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Alpha Bits

from the March 2007 Star Beacon

It's About Time

by Tumeria

          Everything that has ever happened, is happening and will ever happen is occurring right now!
          Baffles the mind, doesn’t it? I contemplated the time paradox very deeply one night. I was fighting to understand in my mind. How could everything — past, present and future — be happening at the same time?
          All of a sudden I had what some might call an epiphany or a revelation. I instantly “knew” and understood. I cannot describe this experience in words, for there were no words. It was powerful and just swept over me. I can best describe it as a moment of absolute knowing.
          In this article I will attempt to explain in words that which came to me without words.
          We perceive time as linear. We have a past. We remember our childhood, what we did last week and what we ate for dinner yesterday. We are obviously aware of the present as we read this article.
          We all contemplate and wonder what the future may hold in store for us. Ponder for a moment that perhaps time isn’t linear at all. What if it was actually vertical! What if everything was all stacked up on top of each other in one single, solitary moment of time? What if time didn’t move forward at all, but our consciousness did?
          It may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but that is what was shown to me. To simplify, we can use a book as an analogy. The book is whole and complete. Everything is already written. The difference is that this book is infinite and what is written can change depending on the choices you make through free will. Like a real book, however, you can only read one page at a time. That page is where your consciousness is focused. It is your NOW moment, or your present. As your consciousness moves forward you read another page.
          Some people, such as psychics, can get glimpses of future pages. They can read ahead, so to speak. Keep in mind that psychics are reading from the book that will occur based on where you are at in that particular moment. You can change some of your future by changing your thoughts and by the choices you make. Some things are not changeable because they were chosen by you at a soul level prior the incarnation. Remember that those things were chosen by your soul for your highest growth and evolution.
          The present is fairly easy to comprehend. Let’s boggle the mind a little further! The past is still occurring! The future has already happened! In this book, known as the Akashic Records, the dinosaurs still roam the earth and you exist in some future form. You are just not aware of it because your consciousness is focused here on “page 315,” not on “page 100” or “page 423.” Pages 100 and 423 still exist and are just as real as page 315.
          There are many souls who are focused in consciousness on those pages. Those pages are their present moment and page 315 is either a distant past or a future not yet even conceived!
Regardless of what page you are on, it is the right and perfect page for you. It is where you need to be. Focus on the now moment and live it to the fullest!

                                                            Until next time, Namasté

          Tumeria, a native of Alpha Centauri, currently lives in New Hampshire. Her earthly mission is to empower mankind and to help awaken humanity to its divinity. Tumeria is available for Akashic Record Readings, property clearing, spiritual advising and Reiki healings. You may contact her at: or c/o The Star Beacon.
          Visit The Alpha Centauri Connection Web site at, and also Tumeria’s discussion group at com/group/AC_connection/.

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