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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the June 2007 Star Beacon

          Q:   Dear Sanni,
          Could you please look over the unusual Ďstrange craftí that someone named ĎChadí got on his cell phone at the Coast to Coast AM Web site? Itís no longer on the front page, but it can easily be found by using their search engine, typing in the words Ďstrange craftí... if necessary, Iíll send you the pictures I printed out from the site.
                                                            Fred D.

Commander Sanni:

Dear Fred,
          This is an explorer type craft used like the lander-type probes which are sent to a planet prior to sending in a manned mission. These symbols underneath wings look as though itís Japanese or Chinese, and this is an experimental craft built by both or all three nations on Earth for future exploration of your red planet Mars. The aerials, or long rods on top, would be used to collect air samples and other things for studying the planetís upper atmosphere and would act as feelers, telling the researchers back on Planet Earth about the pressure and weather conditions as it is descending to the planetís terrain.
          These long, arm-like wings would have cameras and other instruments built into it, to take photos. This craft is an experimental probe, part lander type module and part robotic explorer.
          Originally, it was reverse-engineered from ET technology which was originally stolen from several treaties with my species as well as others who arenít native to this solar system. Most of your current aircraft applications for military and aerospace was stolen and reverse-engineered technology.
          Thank you for your interest.
                                                            Commander Sanni

Q:   In the past youíve mentioned a Gray by the name of Ja Rod. Iíve heard this name referred to as Grays in general in the Dan Burisch interview on Project Camelotís Web site. Is Ja Rod a race or an individual?

A: The name J Rod, which technically is Ja Rod, is the name of my brother who is a full-blooded gray. The Earth people who worked with him, and with me, started to say that all us grays are Ja Rods, which is incorrect. The reason Ja-Rod (or J Rod) was called this as our people, by these humans, is also due to the fact that they couldnít pronounce his name, which is Ja-rodajuini. So he was called just J Rod for this reason, but heís a Zeti or a Kebben, like father Khinyeo is.

Q: Hello, Sanni,
         I was a little apprehensive in writing to you, Sanni, because Iím sure you receive a lot of e-mails and I do not want to disturb you, but first of all, I want to thank you for reading this e-mail, so thank you for giving a read to this one.
         I live in Mexico City and I paid good attention to your book and your experiences here in this planet.
         The fact that most impressed me is that you incarnated in this plane, thatís why Iím writing you, I had a channeling or a reading with an ascended master and (he) told me that Iím from Arcturus, a planet already ascended and a planet with beings dedicated as healers. On some occasions I feel my hands energized and some people told me that they feel relief and peace when I touch them. Sometimes I have memories of healing or being a healer, but some are not so clear. How could I retrieve those memories or unblock them from my soul memory? And know more about Arcturians? What book or site you can recommend me? I appreciate your time.
                                                      Sincerely, In Light

         A: Dear Salvador,
         My English isnít good either as thatís not my true language. Sometimes I regret ever coming to this planet, due to hatred and intolerances, which is very abundant here.
         For your hands, try to visualize a central shaft of light which is the healing energies from within your being, and focus these energies into the person or area being healed, such as their heart. Place your hands over their chest about a foot to six inches above this region. When your hands start to tingle and get warm, thatís a sign that youíre sending. As you send, you might feel blockages. Visualize a strong beam melting the blockage so your healing energies can penetrate every cell and structure.
         Arcturus is a very evolved world and its people are healers and Earth is in great need of healing. To unblock your memories, you must try to find what originally blocked them in the first place, and then try to unblock them slowly by meditating and writing down any dreams or things which might trigger a wake-up to a lost memory.
                           Love and peace to you from Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander Sanni Ceto:
         How come some starseeds like to go around bragging how great they are? Like some of them go around saying I am a great healer, and I have even healed someone from a distance. And then some brag I am a great channel, and none can ever compete with me. Donít they know that to heal is a gift from God, and they are to be humble, and also not charge money for this gift, for it is a gift. As far as these so-called channels, some charge way too much for their services, when half the time they donít tell the truth. We are supposed to start working together, as a team, and do so in loving kindness, and common sense, and with courage.
         Also, there are some starseeds that say, oh, you must always be kind to one another. Well, this is true. But there are times when kindness, if not used in a way to help the person be safe, could put them in danger. Yes, I know that we should not be mean and always be mad, but there is a term of justifiable anger, where kindness does not work all of the time. We need to be realistic, for we need to be strong and have courage, so we can help others. Because in the endtimes, before the earth will be cleaned, we need to be able to help these souls get to safety, so we must be stern or they will not make it. I know my words are strong, but I have seen too much of this New Age stuff, with the concept, ďletís not get angry or negative, for that upsets the balance, we must be passive, and not speak a harsh word.Ē Well, I am sorry, but that is hogwash.

A: First of all, a true starseed shouldnít need to brag to others as to their greatness, for this puts them down to a common earthling level and makes them less than starseeds. A true starseed doesnít brag as thereís no need for their abilities to be broadcast as their works can be seen by others without having to be displayed. Those who brag about being a great channel arenít truly channeling, but their inner egos and superior self is taking over as their souls lack self confidence to accept that their abilities come from Yahweh. All healing gifts are from Yahweh and a healer taps into this and does this in service of their Creator, and it can be taken away if abused or used in a way to not bring honor to the one who has given him or her this ability.
         As to anger and peace, itís best to go the way of peace, but it shouldnít all be sugar-coated as thereís a time and place where diplomacy has to be utilized in dealing with certain situations and problems, but this can be done through firm words and actions and not done in anger or hatred.
                                                               Namastť, Commander Sanni

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