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Making decisions using pendulums

from the January 2010 Star Beacon

by Niara Isley

       Recently a friend of mine discovered the pendulum. She grew excited about the “great answers” the pendulum was giving her, but was a little perplexed when the pendulum told her she needed to give a week’s notice and quit her job to move to a different part of the country.
       I felt it important to write this article and let others know what I know about pendulums and other ways of divination in order to follow your life’s path.
       Taking action on your pendulum insights can be a great adventure, but may not come without challenges. Many people have encountered a “call” to move to, for instance, the Four Corners area. Most of them think the challenges they encountered were worth it, and stretched them in order to grow and evolve. I am one of them.
       Some gave up and packed it in and moved away. Many of them have created their own unique niche for themselves here, such as my friend could with her unique business idea.
       I know that I belong here and that this was a Spirit-directed move for me. I feel it could be for my friend with the pendulum as well. Shortly after moving here, I learned that the Hopi consider the Four Corners area to be a “Noah’s Ark” for the coming Shift and what it could bring.
       This is an amazing region in many ways, and a caring one — ET stuff aside. There is a large sustainability movement here. I don’t think they move fast enough or look far enough, but there are many people who just don’t see the system possibly collapsing in the same way we feel it may.
       I’ve tried to point out, for instance, what if we don’t have gas for our trucks and cars anymore, and how quickly things could fall apart if we don’t, and I have urged them to build alternative vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells are slowly taking hold here. I’ve pointed out that systems are collapsing before our eyes, but they are still at least partially wired into the “matrix” and have difficulty even seeing outside that box. But at least they are thinking and moving in the right direction.
       I remember Yoda on Star Wars saying something like, “Difficult to see, always in motion is the future.” This is because the actions we take in the present affect the future. We may be predisposed to take a certain path because of our personality, the stars we were born under, but until we take decisive action, future probabilities remain just that — probabilities.
       Decisive action creates a whole new chain of events. So, if my friend decides to act on the information she has received with her pendulum, she must know that she will set in motion a whole new path that will be marked with new decision points as she walks it. And each decision point is again its own point of setting in motion a new chain of events, small or large. Like in chaos theory... the example of the butterfly beating its wings in New York being the original cause of the typhoon that later hits Hong Kong.
       She also needs to gauge her feelings if some predictions do not come to pass if she makes this move. I had a friend here in Durango who had a tarot card reading that seemed to indicate positively that the love of her life would eventually marry her. Imagine her feeling of shock and betrayal when he finally married someone else. She was absolutely crushed and had an incredibly hard time moving on from that. What was really true was that the reading of the “moment” indicated he would marry her, but then other things were set in motion over time that did not lead to that outcome.
       Remember, nothing is set in stone. Life on Planet Earth is a constantly shifting mass of time and energy. I would advise you to watch The Celestine Prophecy as you contemplate any decisions. Remember how they said, “Something will always happen.” If you look for it and are aware of the movement of energy around you, just look at your relationship to that flow of energy. We all have the ability to do this because our bodies are made for sensory perception, both physically and multi-dimensionally... the ways that vibrations are resonant or dissonant to us... and the caution is to watch for emotional reactions versus true energetic reactions.
       When someone tells you something that feels good emotionally, you want to believe it, but it must also pass the energetic test for you. When energy and emotions are resonating together, it is powerful. Emotions alone are a little faulty at times. We are so emotionally manipulated in our society that, for most people, emotions have superseded their intuitive senses. To be overly emotional in any positive ornegative sense can set you off balance. You have to find your calm center to perceive the flow of energy around you and your relationship to it and what it’s telling you. And it’s a dance between you — who you are — and your inner guidance and your spiritual guidance. We are not just chess pieces being moved around on a board. We must be actively engaged in our lives, inspired, empowered beings.
       Also look at are the “default” choices. What will happen if you do nothing? Because doing nothing is just another choice that leads to another type of outcome... the default.
       Sometimes your next step is not revealed until it is upon you and you just have to trust your intuition and guidance in that moment, to move yourself in a particular direction. I look back on my own life and see just how much I’ve accomplished by identifying my first positive step, taking it and not trying to plan out all the steps in advance.
       Taking the first step reveals the next, and so on and so on. And spiritually, the only real moment is the present moment anyway. That’s why all the “plans” for some kind of future security in the world might not help in the end. They are based on the energy reading of the present moment and some of the later steps may not be appropriate as the moments unfold.
So, if my friend with the pendulum truly does decide to take action, and gives notice at her job and moves here to the Four Corners, she will set certain things in motion. The next steps will be revealed to her as one moment flows into the next. Sometimes the guidance goes further, but I hope this helps her... and others who must weigh their choices and decisions that they may be facing now. n

       Niara Isley resides in Durango, Colorado and is the ET Contact examiner for the Denver Examiner. Read her most recent article at ~y2009m9d7-Extraterrestrial-Contact--Why-might-ETs-be-interested-in-humanity--Part-3--Consciousreunity
"> ~y2009m9d7-Extraterrestrial-Contact--Why-might-ETs-be-interested-in-humanity--Part-3--Consciousreunity

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