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The Positive Power of Compromise:

Creating Harmony in Relationships

from the October 2004 Star Beacon

Photo by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2003 (All Rights Reserved)

by Robert Moonsong

     How do you really feel about compromise? In speaking with several friends and clients recently, most people’s first reactions to the idea of compromise were slightly on the negative side. “I don’t like giving in, it makes me feel like I’m giving up something that’s important to me, why should I have to lose in order for someone else to gain?” Interesting!

     While it is true that establishing a compromise between two people may involve making concessions, let’s take a closer look at what healthy compromise really means by breaking it down. Com-Promise is literally… a Mutual Promise. Two or more people who share a common goal will each have their own ideas on how to best manifest that goal and sometimes the means to achieving the end will appear radically different. If we focus on the differences in details, rather than keeping our eyes firmly on the shared goal in the big picture, then we begin to resist compromise. Needing to be right all the time (whatever that means!) is another big-time blocker. So the first step is to be sure that we share a basic mutual focus and desire.

     Now let’s examine the Promise part of the equation. A promise may be considered a vow, to do or not do. Promise also brings with it, Expectation… usually for a positive outcome, as in “a promising opportunity.” And for most people, a promise also implies a Commitment. A commitment to what? The highest good and betterment of all concerned, also known as The Law of One. According to this law, there can be no win-lose, only win-win… and herein lies the key to harnessing the positive power of compromise to achieve harmony in any relationship.

     Music is a wonderful example, just watch and listen to any skilled piano player. The left hand is laying down the rhythm while the right hand is expressing an exquisite melody. Each hand may not be playing the exact same notes, but that is perfectly fine. Both hands have agreed to abide by the chosen key and time signature of the piece and to play notes which are in harmony with each other. Within those basic agreements, there are an unlimited number of songs that the pianist can compose. If the pianist is also a singer, she can even add her voice as a third complementary component, all playing seemingly different parts, yet creating a synergy of sound that immediately excites your emotions into a feeling of uplifting beauty.

     So let’s come back now to your relationships. Even in the face of obstacles or differences of opinion, what melody can you play that will complement the rhythm your partner is playing? Have you agreed to both play in the key of C? Even if you’re in the mood for rock and roll and your partner is into classical, keep an open mind! Just look at the success of some of the greatest rock bands who have joined together with an orchestra and sold millions of albums.

     You can create new dynamics in your relationships just as easily as composing a new little ditty. When you think of some of your favorite songs that make you feel good, they usually contain some basic components. A beat that inspires you to move, happy words to sing along with, room for a little saxophone solo, and maybe a full-bodied chorus that brings it all together. Is there a mate, business partner or child in your life you’d like to share a new tune with? Are you ready to step up to the mike and share your authentic feelings?

     So let’s review our Mutual (Com)-Promises:

1. We invoke The Master Within to guide all our relations.

2. We look for the common desire or beauty we both share.

3. We affirm our total commitment to a win-win experience.

4. We listen with sensitivity and express without censoring.

5. If we’re actually having fun, we are on the right track!

     When you’re committed to making beautiful music with everyone you meet, the perfect arrangement of sounds will magically come forth from the strings of your Heart. If you need help tuning up before you begin playing, that’s what I’m here for, just give me a call. Who doesn’t love a free-flowing smooth jazz duet or acapello singers? Be the instrument through which the Harmony of Source flows, you may even win a Grammy for Best New Relationship!


About the Author:
     Robert Moonsong is a clairvoyant spiritual healing medium and channel for the 77 Unified Masters of Light. Utilizing voice alchemy and direct telepathic energy transmission, he offers DNA crystal activations and Emotional Freedom healing sessions worldwide by telephone. or call toll free 1-877/ NOW-HEAL.


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