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More From KT

from the September 2004 Star Beacon

by K T

     EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is further communication from KT to Tumeria, that did not get into last month’s Star Beacon, focusing on the Alpha Centauri connection. KT and Tumeria have agreed to let me share their correspondence with the readers.

Dear Tumeria,

     I received a copy of the e-mails that you had sent to The Star Beacon, to Ann (Kari), inquiring about me and describing yourself. You do have the characteristics of an Alpha Centaurian and there is no doubt in my mind that you are. As a walk-in I do remember more than you about our planet. KT is my real Alpha Centaurian name. I just changed the spelling from Kati to a more earthly type of spelling.

     Your body feels dense because, although you are not a walk-in, you are still a part of the Centaurian race and, therefore, you are going to feel more dense on Earth than you would on our planet… as I do.

     I know that I mentioned quite a bit about our planet in my 1997 articles. However, if there is something more you would like to know about it, please do not hesitate to ask, no matter what the subject.

     I have had quite a lot of trouble and pain on Earth. For one thing, my soul mate, KC (Kasi) had to return to our planet in 1996 and it was meant for me to stay and contribute in all ways that you mentioned in your e-mail. However, something went horribly wrong and I ended up missing my soul mate so much that I could barely function in the first two or three years after she was separated from me.

     Although I am still here, and it is for a purpose, my efforts were weakened, mainly because I was in so much pain during that time. Gradually, after 1999, I started feeling better and was able to do more of what I came here for, and although I am not exactly and completely over it — and never will be — I am able to function much better now, and I am improving with time.

     I never really thought about not being able to do all that I was sent here for, but from 1996 to about 1999, I didn’t feel like doing very much, although I was able to do some. As I said, I have been feeling better with time the past five years, and am to the point now where I feel I can do a lot more.

     I just wanted to share that with you, and if there is anything else you wish to know about me (including the fact that we are closely related, almost exactly alike and do have a close bond between us), please let me know. We will always have our bond.


     You see, when I walked in here on Earth in 1990, my soul mate and I walked in together and it was known beforehand that KC was to stay for approximately five years and then go back to our planet for several years and that I could carry out my part of our mission here. However, just being here on Earth was much tougher than I had expected from the start. Of course, as long as Kasi was here with me, it made it a lot easier. But given the fact that it is harder to adapt here than I originally thought, I guess I depended too much on KC. So when she went back, that made it even that much harder on me here.

     I have to tell you, for the first couple of years after she went back, I was not feeling well at all. All I wanted to do was just GO HOME! And I mean that was all I wanted, in the worst way, believe me.

     If I didn’t have such strong guides, I would not be here, or anywhere, typing this to you tonight. As I said, I have gotten better with time due to the help of my guides and the help of All-That-Is, as one love in this universe. I just wanted to tell you a little more in detail what problems I had in those years and why, and also know that there is still not one day that goes by without longing very, very strongly to just go home.

     I also wanted to answer the questions that you asked in your first e-mail. I am also glad to have met you and it was certainly no accident nor coincidence, and it is always comforting to meet another soul from Home.

     Well, to start with some of your questions: We eat a variety of fruits and drink fruit juices along with green vegetation that consists basically of different types of plant form vegetation; also grains that are somewhat similar to wheat. This is usually made into a porridge type food or bread. There are at least 1,000 types of fruits available for us to eat, so what may sound like a dull, bland diet certainly is not! Some fruits are dessert type fruits, some are filled with protein that have a nutty taste, and many, many more. Of course, there are no carnivores of any type on our planet.

     We do have animals, not to the degree of Earth's, and certainly no animals as huge as a whale nor big and vicious (such as a grizzly bear). Nor do we have the sheer amount of species of animals the Earth has, and again, none of which are carnivores. A lot of our animals are closely related in species, although there are some which are not. There are a lot of smaller, hopping animals, if you will. That is how they move about, by hopping, some vaguely resembling rabbits, however built more in a ball-type shape than rabbits, and they do have fur as well as two feet and two upper paws.

     We have quite a lot of variations as well as the hoppers that are various sizes, though none are bigger than 4 feet tall. We do have trees, although they vary in appearance of most trees on Earth, to some degree, and creatures that are “fox like,” if you will (for lack of a better description), which have large tails and live mostly in trees, as well as another group of animals that (in a smaller stature) that sort of look like a koala, a panda and a wolf puppy combined. (Sorry, but that’s the best description I can think of).

     The other main species of animal are birds. We have quite a lot of beautiful birds (mostly smaller), of brilliant and bright colors. Of course, having many species, they vary in color, size (a little) and appearance, but all beautiful. There, of course, are some other species of animals which, eventually, I can tell you of, if you want. However, none that are “strange” or threatening, nor of a large size.

     We do not have oceans, nor bodies of water the size of the major oceans of Earth, and certainly no salt water. We have a series of lakes, rivers and streams that make up our natural water table. There are no animals that actually live in the lakes or are aquatic, and all of our beings of every kind drink of the crystal water, sharing in full harmony what is the ascension of life flowing like the rivers of our beautiful planet, our home, which I miss so much.

     Tumeria, thank you so much for writing back. I am blessed today for having met a like soul as me of my blood. So write back whenever you choose.

Namasté, Tumeria,

     I trust you and yours are well. To answer some of your other questions… yes, we are telepathic and have no real need for a language. We are able to make certain tones from our beings that are used for (among other things) reproducing the “humm” of the universe, and we practice this individually, and as an entire planet together. It’s part of the universal “voice” that is intertwined in harmony with All-That-Is. Finally, within the last 15 years or so, we have been able to introduce “toning” (or re-creating the universal voice) here on Terra, and many have been enlightened to this; however, not early enough.

     Yes, we can see Beta Centauri from our planet, as well as Omega Centauri (at certain times), which, of course, has no permanent population of beings. Alpha, of course, contains the highest number of beings in our galaxy, with Beta having less than half the population of the “big planet” as we are sometimes called. At this point, Omega is used for IF (Intergalactic Federation) projects sometimes… techno-tests and things like that, and it works out perfectly as we are not an overpopulated species as are humans here, and we have plenty of room on two planets for all and more.

     This kind of goes along somewhat with the question you had about living conditions. Well, we do have private homes. They will vary in size, according to the size of yours (or your family), partners, etc. Thus our private quarters may be relatively small if we only have one or two beings in that family group, as opposed to a family or group of eight in the household, which warrants a larger quarters.

     All of our homes are located in a community that would be (I guess) like a subdivision, but slightly larger, and all communities (both as communities and, if need be, as a planet) can be “domed” or can have what looks like a glass dome over them in a matter of seconds, for any reason that there may be. Otherwise the sky remains open.

     One thing I wanted to let you know is that I’m more than fully aware of the various types of species which now inhabit the Earth, posing as humans, and have different agendas for being here. This includes the Dracones (or what used to be a reptilian “cousin” to what we know as “Beta Reticuli,” which makes up most of the reptilian species).


     I asked Tumeria for an Akashic reading last month and discovered that my soul is also from Alpha Centauri. Suddenly everything started to make sense. What an interesting synchronicity to have come in contact with Tumeria and to discover that my star name, Kari, is so much like Kati and Kasi of Alpha C.

     I thank Tumeria for allowing all of this to be shared, and I honor KT for coming to Terra at this difficult time in history, with all the difficulties he’s had to bear. (Editor)


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