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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the April 2006 Star Beacon

Dear Sanni,
         I have heard that negative spirit “tamper” is so extreme on Earth, many commanders will not let their crew spend more than a few months a shift here... since even they often get contaminated with negativity. True?

Commander Sanni:
         This is true, as many commanders and crews are not of an emotional body or enculturated to handle the negative energies that are prevalent upon your Planet Earth, and therefore the heaviness of the earth’s negativity affects them on an adverse level, more so than regular inhabitants of your planet. Most crews can only tolerate a few months, then afterwards this negative energy can affect their inherent energy, causing them to become ill and polluted by their vibrations of the negative energies.

Dear Sanni,
         What can you tell us about Project Serpo, the recent claim that our government sent, in secret, a dozen or so astronauts on an exchange mission with Zeta Reticulans, after the Roswell crash in 1947?

Commander Sanni:
         The selected team of scientists were taken through a time warp or a portal, which is linked to different universes and links many galaxies or constellations. This planet they refer to as Serpo is in our Reticuli system; it is a code name for the planet known as Jadui, which is our home. The scientists were part of a cultural exchange program created by your government and military, in exchange for our technology, to benefit both species. This group was away for about 12 of your Earth years, and then, in another 12 years, a fresh group of selected scientists were trained at a secret installaton for traveling to Jadui, which was code-named the planet Serpo. Their departure was from either Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico, around White Sands.
         The first team had been working with the Zetis since about your year 1945, and intensified after our crashes in New Mexico. The devices which were the boxes we used were also used to open and close the portals, allowing our ships to land and transport those who were trained to go on this exchange program.
         While on Serpo, which was Jadui, these scientists lived in a special unit that contained the simulated environment of Planet Earth’s pressure, atmospheric composition, etc., and an artificial star to simulate your single star, since they weren’t used to our binary stars. These scientists lived in underground units, but were allowed out on the planet’s surface under controlled conditions.
         Their work there was involved in fields of weapons research and microbiology, and learning how to assimilate new medicine, such as genetics and things such as this, into their present medical fields. This allows your medicine to map the entire DNA and RNA of an organism. Also new advancements were born in aerospace and aviation fields from this exchange program.
         This program ended in your years mid 1970s, after the last treaties were violated by your USA nation, by using our technology for war and not peaceful endeavors.
         Half of these scientists were split up and lived half their time on Jadui/Serpo, and the other half was spent on a planet code-named Setdro, which is Jadui 2, which is larger than Jadui 1, and is a little farther out from our binary suns. Jadui 2 has three moons that are used as bases, and a few of the selectees from Earth were trained in research in bases on them.
Also, the scientists had to adapt to Jadui’s environment while outside their special units, but hardest was the adaptation of their digestive systems to our different cuisines that weren’t meant for Earthlings’ consumption. The scientists had to bring about two years’ worth of foods from Earth as they had to slowly replace their Earth cuisine with Zeti cuisine.
         The scientists’ usage of their time-keeping devices was useless as our people don’t know your time concept, and they had to adapt to not using time as they were used to on Earth. As Jadui’s nights are a twilight, due to its binary stars, the exchangers from your Earth had to change their resting and sleeping habits while on Jadui.
         Some of the scientists chose to remain on Serpo, which is the code word for Jadui. The ones that returned died from a combination of radiation illness and re-contamination via Earth infections. Some of the scientists that went to Jadui/Serpo were trained in studying and creating new life forms involving plants that can withstand extremes in weather and climate changes, as Earth will eventually undergo drastic changes. The ones that refused to return to Earth couldn’t go back to the violence of their previous society.
         This event of the cultural exchange programs by our nations with your USA was the basis of an Earth movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, by Spielberg. After your scientists returned to your home in our discs, they were kept in Nevada and the Four Corners for debriefing and re-enculturated back into your Earthling society, and all of their information was retrieved out of their memories and stored for further analysis.
         The landing sites and departure sites were out of Nevada, near Groom Lake, and the Four Corners.

         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia CO 81428, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put “Ask an ET” in the subject line.

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