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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the August 2006 Star Beacon

          Q:   I have been tormented and harassed. Will meditation help? Can you have relatives who are reptoid and yet not be yourself? How can I stay safe when traveling or even just in my own home? I've been hurt by government harassers, etc. Please help. One day my computer said DNA attached, or something like that, and I hadn't put it there. Could that mean something special for me?

Christine in California


Commander Sanni:
          Meditation will help to relax and ease your fears, plus I’d ask for the white light of Christ to surround you at all times. Yes, you can have reptoid bloodlines in your relatives, although there’s a slim chance you might inherit some of the reptoids’ traits, etc. I’d suggest getting some quartz and putting these in your house and I’d smudge daily to remove any evil influences that might enter. As for traveling, I’d put a shield or bubble of energy around your car and carry a crystal in your vehicle with you.
          The DNA thing with your computer could be several things, such as an e-maile virus with that in it, or one of your people from other realms has a message about your DNA being upgraded or cleansed of any reptoid DNA attachments into your cosmic DNA.
          You must also go in weekly, in hour meditations, and look for cords attached to your inner and outer aura, and visualize a pair of gold scissors cuting unhealthy cords and attachments as reptoids have a powerful, vampire-lik energy, and will zap your energy as ther lik a sponngue abserbing ur energy. If you’re around large groups of people regularly, you should do this weekly, plus smudge and take a hot or cold shower to help release these energies and clear yourself.
          As for the government harassing you, you should keep a very low profile about you and be cautious with whom you come into contact.

Q: I wanted to know when I do my energy work, I feel like the grays are with me. I have loved them since I was very young. Everyone I know is afraid of them, but I tell them that they heal and that I feel they are my family. Could you clear that up? I think you are great, Sanni.

Angie S.

Commander Sanni:

Dear Angie,
          The reason people are so afraid of them is due in part to reptoids shape-shifting and appearing to you to abduct people against their will. Yes, we are there with you as your helpers, helping you in your energy and healing work and, yes, you are part of our family.
          P.S. I miss you very much in e-mail and chat.

Love from Commander Sanni

          Q: For the record, Commander, why are some people availed or able to see the other-worldy crafts in our skies and some people simply cannot see them?
          Lastly, I saw a Hundai commercial on TV the other day, which shows a pretty blue daylight sky. In the first shot shown of the sky, there are chemtrails in it. In the second shot of the sky, there are normal cloud formations. Can you please tell us what the purpose is if the chemtrails are, and if you think that commercial is supposed to indoctinate the people who see it into thinking that these extremely-slow-to-dissipate lines and X's in our skies are a perfectly normal occurrence so that no one questions their existence as anything abnormal?
          Thank you Commander Sanni!
                                                                            Momma Kat

Commander Sanni:

          First of all, people who have been implanted or who are awakened to a much grander reality beyond the general population’s conditionings are permitted to see off-planet vessels.
          The commercials are used to indoctrinate people that these trails are normal when, in reality, they’re not a normal occurrence as a regular contrail (i.e., a mixture of jet exhaust and water ice vapor that are expelled as exhaust from the engines of jet aircrafts).
          Chemtrails are a massive multi-nation scientific program to spray a mixture of metals, such as barium and aluminum particles, into your ionosphere, to reverse global warming, as metals deflect your sun’s rays off and back into space. The trails are used in conjuncton with HAARP’s ELF (extremely low frequency) energy, and microwave technology or scalar weapons research, to make these ELFs appear as visible, and also chemtrails are used to modify or change weather or geoengineer your climate.
          They are also used to test different strains of bio-agents, such as flu and other pathogens, upon selected areas, before they are used as warfare against other nations. Chemtrails are under several military programs and the chemtrail research as patents for the spray devices were from a Dr. Teller, who is behind the H-bomb technology. Chemicals are used also to create chaff in testing new radar systems used by your air forces.

                                                            Love from Commander Sanni


         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia CO 81428, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put “Ask an ET” in the subject line.

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