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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the January 2007 Star Beacon

          Q:   When in session with Omnia, Pleiadian friend, channeled by Mary Pompeo in North Palm Beach, Fla., “The Sanctuary,” another being came in. I seem to recall thinking the name so strange, I allowed that to put me off. Was it “Volton, Son of Thor”? What I most remember was that the name was important to include the Son of Thor part. Now I’m not sure if I recall that Volton was the name! They had something to do with helping with the May 2003 potential asteroid or meteors hitting Earth; they diverted this potential disaster with their ships. I would like to know how to thank them!
          Does anyone have any collaborative information about this? Thanks.

In the light,
Carol from Pennsylvania

Commander Sanni:
Dear Carol,
          This being’s name is Votohn. He’s Pleiadian, related to the Tall Whites, whose people were behind the legend of the god Thor. The Pleiadians, along with my species and others working in our alliance under council orders, were the ones who shielded your planet from several meteor impacts as well as placing a shield around your planet to deflect dangerous flares from your star caused by intensive negativity which is upon Earth and is being projected outwards as as attempt of the planet’s cleansing herself of reptoid influences. As far as this being... he’s an admiral who is a physical flesh being just as you are flesh, and in many Pleiadian dialects he’s referred to as two names: Volton and Voltohn, meaning “man of intense fire.”

                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni

         Q:   I was flying on a commercial liner a while back and I noticed a lot of flickering lights up in the atmosphere among the clouds. I got the distinct impression that these lights were not just a trick that my eyes were playing on me, but were intelligent Beings. Who or what are these lights that live in the sky? I also felt that they were “good” and helpful entities.
          Thank you.


Commander Sanni:
Dear Tumeria,
          These lights aren’t really people, but they are created by intelligences that monitor your aircrafts and your flights when you go up. The entities who create these lights, which are a type of plasma light orbs, are of Pleiadian and Zeti people’s creations.

                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni


         Q:   Dear Sanni,I have some questions:
          1. What is a Ghost Whisperer?
          2. What is a true Medium?
          3. What is an Ascended Master?
          4. What is the difference between a dream and a half awake encounter? Is there a name for this state of being? For when I have this, is when it is just before I wake up, and there are either symbols or someone that says a name out loud, or a location or some numbers.
          5. I am doing my family history, and later my Star Family History, and I have tried for a while to explain to those that both of these things are very important, for it gives you an idea of who are, star beings on Earth and how they lived, so both co-exist together as one. But how do I convince people to realize that this is very important for us to be doing?
          6. I am trying to also help light workers and star seeds, etc.,. to realize, that it is not just the nuts and bolts of spacecraft that we should put our attention on. How do I explain to them that our missions are more than these things?
          7. And last, I have heard a lot of light workers say, well I don’t see them with my own eyes, so then I don’t believe in them, or I demand that they come down here and prove they exist. I hope this does not sound cruel, but to me you do not demand our hard-working space brothers and sisters to come to Earth just to prove they exist. And they need to know that these wonderful beings can’t be here at our beck and call 24/7. So forgive me for saying this, OK?
          Thank you, dear Commander Sanni Ceto, for all of your help, for you are doing a wonderful job in your teachings of these things to enlighten all of us.

Love, Julieaneaux

Commander Sanni:
          A ghost whisperer is someone who has a contact with the etheric or ghost level and helps them to cross from this level onto the next one, beyond the earth level. An ascended master is a being that has evolved into a being of pure light and is the highest level of being and has reached a level beyond the physical on your Earth level, after going through thousands of reincarnations on different worlds as a teacher and helper.
          The difference between a dream and half awake stage is an altered level of reality where you are shown many different things pertaining to your missions, etc., and are for helping you to learn and to grow in your evolution as a light worker. You don’t have to convince anyone to believe that this is important as those that are open will know this inside of them without being shown these things. You show them that as starseeds and light workers that their missions are important by educating them about the universe and its biodiversity of all life and that all life is sacred and has to grow as Earth has to, and you awaken them slowly by planting seeds in their souls that their works are necessary to help preserve Earth for future generations to follow.
          Those starseeds that demand proof aren’t really awake and aren’t even ready to meet the space brothers as their minds were conditioned from a tiny age to not believe and therefore have many things to learn to dispel this programming and the space people will see this and know this and therefore they who are asleep will miss out on many chances and possibilities to grow and become true starseeds, etc.

Commander Sanni


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