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Where are the Light Workers?

from the March 2005 Star Beacon

by Linda Maupin

     Recently I have had so many questions about where we Lightworkers are in Time. Most of us seem lost, and yet I feel we are all on the path, awaiting the birth of a new reality.

     Many I know are so bogged down in the abyss of it all —waiting, planning for a new day — and it has not arrived. We have heard about the terrible hard days we would have to endure (in the end times or the birthing of a new age), and many feel this has not arrived. And yet we seem to feel.this tremendous sense of waiting, longing and feeling bogged down in the Work. The apparent stalemate of the evolutionary process is all really an illusion. It is another form of duality.

     We wonder what has happened to our dreams. We wonder where planet Earth is heading. We have experienced waiting, longing, wondering, and a sense of hopelessness. Many experience feelings that they may not be alive to usher in the birthing of the new Light, new Energy, or the planetary shift.
All of our current, simultaneous doubt is just the collective burning away of the last bit of dross we carry with us. Nothing has changed for us. In the ’70s the ’80s and the ’90s, we had such hopes and dreams for our planet.

     We dreamed of a place of Love and Light and Peace. We had visions and shared them with each other! We became drunk with ecstasy at the thought of where we would be living. We planned for quick changes. We were ready to birth the Goddess, or feminine energy into Planet Earth. We were excited with anticipation!

     Meanwhile, we did the Work... the internal work that Lightworkers all recognize in each other. And then, life happened. We made a living. We fed the dog. Life went on and we made the effort to keep focused. We witnessed terrible events in the news. We witnessed unbearable grief in victims of weather anomalies. We cried collectively. We witnessed fear-based media reports. We witnessed fear-based politicians.
What happened to our dreams? Is this the life we envisioned decades ago? We, along with the rest of humanity, have come to the crossroads of evolution. Now we make a choice. We need to unite in this more now than ever.

     The choice? Which do we choose... Love or Fear? Again, it is back to an energy vibration. Fear is a lower vibration, and allows us to sink into the abyss of the lower vibrational fields around our dear Mother Earth. Yet when we decide to let the fear thoughts and feelings pass through us, and not lodge in our bodies, all that is left is LOVE.

     Fear passes through and we envision LOVE. We hear its gentle calling as a mother cooing to her baby. We feel its sense of security envelop us, release all doubts.

     Take a deep breath and ALLOW love to enter the body. Love is a vibration. It is a HIGH vibration.

     Be still for a moment Very, very still. Take a deep golden-colored breath. Now just allow love to flow in, to replace all doubts and fears.

     Feel what that Love does to your heart. Your heart opens to receive this love. Take another breath and BREATHE IN LOVE through your nose with your heart OPEN.

     Doubt and Fear will close the heart again. This is normal in everyone. That is okay. Just open your heart again and again and again!

     We have learned as children to close our hearts for protection. This is no longer necessary. We have an adult to help us process our feelings now.
Open your heart. Now breathe and open the heart again. What if it closes? Open it again and again and again. Feel how wonderful it feels!

     Other dimensions contain wonderful entities who spend time sending a love vibration to our planet. Our hearts can search for this vibration, tune into it, and be nourished by it. This allows us to keep our hearts open.

     Do you want to be a part of a collective to help accelerate the growth of Planet Earth? Make this a practice for you. Watch yourself during the day. Invent a catch phrase for yourself that reminds you to open your heart. Then go about life with your heart open!

     WARNING! Your life may change drastically. This is not for the faint-hearted! Do not be too surprised at the wonders and miracles that may befall you in this next month.

     This is an extremely powerful practice and a holy one You can go about your day as you normally do, but neither you nor your environment will be the same. You have allowed this high energy to invade every aspect of your life.

     You have opened the door to miracles in your life. You become love in everything you see and do, hear and feel. People will want to be near you. You will exude a powerful strength. You will incorporate a confident and peaceful demeanor. Your home will become a safe haven for all who enter.

     You will start to notice moments of pure bliss. Time will transform itself around you. You will have plenty of time now. Even though you seem to slow down, you will accomplish more. Your words and actions will reach more people. You will heal yourself and others. You will begin to notice yourself being at the right place at the right time. Miracles will seem to happen all around you.     

     Wherever you are, PEACE exudes. Miracles happen. People experience joy. You notice little things around you. Things may be the same, but you seem to experience them differently You delight in small things. Your heart opens to children, animals and nature. You take time for these things because they nourish you now. You are anchoring and birthing the New Energy Grid for Planet Earth.

     Lightworkers! We are at the crossroads. It is time for action.
As we all practice this in our own locations, we begin to send this energy out from our bodies, houses and towns. Our LOVE energy will meet up with other Lightworkers’ energies. This will form a grid around the planet. This grid of Love-Light will protect Gaia and transform fear-based entities. We need do nothing but practice ourselves. We do not need to send out love energy, although we can. We do not need to make this tougher than it is.

     As we all learn to open our hearts and let this love energy transform us, a natural phenomenon occurs. This energy encircles our bodies and radiates, meeting up with like energy. It is an unconscious thing. With minimal effort, our planet transforms, we become BEACONS OF LIGHT. We will begin to experience more moments of lightheartedness and bliss that reflect our True Selves, our Souls, our Spirits.

     Linda Maupin resides in Los Gatos, California.

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