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Alpha Bits

from the September 2006 Star Beacon

Food For Thought

by Rumner (as channeled by Tumeria)

          Your article titled “You are what you eat” was very informative and helpful. I have some more information that I thought your readers might find useful.
          It is often challenging to make good decisions regarding your health because you are constantly bombarded with conflicting and inaccurate information. I would just like to recap a little of what you said in your article. I loved your comparison between a true carnivore and a human being. Human teeth are not sharp, nor pointed like a meat eater’s. Human teeth are designed for chopping and grinding, not ripping and tearing. Also, a carnivore’s jaw can only move up and down. It is incapable of moving side to side. Guess what your Jaw can do!
          Humans do not have claws and are slow and clumsy compared to the speed and agility of a true predator. You also mentioned that the human body has a very long digestive tract, which can be up to 12 times your body length. This means that fiber is essential for the proper elimination of waste. The carnivore has very acidic saliva, where as a human should have a more alkaline saliva. Carnivores also have special stomach enzymes designed for the safe consumption of raw meat. If a human being ate raw meat, they would most likely get pretty sick.
          Plant proteins are a primary source of protein produced directly from the sun’s energy during photosynthesis. For example, the cow eats the grass, which is then converted into muscle. The carnivore then consumes the muscle to get an indirect or secondary source of protein. When a lion kills a zebra, guess what the lion eats first? It will always start with the zebra’s intestines. That is where the grass is and the enzymes needed to digest and utilize the grass. Carnivores lack those gut enzymes but instinctively know that the zebra has an ample supply.
          Humans love their meat, and one of the main arguments that you will hear is that humans were given a greater intelligence and could manufacture weapons with which to hunt and kill animals (and other humans!). They will also argue that with the discovery and use of fire, meat could be cooked and thus safely consumed. Fire was also used by early humans to keep warm and provide light. It was not just used for cooking.
          With plant foods you have a choice. You can cook them or eat them raw. It is actually in the raw state that the food is most nutritious. Heat from cooking destroys many of the plant’s enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. Other animals on the planet eat their food in the natural state. With meat you have no choice but to cook it.
          Only human beings go against nature and try to conquer it. Well, you can’t conquer nature, which is life itself. If you eat as nature intended, cancer and heart disease as well as obesity would be virtually nonexistent. Animal products are acidic and thus harmful to the body. High-protein diets place your body in a state of ketosis, which is also known as “starvation mode.” That is because the human body isn’t meant to eat meat any more than a cat is designed to eat fruits and vegetables. Ketosis places a tremendous burden on the liver and kidneys as these organs must work overtime to try to detox the acidity.
          Much of the initial weight loss on these diets is due to water loss as glycogen stores are depleted within the muscle. People on high-protein diets often become constipated due to the lack of fiber. (*Note from TumeriaI was speaking with a woman who was on the Atkins diet who hadn’t had bowel movement in two weeks! Can you imagine meat sitting in your gut for two weeks baking at 98.6 degrees temperature?) Often people will have a strong body odor and bad breath. This is due to the release of acids as the body attempts detoxification.
          Those who remain on these high-protein diets for extended periods will suffer kidney damage and place a great risk on the health of their heart and colon. In addition, their weight loss will not be maintained.
          Dairy products are another topic of concern. Dairy, particularly cheese, is actually addictive. Dairy naturally contains morphine — like chemicals designed to encourage the young calf to suckle and bond with its mother. It makes you feel good. Cheese is particularly addictive since much of the water has been removed. This makes the chemicals more concentrated. Many adults suffer from lactose intolerance and experience abdominal discomfort, cramps and bloating when dairy products are consumed. This is your body trying to tell you something! Cow’s milk was designed for baby cows, not humans. Human beings are the only animal that drinks the milk of another species and drinks it into adulthood. Think about it! Osteoporosis is caused by a loss of calcium from the bone, not a calcium deficiency! Many plant foods are rich in calcium!
          Animals raised for food purposes are often kept in appalling conditions. It is disturbing to think that these beautiful, intelligent and sentient souls are made to suffer in this manner. These wonderful beings choose to sacrifice at a soul level to try to teach humans. Unfortunately, humans tend to learn very slowly. So slowly that many end up destroying their bodies prematurely from all the toxins they ingest.
          The meat and dairy industries have everyone brain-washed. From infancy you are taught that milk and meat are good for you. Catchy phrases such as “Got milk” and “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” stick in your mind. Meat is the center of every meal. Research studies making claims about the health benefits of meat and dairy are most often paid for by the industry! If people just ate as nature had intended, most diseases would disappear from the planet Earth. The scientists and the government know this! The public, however, will not be told because too much money would be lost, not only from the meat and dairy industries, but the medical and pharmaceutical companies as well.
          As a result, people will continue to suffer and die needlessly. The bottom line is that when money is worshipped and given the status of god, you have problems with greed. This creates a state of separation. If you are one with source, then you know that all your needs are met. You would know that we were all one. In this state, greed would not exist.
          It is difficult to break free of old, accepted and cherished ideas. Look at how people clung to the ideas that the earth was flat and that the earth was the center of the solar system with the sun revolving around the earth. People were actually killed for thinking differently. These beliefs were accepted “Truths” back then. People are resistant and fearful of change. To quote a popular television program — “The truth is out there,”you have only to seek it.
          In addressing the obesity problem, it is really quite simple. Avoid fast food, high fat foods, processed foods (food in cans and boxes), high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, meat and dairy products (especially those laden with growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics), and get some exercise. Make the bulk of your diet fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, nuts and beans. Drink lots of water (not tap). It is not rocket science by any means. Namasté.

          From Rumner, Tumeria's spirit guide

          Tumeria, a native of Alpha Centauri, currently lives in New Hampshire. Her earthly mission is to empower mankind and to help awaken humanity to its divinity. Tumeria is available for Akashic Record Readings, property clearing, spiritual advising and Reiki healings. You may contact her at: or c/o The Star Beacon.
          Visit The Alpha Centauri Connection Web site at, and also Tumeria’s discussion group at com/group/AC_connection/.

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