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2005: Status of the earth and its changes

from the April 2005 Star Beacon

by KT from Alpha Centauri

          I am KT, a walk-in from Alpha Centauri. My star sisters, Kari and Tumeria, are doing much great work to help in these transitional times, and I want to commend them, with unconditional love and light. They are also Alpha Centaurians!

          There are approximately 35 to 40 other races of beings (not of the earth) that are here as well, most of which are lightworkers here to all join together in our efforts.

          This is the time, my people, to further join together as one in Light! However... and some of you already know this... there are a couple of races of beings here that are not here to help us. I’ll speak of the Grays (Zeta Reticulans) first. They are not a threat in any way; however, they are here only for their own research and benefit.

          Then there are the Reptoids. These negative beings are here to do exactly the opposite of what we are trying to do, and to undermine our mission. The Reptoid race of beings pose no threat to us as a group.

          However, they are manipulative and can assume other identities extremely well. They can even get into positions within the politcal world, in which they can somehow undermine us in that way.

          If you (as a lightworker) come into contact (knowingly) with one of these creatures, just think of being in the unconditional love of Love from Source, and if you think deeply enough, it will just go away.

          I just wanted those of you who were not familiar with these races to know what it is all about. They hide themselves from humans by appearing as one and can just get lost in the crowd. That is their strongest tactic for hiding their identity with humans. A lot of lightworkers can actually tell by looking into their eyes who they are. As I said before, their strongest suit here is trying to affect humans in a negative way. In fact, in whatever way they can, instead of taking us on head to head. That is a battle they would not win, and with our help they are not going to control humanity much longer!

          That is a huge part of the reason why we are here... because of the Reptoids. Not many realize how big a part they have in this. We (the lightworkers) are here to help humans.

          So indeed, this is a big part of our mission, keeping the Reptoids down and weeding them out as best we can. Now, on to my climate article:
For more than eight years now, I have been trying to tell people about the earth changes, how they have become more numerous, are happening faster all the time, and are getting worse, with worse events yet to come. It has taken eight years for earth science to verify that, yes, global warming is, in fact, speeding up. One state has had four killer hurricanes in one season, which never happened before. Also a tsunami, as strong as two, basically killed nearly half a million people.

          Only now are closed minds opening. Of course, it is not too late for the closed-minded. They need only to watch the news to keep their minds open, and hopefully that will plant a seed in them, encourage them to search out the “Truth.”

          We are well into the transformation of the Old Earth and into the New Earth. We still have seven years to go before Earth has gone all the way through the cycle of cosmic cleansing, on Dec. 22, 2012. Indeed, we can call it the “New Earth.”

          Many beings have spoken about the same date in which the earth has finally fully transformed, and it is the date I speak of as well. It is a date when the earth will have changed from a negative, low vibrational state into one of awareness, ascension, unconditional love and harmony forever more.

          Here is one example of the proof that global warming is not only real but, in fact, continues to speed up as we speak: In 1959, when Alaska first became a state, scientists measured temperatures of the ice and the land itself. Then they returned in 1969 and measured it again. The ice had not changed (drastically), in nature only .02 degrees warmer. And, to a slight surprise, the land had gained 2 degrees average temperature since 1959.

          Now that doesn’t sound like much of a change, and it wasn’t at that time. However, little did earth science know that this trend was evolving into much bigger changes. In the future (i.e. now, in the present), they were so shocked. In 2004, they even tested multiple times, using different equipment, because they were flabbergasted with the fact that since 1959, when they first started keeping temperature records, nearly one-fourth of all the ice was gone. It had melted in that time, and the difference in land temperature from 1959 was an unbelievable +12 degrees.

          Now more of the general public, the closed-minded crowd, do see that global warming is real. Some did see it before the disastrous year of 2004-05, and in turn now science also sees and believes that, yes, this has been happening, and is happening faster than ever before. The melting of so much ice in a short period of time is indeed detrimental.

          Unfortunately, during this transformation of Terra itself, there can be natural disasters, the likes of which have never been seen. Science fiction depicts earth being destroyed by a comet, or that all the land will be under water, or an ice age will blanket the planet.

          I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you believe those things will happen. But it’s not gonna happen! As you can see, the earth has been in the transitional period for some time now. The date of Dec. 21, 2012 is not the end of life as we know it, or even the end of Earth, for the planet will have changed enough by that date. Dec. 21, 2012 will be the last day of the Old Earth, you see, and the next day will be considered the New Earth!

          The changes are happening as we speak. And, as I said, sometimes the earth will quake, with many more hurricanes, plus possible other natural disasters occurring. However, a total cataclysmic destruction of the old earth is fiction and would serve no purpose. Again, as I said, we have seven more years.

          Seven years is enough time for lightworkers to do our jobs, and that is making those who have an ear to hear, and enable further ascension of their own being, and gain more knowledge and awareness.

          Not all beings on Terra have an “ear” for this, and you have to have an “ear” to hear it all. Many will never understand what those who have an ear are hearing and have heard. But within the last seven years of the Old Earth, those who have an ear will listen more and more every day.

          Some of the factors that cause global warming include ozone pollution and shifting of the poles. Please realize that global warming, as well as natural disasters, wars and so forth, are a part of the cycle which the earth is going through and will continue to go through. Indeed, global warming would still happen, even if none of the factors that cause it were there, and of course natural disasters have been happening since the beginning of time. They are not new. They are just more frequent and more intense than they were before.

          Any beings that have a problem with me talking about this can say anything they want to me. It’s all okay, you see, because I am far above that level of negativity, and jealousy most certainly could never harm me. It has no effect on me. I make mistakes, but I am honest! People can believe what they want to, but remember, I told you. If they don’t have an “ear,” they won’t hear.

                                                  Peace, love and light to all,

          EDITOR’S NOTE: My brother of Light, KT, is working very hard to spread the word about ascension. He suffers from excruciating migraine headaches and could use your prayers and healing thoughts. In the last several months, those of us who have Alpha Centaurian souls have come together and found that working together is indeed powerful and motivating. We invite others of you to join together and help this planet through its dramatic passage into a New Earth.                     (Kari)


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