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Taking the mysteries out of alternative

from the November 2005 Star Beacon

by Jay North

          Over the past three decades, reports of new and, in some cases, extraordinary healing techniques have been widely publicized. That has had a very interesting effect on many people, and on how they choose to take their medicine.
          In the USA alone, there have been countless studies and research papers written on alternative medicine, health and healing. Topics that have been extensively covered include acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, energy healing, vitamin supplements, meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises. Is this mind over matter, one may ask? Yes, but please read on: It goes deeper than that. Over four decades ago, mind control, pioneered by Religious Science and Silvia Mind Control, was applied to assist people in relieving their suffering from illnesses and/or making them rich. These techniques are more popular now than back in the days of black and white TV.
          Why are so many people looking for answers in directions beyond the good family doctor to treat their disorders? Why? Because clinical studies prove that miraculous healings do, in fact, take place without the aid of modern science, or simply “popping pills” to relieve symptoms.
Space permitting, let us examine just a few of the off-the-beaten-track healing modalities available to the American public today.
          Alternative healing has been a staple of our society since the beginning of time. There is increasing evidence that, in many cases, mainstream medicine is embracing the practice of alternative methods — whether by religious men, shamans, or therapists — to healing by combining it with traditional treatments. For example, participants in the Benson Cardiac Wellness Program for coronary artery disease have been provided with relaxation response techniques, including prayer, meditation and cognitive therapy, and have reported fewer symptoms of chest pain, less shortness of breath and fatigue, fewer symptoms of depression, anxiety and anger, lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss, and an increase in exercise tolerance, not to mention a feeling of overall well being. So, is there really something here we should take a close look at?
          As an exercise: Try taking three deep breaths very slowly and as you exhale each time give your body the instruction to relax. Do this three or four times per day for one week.

Are cures possible?
          World famous doctors, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, and world-famous nutritionist Gary Null, believe and have reported absolutely amazing results in healing that have been used for hundreds of years abroad and have gone unnoticed or, more recently, have been suppressed by the American pharmaceutical companies. The concept that many so-called necessary surgeries and use of dangerous chemicals may not be such a great idea for the human body, after all, are just beginning to hit the forefront of our culture .
          What does the word antibiotic mean, anyway? It means anti-life! Now, in this millennium, people all over the world have started to look into pro-life (meaning what’s really good for my body) and can actually cure my problem, in a way that actually sustains life rather than kills it. People want to know and are looking for ways to not only live longer, but healthier and more “vital-life” ways to sustain their bodies, without the use of modern medicine. Why? Because many are suspicious and, yes, we should be. “Never stop questioning authority” has become a slogan of the day.
          As an exercise: Restrain from using any form of sugar for one week, and replace it with grain or nuts.
          Isn’t this just faith healing you are talking about? Perhaps, perhaps not! A great writer named Napoleon Hill once wrote:
          “What the mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.” This is true, to a much larger degree than many people believe, but it is a “physics thing.” A what? Stay with me now, please. Our Homo sapiens minds and physical bodies are essentially made of matter, energy, space and time, with the controlling factor in our overall well being being energy!
          Why is that, you ask? Because energy runs the whole machine. Without it, the other three would not exist. It’s just plain good old high school science, so what’s the news? It’s this: With correctly applied techniques of manipulating or controlling energy, bodies can be healed, made whole, and live far past what heretofore was thought possible. Yes, strictly through controlling of energy flows, we can live forever! Hence achieve what we believe.
          L. Ron Hubbard wrote way back in the late 1950s that when you have a spiritual being that realizes who he/she is, and who’s in charge, and comes to recognize energy flows, and his/her ability to run or control the energy of the body, the body can go on living for a very, very long time. This is without the aid of conventional medicine, which Hubbard was very much against all or most of his life. No endorsement of Dianetics or Scientology is intended here. I just want to make this important point. That you and I can indeed live very long, very productive and joyful lives, without the use of drugs that supposedly sustain life. It is, in fact, very possible that we can deal with body energies and live happily for a very long time, strictly by controlling various energies. One day, I will teach you how to do this, if you like.

Juicing turns people around 360 degrees
          Today, people like Gary Null, Jack La Lane, and many others, have been promoting the idea of extending life, and living a very healthy one at that, strictly through the use of vegetable juicing combined with good, clean water and plenty of regular exercise. People around the globe have been applying these techniques to their daily lives and living far past what conventional doctors have referred to as terminal-case life expectancy, i.e. dying at a predictable age. These techniques have to do with the chemical energy in your body, its acidity level as opposed to alkalinity. The principles on which a high juice diet is based assume that fresh, organic vegetables and fruit juices, good, clean water, deep breathing, and exercise can change one’s life and may be all that one requires to sustain stamina and vitality. It evidently has for millions of healthy people running around the globe today.
          As an exercise: Try juicing fresh, organic vegetables three or four times a day, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, and see if you notice any improvement in your energy level.

Shamans from many cultures have applied what we are just now learning
          Our ancestors knew about spiritual healing centuries ago. They lived in connection with their spiritual essence, and used natural herbal remedies in the treatment of severe challenges to the human body. A study of the ancestral wisdom of our Native American culture reveals that spontaneous healing has occurred in what might have been deemed a suspect manner.
Science and our faster pace of life has ruptured our relationship with nature. But it is possible to re-establish our harmony with nature and be healed completely of some very troubling diseases, strictly through reconnecting with nature. As an old shaman I once knew said, “Healing is available to anyone, all one has to do is to get out of one’s own way and let the nature do the work.”
          As an exercise: Take a walk in nature every day for 10 or 15 minutes, even if it is just in the town park (take your shoes off and walk barefooted), and check your mood level after just one week.

The routes to wholeness are many
          The list of alternative supplements, herbs, homeopaths, vitamins, and healing modalities are endless, and the choices are many. Required in many cases of severe challenges are research, evaluation, and making the correct decisions, based on personal belief, hopes, dreams, and determining what is really going to work for sustaining one’s optimum health.
          “But, he/she is my doctor. If alternative medicine is so great, why don’t they prescribe it?” Good question! Many contemporary doctors don’t know about the many choices available in the world today, and some may not care to know. Yet, others do know of many roads a “patient” can travel today to good health and well-being, in conjunction with Western medical modalities for treatment of dis-ease or discomfort.

          It is our personal responsibility to seek out what we feel is the best route for our bodies, health, life and longevity.
Here is just a short list of alternative methods available for your consideration:
          Aromatherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal remedies, energy manipulation or energy healing, organic fruit and vegetable juicing, meditation, yoga, crystal-bowl healings, sweats and water purification, drumming and soul retrieval, vitamin supplements, deep-breathing exercises, prayer work, touch for health, hiring a personal fitness trainer, personal counseling to resolve past issues, past-life regression therapy, and the list continues to grow. What works? It all works; the choices are many. The only choice that is important is the one that you make. Does alternative medicine really work? The decision is yours.
          Caution: Avoid mixing too many modalities all at one time — make a section, choose the route to wholeness that feels right, and stick with it for a period of time; there is always opportunity to change.
          As an exercise: Just before bed every night, drink a nice cup of hot tea made from Passion Flower, Mint, Valerian, Hops and Chamomile; see if you sleep any differently.
Good Health, Long Life and Great Weather!

          Jay North is a best-selling author, social activist, entrepreneur, organic farmer, and practitioner of healing arts. He travels the nation, speaking about his spiritual writings and the opportunities and promise of organic farming and Native Healing. Jay can be contacted through his Web sites and

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