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Q: Are there such things as televisions on other worlds like Pleiades? If so what is the purpose for them?

A: There isn’t television on planets in the Pleiades. They have evolved beyond such primitive forms of entertainment.


Q: On Earth we have night time and day time, where the sun sets and the sun rises. I know there is no such thing as time on other worlds, but do they have night and day where the sun sets and rises?

A: Time is a natural thing and all planets orbit and have a night and a day period, based on a set orbit or rotation according to a typical planet’s year.


Q: In the days of ancient Egypt there was a crocodile god who was an ET. I am wondering where do the crocodile and alligator beings come from?

A: These are from a water world in the system that the other reptoids are from, in the Orion sector or "Q sector."


Q: The insectoids lost their ability to reproduce due to genetic manipulation. Did this take place during the nuclear wars that were occurring on their home worlds? And not all of the species lost their ability to reproduce, right? Just some of them?

A: Yes, this is true, and not all of them were targeted to lose their reproductive abilities, just the ones involved in trying to overthrow the reptoids’ rulership were involved.


Q: Where do dragons come from?

A: Dragons evolved from the ancient Pteradactyls or flying monster lizards in prehistoric times. They used their flight to help them to settle into new areas that were unavailable to dinosaurs, which could only walk or swim. Flight freed them. Some of these evolved into warm-blooded creatures with specialized scales, modified to early feathers. They were the ancestors of the avians (the birds) as was Archeopterex.


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She advocates for autism and lives a quiet life in an undisclosed town in the Rocky Mountain West.


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