyous, fulfilled life. A life beyond your wildest dreams.

          The Book of Joy: How to Live Every Day of Your Life Happily Ever After.
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