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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the July 2007 Star Beacon

          Q:   Dear Sanni,
          I have been a member of Dr. Boylan’s Web site for a couple of years after my experience I shall never ever forget. But I felt compelled to share it with you as well.
About two years ago, I was sleeping, but starting to wake up in the early morning hours, about 2:00 am, when in my mind’s eye I could clearly see an ET, transparent and translucent, floating on my bed. My wife was sleeping soundly next to me. I was not alarmed at all, but felt this enormous peace, compassion and love that was indescribable from anything remotely known to me at any other time from the past to now. I was bathed in this intense peace and compassion. I started to communicate to the ET telepathically, and the first thing I asked him was “What is the meaning of fear, prejudice and hate?” He immediately replied, “These concepts are foreign to me, and I have no reference point or no association with this.”
I was so puzzled by his answer that I had difficulty continuing the conversation with him. It was as if I hit a communication barrier. With that, the ET simply disappeared right in front of my eyes.
What is your take upon the experience I had? It has been very life-changing to me indeed.
                                                            Don Curry

Commander Sanni:

Dear Don,
          First of all, you were meant to see my people as it was a messenger sent to plant a seed in you, of love and caring for the global society, and it’s a start in uniting the peoples of Earth. The reason this Zeti appeared as translucent was due to his/her trying to appear in your dense earth energies, which is very difficult for our people.
On our home, we have no fear or prejudice or hate as these ugly things were bred out of our souls via genetic splicing technologies. If this was a small Zeti, it was a female, and I myself travel, but not astrally, but change my frequency to a higher level to appear to people who were selected to interact with us.
Earth as a planet must open its hearts and minds to those of us working among your people, if it is to grow and evolve, and prejudice and fear and hate and other cancers of your culture must be eliminated.
I thank you for sharing this with me.
The reason this Zeti had communications blocked was due to the pollution of the emotions that fear and prejudice generate, and this is destructive to a Zeti as our people can’t handle emotions. Most Zetis can only stay in this dense earth environment a few minutes at most, before we’re exhausted, which is why Earth must raise its frequencies to our people for us to be comfortable here.
I myself wish these ugly emotions were completely blocked from every part of Earth, so that way communications between my people and yours would be coming out in the open instead of under covert operations. Had this Zeti stayed at your earth level, he or she would have died within a month, due to the heavy emotion. I avoid human contact as I inherited my dad’s inability to handle earth emotions as I’m a genetic hybrid.
                                                            Commander Sanni

Q:   In the June issue of Star Beacon, regarding its strange craft, you stated it was an explorer type of craft. My question upon seeing several pictures is what is the mode of propulsion and levitation? They are reported to have no sound.
         Thank you.                                                                        G.F.

A: The propulsion for this kind of a craft would be an ion or a silent nuclear type drive system which would generate power as propulsion, yet create no heat such as how fireflies generate a cold light without heat. The levitation created, allowing this craft to hover, is generated by the forcefields, creating an anti-gravity effect, much as how the large triangles operate without sound. Also, these crafts are drones that can be propelled via remote control via advanced microchip-antigravity systems.

Q: Dear Sanni,
         Can you explain to me whether or not your ships can morph their physical shape for instance from a triangle craft to a disc-shaped craft?
                                                      Momma Kat

         A: Dear Momma Kat,
         The ships don’t truly morph but it’s projected to appear as this, due to a hologram technology that makes a craft look like its shape changed. The triangle is still a triangle, and not a 747. The craft’s structure doesn’t change, it’s only via high-tech hologram that it’s made to appear as changed to people on the ground.
                                                      Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander Sanni:
         During the week, on two consecutive nights as I went to sleep, I had the same vision: a pupae. That is the stage between the larvae and the adult stage of an insect. The plight of the honeybee has been on my mind for some weeks. I have even mentioned this several times on my weblog and included photos.
         My current home is in the lower mainland of British Columbia, after relocating here from southwestern Ontario. There I had a house with a garden. Organic methods were used to tend the many flowering shrubs and other plants. There was a colony of bumblebees and other wild bees, but even I noticed the decline of the honeybee because I remember seeing many of them during the 1960s when I was younger. The bees I had in the garden were well docile and well behaved. There were plenty of flowering plants throughout the growing season, like spring heathers, snowdrops, hyacinths early in the year, followed by perennial cornflowers, thyme, scotch broom, roses and genista.
         I remember spring, where the heather bed in front of the porch was alive with bumblebees, hover flies and butterflies of all sorts on a warm, sunny spring day. Some roses bloomed until the snow came in November or December. There were rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. There were many different kinds of birds, like the mourning dove, chickadee, white nuthatch, rose-breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, yellow-shafted flicker, robin, grackle and even the odd visit of a kestrel (the birds would scatter, in that case). You get the idea. The garden was alive with living things of all sorts. I hope to have such a garden again some day soon.
         So what does this message mean? Am I correct in my thought that this particular stage is being affected, causing the colony collapse disorder? This was a very strong thought in my mind! Also, I was ill over the past year and only have now just gotten my health back in order. Is it possible that I have been sensitive to what the new owners of the house used in the garden (i.e., chemical herbicides, insecticides and pesticides)? I have always had a strong relationship with all the living creatures I mentioned above. What are your thoughts?
                                                                        Love & Light, Volker

A: First of all, all life forms, from microbes to birds, are interconnected in one way or another. One depends upon another in a tiny way for the existence of the other. The honeybee colony collapse, starting in the pupae and larval stage, is done by many ways, to disrupt the chain of life that ties everything together in harmony. It’s being done through mites, and laboratory genetically altered pathogens that are released through the spraying of chemtrails, with these pathogens designed to attack the honeybees as ultimately every flower and every animal depends upon the flower being pollinated by a bee. Without a plant being pollinated, there will be no fruits or foods for animals to consume, and without food, life forms will die out.
         Without a pollinator, such as bees and other beneficial insects, flowering plants will eventually die out and face extinction. As for your health, I’m sensing a sensitivity to the chemicals used by the others who lived in that property you are currently on now, and I’d consider using natural ways to prevent pests in your garden as there are alternatives to chemical means, plus I’d be very sky-observant and observe your symptoms during and after chemtrail spraying.
                                             Namasté, and the best to you,                                              Commander Sanni

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