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Dark Night of the Soul


from the April 2009 Star Beacon

By Jelaila Starr        

        If you are like me, you are well versed in the biblical book of Revelations and especially in the prophetic “Great Tribulations.” For those not taught this information, the “Great Tribulations” are a three-and-a-half year period in which humanity will experience great global suffering that would include famine, a third world war, and the death of a third of the population.
        I used to live in terror of this event, so much so that I would wake from nightmares covered in sweat. It was the one great fear that motivated me to begin the spiritual path. I had to know whether I could safely let go of this prophecy, and if not, what to do to survive it.
        My guides have learned that if they want me to know something, the best time to send the message is in the morning while I am having my morning coffee and watching the birds at the feeders in my back yard. Last week, just before the Emotional Clearing workshop began, they sent a most profound message: “The ‘Great Tribulations’ are humanity’s great ‘Dark Night of the Soul’.” Wow! What a revelation! (No pun intended.)
        For the first time in almost 52 years, I was able to completely release the fear that had gripped me. Granted, it was far less than it had been, but there was still that little bit of fear that held on because although I could handle a Dark Night of the Soul, I had no real idea of how to get through the prophesied great tribulations.
        Recognizing the “Great Tribulations” as the “Global Dark Night of the Soul” that we are going through a collective “Dark Night” enabled me to feel in control. Why? I have been through at least two Dark Nights of the Soul since I began the Ascension Path and I have come through both. Moreover, I am better and stronger for each one. Knowing this takes the mystery and fear out of the future.
        I felt no sense that I could survive the “Great Tribulations”; I had no tools to do it. On the other hand, I know how and have the tools to survive and complete a Dark Night of the Soul. They are contained in the Keys of Compassion and the DNA Recoding Process. So, a “Dark Night of the Soul” is doable whereas a “Great Tribulation” was not — at least for me. What a relief!
        Though times will be tough, there is a way to get through our collective Dark Night of the Soul.
        It’s my understanding that we entered this time known as “great tribulations” last summer.
        Recognizing it as a Dark Night of the Soul enabled me to conquer my fears around it. I understood that I could get through this time of great change because, a) I had gotten through other Dark Nights of the Soul, and b) I had the necessary higher- dimensional knowledge and tools to do it.
Due to the scope of this subject, I’ll cover it in segments. First, I’ll cover the required knowledge and address the tools later on. It is my intention to prepare you to move through and successfully complete this global lesson. It does not take that many people “getting it” for the world to shift.

The Knowledge
        A Dark Night of the Soul is a time when dysfunctional beliefs are brought to our attention in order that we may change them. This process will always include some part of our lives being destroyed. One could say, a prop or props of our life are pulled from under us, leaving us with a life in shambles. Such a situation triggers extreme fear ... as it is meant to do. We cannot integrate what we have not experienced.
        On a global level, we are having the props of our world — our systems — pulled from under us. The Mayans speak of this time as when the systems will begin to crumble in order to make way for new ones to be built. The world will crumble in the following order:
                1. Financial
                2. Industry
                3. Government
                4. Religion
        We have already seen the first two crumble here in the USA. Since ours is the world’s reserve currency, what happens here will affect the world, and so it is. Many countries are in grave trouble. For example, Iceland has filed for bankruptcy, and here in the USA, our president has approved a $600 billion bailout package for the banks, and more recently, another multi-billion package for automakers.
        Having the understanding that the systems must fall is just one thing that helps us to keep fear in check because we realize that manifesting a new reality is a process and contains a predictable cycle of events. Being a cycle means there will be an up side once the down side is complete.
        Understanding the belief that we are collectively attempting to change, along with the multitudes of fears it fosters, also provides some degree of comfort. Moreover, recognizing this belief is critical to completing the Dark Night. At least we know what our goal is. As I see it, we are working to change our belief regarding the origin of our safety. In other words, where we look for safety. We have been trained by all of our systems to look outside of ourselves for safety.
        As children we look to our parents; they are the God of our young world. As adults we are taught to look to the government, the state, police and religious leaders. In all areas we look outside ourselves for safety.
        The higher perspective tells us that when we look within for our safety, by calling on our guides and the God within each of us, our Higher Self, our “God aspect,” we find life becomes easier and miracles occur.
        Our global “Dark Night” will end once we realize that every system, every authority figure that we try to turn to for safety, will not be able to do so. Our only safety comes from within.

The Tools
        Now we will take a look at the higher dimensional tools that enable us to successfully work with our Souls to successfully complete our global Dark Night. The lesson we as a planet are attempting to learn is about where we look for safety. We have been taught to look outside ourselves for safety, to the systems upon which our world has been based.
        We look to our governments, our social, economic, political and religious leaders, and to our police and military. As our systems collapse, our leaders are falling with them. With funding cuts, they can no longer lead, or faced with what appears to be insurmountable hurdles, they stumble making decisions that, though good on the short term, will have devastating long-term effects.
        Fear escalates as we begin to come to terms with the reality that our leaders are not equipped to lead and restore safety and security. We collectively gasp as we watch our lives disintegrate; our life savings and retirement dreams gone. As the bills pile up, we sit with head in hands, staring blankly into space, wondering how we are going to survive.
Yes, our fears are triggered, staring us right in the face. How do we get through them? How do we make our way out of this tunnel of never-ending darkness?
        Fortunately, we already created our way out. Unfortunately, we cannot see that plan; our Soul has it. In a “Dark Night” lesson we walk through what appears to be an invisible dark maze. Blind with no light to show us the way, we must turn inward for guidance. When we begin to use higher dimensional tools given to us, we will be able to see the next step, the next turn, because our Soul will reveal them to us. Below are a few of the most important tools:
        1. Synchronicities — The Soul shows the way by bringing to us seemingly random events. If we learn to pay attention, we will begin to see that these events have a message. They are pointing us in the direction we need to go.
        2. Signs come in threes — the Soul communicates through signs and always sends them in groups of three. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Slow down so that you can be aware. This means being in the moment because that’s the only way you will be able to see the signs. Write them down, keep a journal. It’s the best way to detect a sign series.
        3. Intuitive hits — when the Soul speaks, you will feel it as an intuitive hit or knowing. We feel these knowings in our thymus or high heart. Pay attention to these knowings and follow them, even when they appear to make no sense. Remember, the Soul is attempting to help you clear a fear. That often requires jumping without knowing where you will land.
        4. People, money, opportunity — the Soul lets you know when it is time to make a move, whether it be a physical move, a new job, or new investment. He/she does this by sending the people, money and opportunity to you. These will flow into your life in quick succession. Resist making a move until all three have appeared. Remember, they must come to you; if you go out to find them, they are not part of the plan.
        I hope these tools will help you as you move through your individual part of our global “Dark Night.”
        Now we will explore the tools for working with our Inner Child/Ego.

The Inner Child/Ego Tools
        To fully utilize the tools I am about to share, a basic understanding of the higher perspective regarding the Inner Child/Ego is helpful. You will find this info on our Web site in the Inner Child articles. Look in the “Articles” area. More in-depth information can be found in The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion.
        1) Make your Inner Child/Ego a partner — Like it or not, both the Inner Child and his/her protective side, the Ego, are part of each of us. As such, he/she each plays a vital role in our lives. Learning to partner with this most amazing aspect of ourselves can provide moments of light and brevity during our Dark Night, as well as prevent unnecessary blocks.
        2) Give him/her a voice — When we are frightened — and let’s face it, fear is a big part of a Dark Night — we need to ensure that we dissolve that fear as quickly as possible. Otherwise it can lead to yet another boulder in our path. It is the Ego side of the Inner Child that carries the fear, since fear is also a tool that we use to alert us to danger and keep us safe. Giving the Ego a voice provides a way to dissolve the fear. Talking to someone safe ... just processing out loud, allowing our Ego Child within to express his/her feelings, with no regard for how crazy and silly we may sound, is the quickest and most effective way to dissolve fear.
        3) Ask, what do you need to make this comfortable for you? — Once you become aware of your fear, and thus your Inner Child/Ego’s fear, you must do something to comfort him/her. What the child wants is to feel safe because safe is comfortable.
        Sometimes it is as simple as picking them up in your arms and carrying them. When I am in fear, I ask this question of my Inner Child. More often than not, being carried in my arms is all she needs. So, I pick her up, feeling her wrap her slender arms around my neck as she buries her face in my shoulder. Then, I take hold of my Soul’s hand and together we take a step forward.
        Visualizing this causes the fear that has been gripping my gut to release. It really works for me and even more so if I immediately go out and do something fun. That has amazing results. Remember, your Inner Child/Ego will follow you through hell and back as long as he/she knows that no matter what, you will not abandon him/her.
        I hope these tools will help you as you move through your individual part of our global “Dark Night.”

        Jelaila Starr is part of the Nibiruan Council ( For more information on her work, e-mail:


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