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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the March 2008 Star Beacon

          Q:   Dear Sanni,
          I have heard about your species using transponders to communicate. Will you please explain more about how they work? Do you wear them on a uniform? Does it only work in your own language? And how far does it transmit communications?
           Love, Cari

A:  A transponder can be worn on a uniform, usually on the upper right chest, or it can be worn on the body, or implanted behind the ear or internally. Transponders come in many shapes, but most are cylinders or tubes, about an inch long at most. A transponderís range varies, according to the one wearing it, plus the environment that itís working in. All transponders can be programmed to understand different languages or can be set to only allow communications in one language, according to the type of mission the wearer is on. If they are assigned to trade route operations, where a ship makes stops at different planets, then itís set to allow communication in different languages. All transponders consist of a receiver and a relayer that interfaces with the area of brain response for transmission of language.
          A transponder creates a form of instant telepathy between two different species as one may know how to talk this way while the other may not. Transponders also serve as a type of tracking device to locate ships and crews. A transponder is a type of advanced microchip and their life cycles vary as to type and species that have created them.
                                                         Namastť, Commander Sanni


          Q:   What is the difference between angels, extraterrestrials and humans?

                                                                           Name Withheld

A:  Angels are just another term that humans of Earth gave to the ancient Pleiadians who visited Earth eons ago. A true angel is either from Meropia or Lyra or other planets in the Pleiades sector. Angels donít have wings as humans gave them that to denote their being from the skies as wings are symbolic of birds and as messengers from the stars. Archangels are like ambassadors and the ruling class over the other Pleiadians, whom humans refer to as angels. These are all physical people, like people on Earth, but their form is a much higher frequency than people on Earth as Earth hasnít yet reached that stage of evolution to vibrate as pure light.
          Archangels are guardians and protectors to certain humans whom they serve as guides and helpers in times of need. ETs are people from other solar systems that are usually either humanoid or reptoid or mammal in appearance, and their home worlds have been around longer than Earth, so they are more advanced in technology than Earth is.
          Humans were originally created through genetic technology by the visiting Pleiadian scientists, who used Earth as a giant laboratory and proving ground for future biology experiments in creating new life forms. Humans were created by crossing certain bigfoot-like primates with Pleiadian donors of sperm in petri dishes, much as how a modern zoo breeds endangered wildlife for future preservation.
          Most humans were blocked from knowing about their origins from the Pleiades by reptoids who altered their DNA and erased their ancient racial memories of the Pleiades. Humans are a growing and evolving species that is still very young in their progress compared to other species. Most all humans on Earth are descended from the ancient laboratory hybrid colonies that the ancient Pleiadian scientists created, but reptoidsí influence has erased their memories. These scientists called themselves geneticists of diversity.

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