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Conversations with Chief Joseph and John Cali

from the October 2008 Star Beacon


by Chief Joseph and John Cali   

In all the years I’ve channeled Chief Joseph, I don’t ever remember us talking publicly about UFOs. But several weeks ago, David Thomas, a long-time friend of Joseph’s and mine, asked if Joseph could say something about the predicted UFO appearance on Oct. 14, 2008. That’s just two weeks from now.      

John Cali

          I wasn’t interested in UFOs until I met Ann Miller, the publisher of The Star Beacon newsletter, about 20 years ago. When David Thomas, the director of the newly released spiritual cinema movie, Tuning In, asked me if I’d ask Chief Joseph to talk about the predicted Oct. 14 UFO sighting, I said           I would, even though we’d never talked about the subject before.
I didn’t read what Joseph gave me until several days afterwards. It contains no specifics and is only a fairly general view, from Spirit’s perspective, of this UFO phenomenon that has fascinated humanity for centuries.
          Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph
         Even though many humans do not believe in “UFOs,” as you call them, they exist. After all, many do not believe in what you call God. Yet God/Goddess/All That Is exists.
        There have been countless UFO sightings throughout your human history. Often, however, the sightings were dismissed as imagination run wild or hallucination, etc.
        These beings behind the UFOs are of pure loving intent. They come to you with love, compassion, and peace in their hearts.
        They come because they see the “pickle” you’ve gotten yourselves into on Planet Earth. Here you are warring against yourselves on so many fronts. The US doesn’t like what’s going on in Iraq. So it invades and starts a bloody war. It doesn’t like what’s going on in Afghanistan. So it invades and starts a bloody war. Yet, you have public figures (who ought to know better) proclaiming the Iraq war is “a task that is from God.”
        We’re not picking on the US, for that pattern has repeated itself ad nauseam in many countries throughout human history on your planet.
        Where have all the wars ever got the human race? Only into more wars, into an accelerating downward spiral, into the complete forgetting of who you really are and why you’re here.
        Yet, all of that is okay!
        It’s part of your learning process, your growth as a human race, and as individuals. It’s just a relatively short phase in humanity’s “growing pains.”
        But you are living in times of rapidly accelerating energies. Many humans are not consciously aware of this. But they feel it. They feel it mainly in their physical and emotional bodies.
        Their physical bodies are often “afflicted” with ailments, dis-eases of varying degrees of severity, from mild to life-threatening. Their emotions are an absolute mess. That explains the seemingly random acts of cruelty, which today you see so often manifested in your so-called “suicide bombers.”
        We do not need to give you a long litany of humanity’s challenges. You know them better than we do.
        The “bottom line” here is earthlings need help. They are perfectly capable of giving themselves that help. After all, you are all gods and goddesses in human form. You can create whatever you focus on. But what you’ve focused on for centuries, and thereby created, is not serving you well, is it?
        Hence the UFOs.
        These UFOs are beings of great light and love. They have the greatest understanding and compassion for humans. They have come simply to help. They have no ulterior or dark motives.
        Your predicted Oct. 14 “happening” may or may not “happen.” After all, what you call the “future” is a flexible, ever-changing thing. It is not “fixed in concrete,” as it were. And there are many probable realities or dimensions.
        Whatever happens in your linear time will be for the greater good and growth of all of you, and of your beloved Mother Earth. There is nothing to fear.
        The reason so many humans have not witnessed UFOs is they do not believe in them. It’s not a matter of “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” It’s a matter of when you believe, then you can see.
        Just as the Native Americans in that movie* could not see Columbus’ ships on the horizon, many humans do not see UFOs, and will ridicule those who do see them.

        * Chief Joseph is referring to the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? According to Wikipedia: “In the film, during a discussion of the influence of experience on perception, Candace Pert notes a story, which she says she believes is true, of Native Americans being unable to see Columbus’s ships because they were outside their experience.”
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Copyright © 2008 by John Cali
All rights reserved
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