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Letters from Readers

from the June 2005 Star Beacon

Chemtrails from the future?


Dear Ann,

          Just the other day a friend and I were looking up at the chemtrails and I was trying to explain, as best I could, what we were seeing.

          The plane had just crossed above us and when we looked up again, it appeared that the spray stream had stopped. “Probably going back for another load,” I said offhandedly. When we looked up again a few seconds later, we noticed that the plane was indeed headed in the opposite direction, directly overhead, without any visible spray. We looked down and chuckled and immediately looked up again. The plane had disappeared! It was there one second, and then it wasn’t. We both looked all around the area where it had been; no plane!

          This disappearance phenomenon is something that I’ve read about at some Web sites dedicated to chemtrails, but didn’t read anything about it in the TSB article. Perhaps other readers have noticed this as well.
In a discussion of the chemtrail topic some time back, my wife had a profound insight (again not specifically mentioned in the TSB article). She suggested that these flights might be originating in the future!

          Consider the following: If it were determined that our situation (and consequently theirs... or ours in the future) could be improved (disasters averted or uncomfortable conditions — such as global warming — minimized by such spraying), would it not be logical that those who have greater knowledge of the time/space continuum would make an effort to return to this time frame and take all necessary steps to reverse/prevent the future problem?

          By applying this logic, we can solve many of the conundrums mentioned in the May TSB article, such as: how such huge numbers of planes could have been built, without anyone building them; why no one can or will take responsibility for the flights; the sheer volume of flights and resources required without apparent sponsor; lack of markings on the aircraft; the speed and silence of the flights; orbs accompanying some flights; sudden disappearance of aircraft in flight, etc.

          There is little doubt in my mind that we are under assault by “the powers that be” who are involved in depopulation of the planet. But even those at the top within this world have overlords somewhere who are more powerful.

          I also believe that there is an inspired destiny in store for the Earth, which is so important that it will not be derailed, regardless. So I no longer fear chemtrails or any of the other mysterious or unexplained phenomenon which might be occurring during these wondrous times.

          There are some things which defy explanation. Chemtrails may be one of those things for now. But I do find comfort in seeing them as us in the future protecting us now... and in the future. Get’s kind of confusing, doesn’t it?

          Thanks again for the May TSB.

                                                            All the best,
                                                            Michael Perrine
                                                            Osaka, Japan


Chemtrails and HAARP


Dear Ann,

          I also think, because of the heavy metal content of chemtrails, i.e. barium, aluminum... that they have some connection with HAARP... extending the range of HAARP when it is active to an almost global range.
I have been wondering if the cold I had that lasted six weeks was possibly because of chemtrails, and I’ve had the worst allergy season ever this year too. That six-week cold was something that a lot of people had, it just hung on and on.

          Just my thoughts...

          Thanks for all you do with this newsletter, Ann.

                                                            Niara Isley
                                                            Durango, Colorado

Different perspective


Dear Ann,

          Merry Browne shared her perspective in her letter, “Accruing experiences” (TSB May 2005). I would like to share what is true for me.
I am loved unconditionally by Mother/Father God. I am a part of the All That Is. I am the energy of the sun and the sun is me. I am and have never been judged or have never been good or bad, because there is polarity within that belief system.

          We are divinity as is the sun, moon, stars, and our Mother Earth. All are sacred.

                                                            Joan Lynch
                                                            Kingsport, Tennessee

The Grays are friendly

          Greetings Ann, and fellow Star Beacon readers,
I wanted to thank you for printing Sanni’s article about the difference between the Grays and Reptoids in the May 2005 issue. What really was fascinating to me was their scents. I recently have had three occasions of smelling cinnamon very strongly and there was nothing near that would have given the scent off. No food, cinnamon, candle, incense, etc. Now I realize that this obviously was my E.T. guide somewhere nearby! It is a nice reminder because I often ‘forget’ he is around. Plus it is such a comforting scent.

          I also just finished reading Sanni’s life story in her book Stranded on Earth. It was so riveting, I read it in one sitting. I could not put it down! I also recently had a dream about encountering a female Insectoid E.T. and so when I saw the drawing on page 92 of the Mantis Queen/King, it really hit me. I had wondered if it were a dream or not. But I know it was not a mere dream from letters with my pen friend Marie (she was able to explain more, since she has had contact all her life). The drawing that was in Sanni’s book has validated it even more.

          I have heard the Grays were not friendly and dark. But I never believed this! So when I would hear such talk, it would sadden me. I have always sensed they were here to observe, teach and guide, but never harm. So after reading about Sanni and exchanging a few e-mails, I realized I was correct. And I think my hunches about E.T.s and various hybrids living on Earth is also a correct assumption. Sanni has answered many questions for me without me even asking her directly. So, I am grateful she has decided to remain on Earth!

          I truly believe Sanni is genuine. She has a message for this planet and I hope everyone gets this book! Thanks, Sanni, for being brave enough to tell your story.

                                                            Love and Light,
                                                            Carol Elek a/k/a UFO Girl
                                                            Redmond, Oregon

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