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Cosmic Book and Music Reviews

Focusing on renewable energy to change our world
from the March 2009 Star Beacon

Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How,
by S. David Freeman
ISBN 1423601564, Gibbs Smith, PO Box 667, Layton, UT 84041 ($19.95), 2007, paperback, 248 pages.


Review by Marty Ulrich

         In my previous review, I revealed that we currently have the technology capable of releasing our dependence on foreign oil and domestic coal. Winning Our Energy Independence covers the step that needs to be taken to make the goal of 100 percent renewable energy a reality. Yes, you read correctly — you are not going blind — I meant one hundred percent domestic, renewable energy for our homes and our vehicles. Of course, this opportunity is not without major challenges and criticism from interests of the status quo.
         Our current leaders are acting hesitantly towards renewable energy programs. The book points out that federal mandates will be required to make America green. If left to market forces, oil and coal will continue to dominate well beyond the point of no return.
         There is much work to be done, but these changes can take place over a few decades. One example is that we need to set a goal of doubling our fuel economy requirements over the next 24 years (one mile per gallon per year). Other changes include tax credits and federal funding for renewable energy power plants and decentralized power from people’s homes and businesses. The plug-in hybrid vehicle needs to be introduced into the marketplace.
         So at this point, there is little use in taking personal action, short of spending thousands of dollars on your own renewable energy sources. This is the part where the people need to unite and rebuild our nation. Write to Congress and the Senate, urging them to focus on renewable energy. Protest any federal funding for counter-productive programs such as the “clean coal” movement — there is absolutely no such thing as clean coal. Push local communities to shut down nuclear power plants and outlaw the storage of radioactive waste.
         Unemployment is the highest it has been in decades. There are millions of people waiting to work. The recent stimulus package passed by Congress is a big step in the right direction. It will put people to work on the new required infrastructure for an energy independent nation. Be sure to check this book out for a much more detailed description of what exactly must be done to make this dream come true.

'Ancient Sun' inspires, transcends consciousness

Ancient Sun, by ThunderBeat
978-0-9814651-9-7, ThunderVision Records, PO box 3700, Sedona, AZ 86340,

Review by Ann Ulrich Miller


ThunderBeat has a new Middle Eastern CD out called Ancient Sun. You will journey to the Egyptian pyramids, dance your way through the temples with lingering, ancient melodies that are extremely powerful, mysterious... and unforgettable.
         ThunderBeat, internationally renowned composer, teacher, author, shamanic practitioner and Reiki master, is a pioneer in sound healing. Her music has earned its place in my collection of higher consciousness music. She uses activational healing music and sacred drums. Not only is this music calming to the nerves and inspirational, but it causes one to transcend reality.
         ThunderBeat is of Choctaw and Shawnee heritage. She works with and openly embraces Great Spirit, and has traveled to many sacred sites to bring back the ancient music and the ways of healing. She has won two Native American Music awards and a Beacon of Light award for her wisdom, compassion, creativity, inspiration and service to the world.
         You can order the CD through her Web site at, and while you are there, take a look at her other wonderful offerings, including Cosmic Dreams (space music), Fly High (trance dance), Chakra Journey (great for massage therapists) and others, my favorite of which still remains — Mayan Landing 2012!

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