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Quado: Ghosts and Spirit Guides

from the June 2004 Star Beacon

by Carrie Hart

Q: Does your spirit guide leave you when it’s your time to leave this planet? I’m wondering if that’s why some souls become ghosts instead of making it into the light.

     Quado, do you have an answer to this question?

     Yes, yes, of course.

     This question reflects a linear view of life, one in which your soul comes into a body, lives its life here and then is returned to be with other souls. I would prefer that you look at life in a non-linear way, a way in which all things exist at one time in levels and layers, a view in which you are always with other souls as a soul and in which the only linear activity in time is the temporary creation and dissolution of this physical body.

     On the level above this physical body, you exist as a soul self in the company of other soul selves. You exist on that level as a bright glowing ball of energy, full of love, joy and peace, and there is a mechanism — you may think of it as a cord or a channel — by which your physical body here is enlivened with that energy from your soul self. And the more you widen and strengthen that cord from this physical body up to your soul self, the more peace, love and joy will come pouring down into this physical form, quieting your mind and filling you with joy and happiness. And this process of strengthening that bond is through the practice of meditation and contemplation and moving into the present moment, the now. It is accomplished only in present moment awareness, through whatever means you wish to use.

     Up on that soul self level, you are a unique soul, and you are in the company of other souls. You may think of yourself as part of a group, but a large group, a very large group. And all of you exist in love and harmony and deep connection. Here you are with your loved ones, with all the people and animals you know now, with those you have known before in this and other lives and with those you have not yet known in this life. You are with the spirits which inhabit this life as well, with your spirit guides, yes. All of these souls exist in this level above, whether or not you are together in this lifetime.

     And so, with death and with separation, nothing is lost. Nothing is lost because you are still together on that level above. Even if you are separated in this physical life.

     The soul self has chosen to project this temporary form down into this physical life. And spirit guides have chosen instead to project down into this physical dimension as a spirit only. You may think of them as projected down in a slightly removed dimension but you may also think of them as sitting side by side with your soul self above. And both will be true.
For all of this is metaphor, not literal truth. And all of this can be known only in metaphor, because you are not capable of grasping more than what you can imagine.

     And so, a ghost is merely this. When the physical form dies out, which it inevitably will — in some cases a shadow of it — a ghost if you will, remains in the physical realm for a time. This happens in nearly all cases for a period of some weeks after death. And it may happen for much longer. But it is not a punishment and it is not torture, it is merely a shadow reflection, a bit stronger than memory, of the physical form who once existed in this physical realm.

     Your spirit guides are with you always, since they are fellow souls on the level above. They are with you and never leave, since they are neither created nor ending; they are immortal as are you. But you are immortal at the level above, the level of the soul, not on this physical level, of course.
And so, with this view of life, you should take comfort that all is well. Take comfort that your state is one of peace, joy and love and that this state can be increased by increasing your contact with your own soul self, who is, in effect, creating this life for you. That is your goal; to increase this contact with your soul self in order to bring greater peace into this life. And you can also take comfort in knowing that you are with all of those you love, now and always.

     But this circle of souls is quite large, and you should consider actively enhancing it, making your knowledge of these soul selves larger during this lifetime. There is much more that you can do, more adventures to be had than most allow themselves in this lifetime. Fear is prevalent here in this physical life, fear and doubt, and it often keeps people unnecessarily restricted. Remember that fear is darkness and darkness is the absence of light. Shine ever more brightly with who you are and dispel the fear, send it away. And then live your life in joyous adventure and discovery.

     And also know this. Above the level of the soul self is yet another level, one that exists at the same time as the other levels. And at this level, all is one. Everyone and everything is joined in one great presence, and this is the all, the whole, the great stillness. And it is love and only love. It is peace and only peace. It is nothing and everything all at the same time.

     And so, you are everyone and everything else in this life, in all life before and in all to come. You are joined in a great oneness of love. You are connected to everything that is. And at this highest level, there is no differentiation, no spirit guide, no ghost, no physical body. There is. That is all. There is.

     And in moments of deep meditation, you can reach not only your soul self, but just touch this greater place of oneness and connection, just barely touch it and have a moment in which you feel all that you are, you feel the power and the glory that is you. Yes, you. This precious little person in the heart of all that matters.

     Yes, you are everything. You are vitally important. Live as if you understand this and know it well. Feel it. Be it. You are love.

     If you have a question you believe might interest other Quado readers, please e-mail it to Carrie Hart is the author of There is a Garden, the story of her spiritual journey from stressed executive to spiritualist and channeler of Quado. This book, Carrie’s CDs of original music, as well as daily messages by Quado are available on

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