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COLORS and why you are drawn to them

from the August 2005 Star Beacon

by St. Germain: 03.02.05

          Home is where you make it, and is true as far as Earth is concerned. Home also exists on many levels of the higher dimensions, and as you rise up you return to familiar surroundings. This comes about because you originally came down through them to take your place on Earth.

          Although you have got used to your earthly conditions, and you derive a certain satisfaction and comfort from them, it is not your true home. As you enter the higher dimensions, the beauty of them will take your breath away, yet you will sense a familiarity that tells you it is not the first time you have been into them. I talk here of the dimensions immediately above your present one, which some of you visit in your sleeping hours.

          However, your knowledge of them goes back a long, long way, calculated in your time as millions of years ago. You will feel more at “home” in them because they reflect your true reality. You have been often told that Earth in its 3D presentation is only a pale reflection of the spiritual realms. In the lower vibration you cannot create that which exists in the higher realms. Yet, the creators of the Earth filled it with beauty such as you find in the tropical areas that abound with color.

          You have an innate appreciation of color and its energy, that you have always carried with you. Color, as you use it, is to some extent an indication of how you are within yourself. You often subconsciously select those that are a reflection of your own auric colors. In other words, you create harmony between the two, and generally speaking, this is why you have a preference for specific colors. Choosing your clothes is sometimes prompted by fashion, but even then you will make a selection that makes you feel comfortable. In your home you will surround yourself with color schemes for the same reason, and as different as they are one to another you all feel that yours is right for you.

          Through observation, you have come to learn which colors harmonize with certain conditions. For example, in your hospitals it has been found that gentle pastel shades are more conducive to peace and well being. The green, blue and yellow are favored over the stronger and darker colors which are too harsh in such an environment. White is used to balance them, but too much often gives a very sterile and cold appearance. Can you believe that green, which is a predominant color upon Earth, is there by chance? Of course not, it is a healing and calming color, and this is why you feel much more at ease when you are in the country.

          Red is an interesting color, it is fierce and energetic and it is no coincidence that it is associated with the God of War. When you are lacking energy, you may find you are drawn to it as it will have an uplifting effect on you. Much healing is now carried out with the use of colors, and it is a serious approach to a means of treatment that was widely used in the temples of the past. Colored glass, crystals or lights all have a useful place in a wide variety of treatments.

          Where a person chooses dull and particularly murky colors, it is usually a sign of one who has problems in expressing themselves. They do not feel at ease with themselves and tend to hide behind them. This is not necessarily a conscious decision, and is usually taken without much thought. In this sense, black has a sinister meaning to most people, but it is much maligned as it is a balancing color. Some people totally cover themselves in black, and there is again a sense of hiding away. It shows a lack within them, and their choice means that whether they realize it or not, they absorb all colors that are around them. Conversely, white is considered a sign of purity, and this is why it is widely used in religious or spiritual ceremonies. None of these choices are by complete chance, and it is a knowledge that has been handed down over eons of time.

          Color Healers will be familiar with the application and value of the various colors. You must remember that you have octaves of color in the same way as sound, and these are an aspect of each other. You have many mixed colors, and your silver, gold, and pearl all have a specific vibration that is meaningful to a healer. Think about your approach to the whole subject; it may help you to find those colors which are most in harmony with you. I carry the violet flame, and I encourage Lightworkers to use it to transmute the areas of dark. This is helping to heal the Earth as will the purple ray, and some of you specialize in this type of work.

          Dear Ones, you will realize that color plays an important part in your lives. You are color, if only you could see your auric emanations as some people can who have developed this ability. When you rise up, you will still be Beings of Light, very much so, and not just see it around you but have an understanding of its energies.

          I am St. Germain and it has been a colorful subject to talk to you about. When you next send out love, send it with the rosy pink color in mind, because that is exactly its color. At present, Earth is continually being bathed in beautiful uplifting colors, and I continue to also add mine. All are sent with great Love and understanding of your needs.

          Thank you, St. Germain.

— Mike Quinsey

          This article appeared in The LightCircle Ezine (on-line newsletter) from Isis. To receive this free offering on the Internet,    e-mail: TheLightCircleEzine

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