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Q: Some insectoid species lost their ability to reproduce due to the reptoid/blond wars, and they have internal genitalia ... so I am wondering, was their ability to reproduce taken away from them at a collective level like that?

A: The Reptoids destroyed their ability on a physical means, and not as a collective means, to stop their reproductive ability by altering the physical DNA in order to make them degenerative in reproduction.


Q: A long time ago everything was more open with ETs. Like in Biblical times, people had more experiences with ETs. What caused everything to become more hidden and veiled?

A: Agencies that took over Earth are the ones behind the coverups and silence about ETs as they did not want their covert agendas exposed.


Q: Over time there was a loss of connection to ETs as everything became more secretive. Why is that? Is it because underground bases got created to make everything more private?

A: The reptoids destroyed their ability on a physical and not as a collective means, to stop their productive ability by alerting the physical DNA in order to make them degenerative in reproduction.


Q: In your coloring book it shows how Sodom and Gommorah was destroyed. It looks like it was done by a spacecraft. Why did they get destroyed?

A: This was again part of the plan of the secret operatives, to maintain order and to keep people as mind-controlled "sheeple," lazy and dumbed down. This was done in order for them not to use their own logic to seek answers to what is going on, and has been going on since Earth was created. When things are kept under wraps and locked away, people forget and assume that the current technologies were Earth-derived when, in reality, ETs were a big part of the secret agenda governing a primitive human society from being in an "inquiry" mode to a "follow the shepherd" mentality.


Q: Were the dinosaurs a part of genetic experiments when Earth was used as a laboratory?

A: Partly. Most of them evolved from amphibians who lived a semi-aquatic life and evolved into reptiles by the changing and evolution of scales and lungs.


Q: Did a meteor make the dinosaurs go extinct? Were animals created through genetic engineering?

A: No, it was a combination of many things.


Q: Greek mythological creatures and other things are holograms from different hologram worlds. Why were the hologram worlds created?

A: That’s partially right, plus they evolved naturally as the environment changed and animals had to adapt to the changes.


Q: Was there a purpose? And who created them?

A: Some were holograms, while others were hybrid beings created by reproduction of different species. Pleiadians and Lyrans were involved in creating these holograms and their artificial worlds, though the worlds were real on the level upon which they
vibrated. The purpose was to instill a belief in supreme being(s) in order to rule and serve as guides to mindless ancient humans.

        Sanni Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Survivor ($16), and its sequel, Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World ($12), both available from or from Earth Star Publications, P.O. Box 267, Eckert CO 81418.
She advocates for autism and lives a quiet life in an undisclosed town in the Rocky Mountain West.


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