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Letters from Readers

from the November 2005 Star Beacon

Earth Station Roswell

by Thomas Armstrong

Dear Star Beacon,
          I was loaned Commander Ceto’s book, Stranded On Earth, from Carol Syska. I was impressed with Commander Ceto’s willingness to become transparent and tell the world about her plight here on Earth. What an honor to know that the commander of one of the crafts that crashed outside Roswell is here on our planet, and she has shared her story with us. Thank you for supporting her, and for helping her with her difficult transition as a hybrid.
          In Commander Ceto’s book, there is a reference to her visit to Hangar 84, out at the old air base in Roswell, and seeing four UFO mock-ups in a fenced area across the street from Hangar 84. Those mock-ups were mine. I was searching for some connection to the Roswell incident, and constructed the mock-ups, and had them on open display in front of the Roswell Mall for six months. People from all over the world saw them and took pictures of them. After the lease was up at the mall, I opened a small retail gift ship in downtown Roswell.
          Carol Syska and I have become friends over the last two years, after she came into my store and introduced herself to me. I was in the process of completing plans for a UFO resort here in Roswell, and Carol heard about the plans through a mutual friend.
          I felt compelled to move to Roswell from North Carolina in February 2000, and had no idea why I felt the urgent need to come here. Three years ago, I sketched some plans for a UFO hotel and exhibit center. It was small in design, but I met a master architect who lived in Roswell, who also felt compelled to stay here, although he had job offers all over the U.S. We met and started down the long road to developing a resort that will become the icon for the entire world for all things extraterrestrial, with a dedicated exhibit space of over 30,000 square feet. We are hoping to have our financing in place this year, and begin the ground-breaking at the beginning of 2006.
          If you have a chance, please do two things for me. One, let Commander Ceto know that her book was enlightening and I’m glad she wrote it; and two, please check out my Web site for Earth Station Roswell (
                                                            Thomas Armstrong
                                                            Roswell, New Mexico


Cloud interpretations

by Commander Sanni Ceto

Dear Ann,
          I studied Myra’s drawing in last month’s Star Beacon (TSB, 10/05), and this was what I was given about them:
The decorative V is two symbols, meaning unity and duality of being and of soul.
          The letter R means a sure course from a given solar system, starting at the top and ending into our present solar system.
The upper case D, combined with a J, is a Pleiadian symbol meaning “Peace to Planet Earth.”
          The large O means our galaxy, united with other galaxies, symbolizing the connectedness of mankind with the cosmos, and to the Pleiadian Councils of Light.
          A Pleiadian vehicle, disguised as an Earth airplane, made this for Myra to see as her implant was tuned into the exact frequency to allow her to perceive it visually.
                                                            Commander Sanni Ceto

Accepting 'no' for an answer

by John Cali

Dear Ann,
          Just received The Star Beacon today. I loved your article “God Said No” — it was eloquent and powerful. If more people could see the “God Said No” situations in their lives the way you did this one, we’d be pretty close to living in heaven on Earth. Thanks for a magnificent reminder that all is truly well.
                                                            John Cali
                                                            Cody, Wyoming

Paying attention

by Sara Hockenbery

Dear Ann,
          I really loved your article, “The Meaning of It All,” that shows that all of us should listen more to our higher self, and also the still, small voice, for a lot of our answers are within all of us, if we but take time and relax, and hear what is being said to us. Sometimes I don’t, but then when something happens, I say, “Why don’t you listen to the promptings more, for then you would not get into so much trouble?”
          So, I am paying more attention now than I used to. And you know what? It sure gives you untold power when we can do this. Isn’t it great when we pay attention to this, like we should always do?

                                                            Sara Hockenbery
                                                            Ventura, California

Things to think about

by Merry Browne

Dear Ann,
          We did not come into life without a book of instructions on how to live. It is titled The Bible, which gives us laws to live by for health and happiness which sum to loving everyone and points out that disobeying causes all kinds of bad experiences, which are observable.


Life has laws
and no defenses,
If disobeyed
— against consequences,
Live is compassionate caring
for the ills that may befall,
Live is wanting Life to be

                                                            Merry Browne
                                                            Louisville, Kentucky


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