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Letters from Readers

from the January 2004 Star Beacon


Indigo children

Dear Ann,
    I am just fascinated by the children who have come to the earth plane in the last 10 years or so. I was in Walgreen’s the other day and we bought our stuff and there was a hangup at the door.

     No one was moving and no one was saying anything. There was a big line to get out of the building.
     I said loudly, “Beep beep beep beep.” It seems to be a universal language.
There was a little girl playing, holding us all up. Her father moved her along. She came up and stared at me. I guess she wondered who was “beeping.”
I play around at being a ventriloquist. I have a little doll I use and all my friends know her (he he he).
     I said “hello” in the little doll voice and the kid said hello back in the exact same voice. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
I said it again and she repeated it. She went dancing out the door, playing in la la land, and her family tried to get her back to get to the car.
As she left I said “goodbye” in the same baby voice. I could hear “goodbye, goodbye, goodbye” echo into the night. I could not see her anymore, but she kept talking.
     I didn’t know she got a look at Richard. He has a very long beard. But then her “goodbyes” turned into “Goodbye girl, goodbye Santa Claus, goodbye girl, goodbye Santa Claus.” (My little nieces grew up calling Richard Santa Claus.) She repeated this over and over as her voice finally faded into the night. I felt tears well up in my eyes and wondered why I felt so emotional.
     The little girl had totally nailed us. I felt seen!!

                                                                 Linda Maupin
                                                                 Los Gatos, California

I pause, I relax ...

Hello, Ann,
     Thanks again for The Star Beacon. I really appreciate the depth, breadth and variety of sources and materials you select each month. Please extend my subscription for another year.
     Here is my current prayer. It is inspired by one of my favorite authors, Joel S. goldsmith, a Christian mystic who departed Earth in the early 1960s.
I Pause. I Relax.
     When I perceive the appearance of discord (near or far as it seems to be now), I pause, I relax.
     I still my thoughts. I remember that my good and the good of all do not flow from might and from power. Rather good flows from the very gentle Spirit within me.
     My good does not blow from my efforting and not from my thoughts. Rather it flows through me from the quiet depths of my being. My good flows in stillness, in quietness, in confidence, in trust.
     I do not try to heal the discord. I do not try to fix the problems.
I pause. I relax. I am still. I invited the still small voice within to take over. I let the touch of Spirit descend upon me.
     I pause. I relax. I trust. I am at peace.

                                                                 Bob Huth
                                                                 Mason, Ohio

Spiritual psychology

Dear Ann,
     Enjoyed the current (December) issue of the Beacon. Edna Drake’s mention of Mark Macy reminded me that he sent me an inscribed copy of his last book, Miracles in the Storm. Tom and Lisa Butler write a monthly column for The National Spiritualist magazine. I, too, write a monthly column for it and am enclosing this month’s article. I am in the process of “channeling” Spiritual Psychology.

     It is easy to see that the best way to break bad habits is to form good ones which end the undesirable ones. A spiritually bad habit is selfishness; therefore, we must replace it with selflessness. This is not an easy task, but when it is understood that the way to accomplish it is to think of others constantly, be aware of their needs, their loneliness, etc.
     When we focus on others, we take our minds off ourselves automatically, and this fosters compassion, which induces service to them. From this comes their gratitude to us and this love nourishes us. We lose nothing, we gain everything.

     “Forgiveness is the balm after the harm.”
     “Think ahead for tomorrow, don’t wait till it dawns on you.”
     “Trying to understand people is a loving gesture. Loving them without understanding is a grand gesture.”
     “Everything we say and do is a show and tell of what we are.”
     “A person’s sense of worth comes from how we value them.”
     “Attention and tenderness influences people and wins friends.”
     “Success can’t be imitated, it has to be initiated.”
     “One cannot commit an act without creating a consequence.”
     “Thought is seed of deed. Consequence of deed is in seed.”
     “To not react to negativity is a true superiority complex.”
     “Compassion — losing your heart and finding your true mind.”
     “Forgiveness — recognition of one’s won imperfection.”

                                                                 Merry Browne
                                                                 Louisville, Kentucky

Peace plan project

Dear Ann,
     I suggest as a “project” for American political science students and the humanities collegiate that they sit down and write a peace plan for the Middle East situation. We could have a contest for the most innovative, humanitarian and brilliant idea.
     Let us say the president gives a medal to the citizen who comes up with the most effective and fairest plan to the Iraqi and Middle East situation. An independent benefactor could award this citizen with a scholarship or a million-dollar cash prize.
     We have these “reality” programs; why not a “peace plan reality” program? It is about time that the citizens, not the politicians, save the day and show the way.

                                                                 Valerie Benson
                                                                 Star Person

Elevated Yellow

Dear Ann,
     The fear is put out by saying “Terrorist alert level YELLOW, elevated (From Office of Homeland Security). Now watch YELLOWstone Park, Montana. It is ELEVATING. Magma is rising to 3.7 km under the surface.      Some areas of the park are being closed off as the geysers are erupting at too dangerous temperatures for visitors. The ground temperature is melting the soles of shoes in some areas. It is America’s largest volcanic cauldera.
     Store up on dust masks, water, sprouting indoor seeds. Get a world globe. Put one fingertip on Iraq, put the other fingertip on Montana — opposite!

                                                                 Willy Whitefeather
                                                                 Grants Pass, Oregon


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