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Quado: Hearing Voices

from the April 2004 Star Beacon

by Carrie Hart

     Q: I have a friend who has a family member just diagnosed with schizophrenia. Truthfully, I am a little confused about this illness. I understand that one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is that you hear voices. And yet, lightworkers oftentimes hear their guides and some even channel. I know this must sound very naive, but whatís the difference in the voices that are heard that one is called a mental illness, and the other is called a clearer communication with Spirit? Also, is there a similarity in the workings of the brain of those lightworkers who hear Spirit and those who have schizophrenia?

     Quado, do you have an answer to this question?

     Ah, yes, of course, of course.

     First, understand that everyone is psychic and everyone is receiving information, psychic information, all the time. Some people receive it through psychic hearing, as you have described. Some people receive it through intuitive knowing, some through visions and some through feeling, such as that feeling you have when you walk into a room and you just know that something tense has just occurred, even though nothing is happening now. All of this is psychic reception, just as when you know your sister is on the phone before you pick up the receiver. All of this is going on. And the lightworker you have described who is channeling is using psychic hearing quite intentionally. It is simply a matter of first, being strong in that particular sense, and secondly, in practicing and becoming adept at using that sense at will, instead of only when it randomly comes.

     But even when channeling or seeing visions, the lightworker is very aware that these are not part of the physical dimension. There is no confusion over whether this is a psychic experience or one of the physical senses. There is no wondering about it. And there is no feeling that it has power over you. The lightworker is using psychic senses at will, and can begin and end sessions and always knows the difference.

     Mental illness is like a short-circuit in the physical machinery which causes the mind to play tricks. And these tricks are very confusing to the receiver, to the person who is ill, because they cannot differentiate. They do not know the difference between the voice in the mind and one which is external and cannot control when it comes and what comes. They cannot begin and end sessions and understand that what occurred was in a different dimension, because it really was not. It was mixed in with the mental process of the mentally ill person.

     You have experienced having thoughts you could not control, of having a worry or fear repeat over an over in your mind like a broken record, in a loop you could not seem to stop. This is closer to mental illness. It is inside you, something created from your own mind, but something that is not functioning properly or in a healthy way.

     Channeling is not from inside the thinking process. It is from the spiritual level or dimension. It is a tapping into something deeper and wider. It is tapping into things which exist outside the mind and yet are pulled into it through the psychic senses.

     You can feel another personís pain. It can actually be an ache you feel inside. Yet you know it as pain which belongs to another. You know it is not an illness within you. Intuition is like that, a reaching out to the world outside, a sensing of it and a pulling in, but also clarity of its otherness.

     Illness is something created within and sustained within, a part of the physical experience. It is something you own as a part of your physical mind and body and your emotional makeup, but not a part of your spiritual self. For your spiritual self exists on a level above, a level above the physical world. The body, mind and emotions, the personality, are all transient and end with this physical lifetime, but the spiritual self remains always and ever, a beacon of love, peace and joy. And the psychic senses are a reaching toward this light, touching just the edge of it and grasping some of the connection and light which is there for us all.

     There are forms of mental illness which are also a reaching up into this light, an opening to spirit, but they are deemed illness because of the inability of the receiver to differentiate between the dimension of spirit and the dimension of the physical. And there are types of mental illness which are a shutting down, a darkness which descends and prevents the person from reaching all of the light which is there for them. But both of these have in common their involuntary nature, the inability the person has of controlling access to both dimensions and differentiating between them.

     A balanced and healthy life is one filled with both the physical and the spiritual, with a healthy flow of light and joy and peace coming down from the spiritual soul self into the physical self, and a healthy vibrant enjoyment of the pleasures of this physical life, the feels and smells and tastes of it, the joy of touching skin, of eating food, of rolling in the grass. A healthy life is an open life, one which welcomes in the intuitive insights, the mysteries and wonder of spirit, the serendipities of the angels. And yet, even as you accept the angels into your life and delight in their presence, you can also know that they are a metaphor for mysteries you do not fully understand, that all talk of spirit is like this, and that the vastness and wonder of life is endless and beyond understanding in its glory.

     So be glad for your health. Have fun with your life. Explore all of the dimensions without worry and with a light heart, experimenting and learning. Let the doors fly open and let life and love flow through. What fun it is to be alive!

     And to those who are ill, extend a helping hand and a compassionate heart. Let your own life be so full of light and love that your glow falls into their life as well and helps them to find their way.

     Carrie Hart is the author of There is a Garden, the story of her spiritual journey from stressed executive to spiritualist and channeler of Quado. This book, Carrie's CDs of original music, as well as daily messages by Quado are available on

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