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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the June 2006 Star Beacon

          Q:   I was wondering if you could tell me where Commander Vallance is, or any other information you can tell me.

Yvonne Moore


Commander Sanni:
          Iím sensing you might have meant Val Thor, who is a commander. Vallance or Val Thor is on Venus, a colony world, in an underground bunker until the fleets of the Venusian and Pleiadian commands have returned to your outer solar system. Commander Val Thorís people have many of their people in high places upon Earth, to monitor activities of their governments and to prevent anything the humans might do to cause destruction of Earth.

Q: 1) How many total number of species occupy Mieu (Mars)?

A: Five, in underground bases.

Q: 2) How many Bigfoot species are there?

A: On Earth there are 14 different species scattered around the planet. Several species are distributed through space on different planets.

Q: 3) Was the Bigfoot in Texas badly burned?

A: The Bigfoot was burned in a forest fire that was accidentally caused by the carelessness of people.

Q: 4) Where does Heaven begin?

A: Heaven begins beyond your upper atmosphere, starting in the region your people know as the thermosphere, which is where your shuttle flies. Heaven is another term for outer space and extends from this region outwards into deep space, which includes your solar system, and other galaxies and universes.

Q: I was somewhat confused when you referred to the concept of a Pleiadean scout cruiser. I hadnít studied the Pleiadian cultures enough when I was doing research into the bigger star systems or constellations, such as Orion. I do have a copy of a book which has genuine photographs on the Billy Meier material, one photograph which appears to have been taken on board a Pleiadian craft, in another star system than this one (Earth system).
          About a week ago, I had a beautiful dream featuring the subject of friendly ETs. This dream was about pink UFOs coming from a huge craft of similar shape, which is at present orbiting the sun. I dreamt I was traveling on a boat to meet the occupants of the pink UFOs. Later, I woke up. The big pink UFO appears on a very interesting Web site,, which includes photographs taken from the SOHO space telescope. I wish to inform the people who subscribe to The Star Beacon that this Web site is legitimate, and the photographs that are being analyzed are genuine. The ships I was dreaming of were disc-shaped, like a peanut, that is, they were pink, and glowed from within (the glowing effect is caused by the antigravity reactor and magnetic forces).
          I wish to inform you that there was a second crash at Roswell, the other ship that crashed alongside your ship, was from a planet known as Asastan. This you can discover through a recently published book known as The Roswell Message. The ETs from Asastan were traveling to Earth from somewhere beyond the year 3000. They had attempted to use the Bermuda Triangle as an intersection area. Because they miscalculated the strength of Earthís gravitational and magnetic forces, they became subject to one of Newtonís laws of gravity, with resulting consequences.
          The pink UFOs I was observing... are they scout cruisers? The UFOs that are being observed over Mexico... are they scout ships, too, albeit not neccesarily from the Pleiades or even the Sirius system?
                                                  Best wishes,
                                                  Asgeir Valur Sigurdsson

          Commander Sanni: First of all, the second craft that went down isnít from a planet you refer to as Asatan, it was from my peopleís Reticulian system. These pink UFOs are from the Antares system, and most of Meiersí photos were tricked as Pleiadians rarely allow any clear pictures of their crafts to be photographed, and models were discovered in Meiersí residence.
          Also, I know there was a second crash at Roswell. That was my brother J Rodís craft. Neither my people nor any others from my sector utilized Bermuda Triangle as a portal as it was turned off to our craftís portal sensors technology as we donít utilize any underwater intradimensional portals as Pleiadians and others do. During that time of my crash, Reptoids were operating the underwater bases and their connecting portals and time gates, etc.

Q: I understand Earth is in quarantine and not open to many types of visitation. As we humans are entities with several body levels, what etheric or physical bodies are in quarantine? And which are open to ET visitation by ethical visitors?

          Commander Sanni: Yes, Earth is in quarantine due to its working in league with Reptoid forces and those entities that seek to destroy your evolutionary progress. On Earth the physical bodies not permitted contacts are those that have a negative outlook towards their fellow men and those that try to rule over the weak and less physically able. Also, most ETs are physical and only appear as etheric to humans because they donít understand that many-dimensional levels exist alongside their limited dimensional level.
          Those also not permitted visits are those whose energy fields canít sustain a higher vibrational frequency to allow them to see beyond this so-called reality that your science seems to claim it has answers to explain all phenomena when, in reality, it knows little. Those bodies, no matter what level their energies are, will in time be permitted to see what their mind and conditioning denies, once the population can raise its united soul energy beyond these things, and will be allowed to see.
          Others that arenít permitted contact are those who caused murders and other evils prior to coming to your planet as their karma wonít allow these to occur as a part of their punishment. On Earth the emotional and animal level of humans are in quarantine. Those beings that come here are as flesh as you, but seem not to be, due to not understanding different dimensional physics, such as quantum.

                                                            Namastť, Commander Sanni


         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia CO 81428, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put ďAsk an ETĒ in the subject line.

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