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Alpha Bits

from the October 2005 Star Beacon

The Greatest Fear

by Tumeria

          Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” We fear many things on this planet. We are afraid that we won’t have enough money, that we won’t get a good job, that we will become ill, and that we won’t be loved. Our greatest fear, however, is one that is rarely spoken of. In fact, many go to great lengths to avoid it in conversation. When it is spoken of, the topic of discussion is quickly changed to more pleasant things. Our greatest fear — death.

          Being spiritual beings, it is strange that death would be something we fear. The time of transition from this dimension to the one of spirit should be a joyful celebration. Life does not end with the physical body and we have all lived many lives before.

          So why do we fear it so? Perhaps it has to do in part with the spiritual amnesia that we experience upon incarnation. We simply forget our connection to spirit and engulf ourselves in the experience of being in physical form. Transition becomes an unknown in our consciousness and thus evokes fear.

          Also religion plays a large role in our fear of death. Although most religions believe in an afterlife, the teachings of Heaven and hell, punishment and judgment, put the “fear of God” into us. If we have not led the perfect life, there is a chance that we could spend eternity in a burning inferno of pain and torture.

          My guides have assured me that there is no hell or devil. The devil is just an icon created by the church to evoke fear and control. Hell is simply a state of consciousness where one feels separate from their Source. Heaven is the experience of Oneness with Source. Either state can occur in any dimension. There is also no judgment in the afterlife, at least not in the sense that it is typically portrayed.

          Each soul, upon returning home to the spirit world, undergoes a life review. The soul examines its last life and reflects on how it conducted itself. There is accountability for the soul’s actions, but the only judge is the soul itself. With assistance from the soul’s spirit guides and Council of Elders, goals are set for the next lifetime so that the soul continues in its growth and evolution.

          You might be wondering what happens to the really “bad” people in the world, such as the reptoids. They also return to the spirit world, but they go to a place that matches their lower vibrational frequency. Rest assured, you will not meet them in the afterlife.

          Transition should be a time of celebration. Obviously, it is very normal for us to miss our loved ones returning home and to feel intense sadness over the physical loss. It is not wrong to grieve this perceived loss, but keep in mind that you have really only lost the body. Your loved ones are alive and well and the love that you shared is eternal.

          Be open and aware of their presence. Ask for a sign. Your loved ones will find a way to make contact if you desire it. Often it will be in a vivid dream, which is actually a visitation. Life is eternal. You are eternal. Fear not!

                                                            Until next time, Namasté

          Tumeria, a native of Alpha Centauri, is currently living in New Hampshire. Her earthly mission is to empower mankind and to help awaken humanity to its divinity. Tumeria is available for Akashic Record Readings, property clearing, spiritual advising and Reiki healings. You may contact her at: or c/o The Star Beacon.
          Visit The Alpha Centauri Connection Web site at, and also Tumeria’s discussion group at


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