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Conversations with Chief Joseph and John Cali

from the September 2007 Star Beacon

High Noon at Walmart

by Chief Joseph and John Cali

          Iím sure many of you remember that classic western film, High Noon, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly (later, Princess Grace of Monaco). As a kid, it was one of my favorite movies.

John Cali
          Every night at 6:00 p.m. at Buffalo Billís Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyo., thereís a gunfight, Old-West style. You might even find Jesse James or Wild Bill Hickok there.
          As you probably can guess, this gunfight is a nightly stunt put on for the enjoyment of summer tourists. And also to benefit the Gunfighter Charities.
          However, a couple of weeks ago, there was a real gunfight in Cody ó in the Walmart parking lot, of all places! Cody, my town, is generally a very peaceful place. After all, the days of the Old West are long gone.
          Nobody yet knows all the details of the Walmart gunfight, but it was obvious there were two very angry men involved. And their anger erupted into violence.
          Hereís Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph
           You donít have to be particularly perceptive or observant to see whatís happening on your planet today. Explosions and eruptions of all kinds have become virtually daily events. Youíre seeing the intense energies everywhere you look ó in other people, in animals, in plants, even in your Mother Earth.
          If you are physically alive today, you are feeling the intensity, at some level. You may not be fully aware of it consciously, but you are feeling it. Itís having a powerful effect on all of you.
          Now, this is not a bad thing. In fact, itís a very good thing. Those of you on a conscious spiritual path know you have no choice except to grow, to change, to evolve. That, friends, is what your physical and spiritual lives are all about ó growing, changing, evolving ó and creating. Even God is changing and growing.
          The difference today, however, is ó at this point in linear time ó you have reached a place no one else has ever reached in your human history.
          You have different names for whatís happening ó some call it ascension, some call it shifting to a higher dimension, some call it the beginning of the second coming, etc. But it doesnít matter what you label it. What does matter is that you reach a place of peace and joy within yourselves ó no matter whatís happening in the world around you.
          You cannot shift the tides of whatís coming, any more than you can shift the tides of the oceans.
          What you can do is simply go with the flow. Many of you are consciously feeling the increasing intensities in your bodies, in your relationships, in almost every aspect of your lives. We realize much of this feels uncomfortable and even painful, at least some of the time.
          But if you stay attuned, aligned with your higher selves, you will move through this time with relative ease. You will all get through this, one way or another.
          And you donít have to do it the hard way. You donít have to shoot it out at high noon at Walmart. But that is how many humans are dealing with all the intensity theyíre feeling. They donít consciously understand whatís happening. And so they erupt and explode in often-unpredictable and violent ways.
          All is well, friends. This is simply a time of accelerating growth for each of you individually, and for your entire planet.
          Simply do whatever feels good for you. Nurture and love yourselves. Nurture and love your families and friends. Nurture and love every living creature.
          This, too, shall pass. It is only a step on your journey back home to God.
          The Book of Joy: How to Live Every Day of Your Life Happily Ever After.
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Copyright © 2007 by John Cali
All rights reserved
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