The Root Cellar Mystery

By Ann Carol Ulrich


14-year-old Chris Nesbit is miserable when her family moves away from Milwaukee to a small town in Iowa.

The first night in their new house, Chris is awakened by a sound and sees the silhouette of a tall man walking out of her bedroom. Too frightened to scream, she waits till morning to tell her parents, but they don't believe her.

Then Chris meets Wendy Young and her brother Skip, who live across the street. She agrees to join Wendy's club, the P.E.D. (Private Eye Detectives), and together they explore the mystery surrounding the eccentric next-door neighbor, Mr. North. Not convinced that the strange-looking neighbor deserves to be Wendy's "Suspect X," Chris at least will go along with the game.

That is, until Pamela and Herbert Caldwell enter the picture. These two overly friendly adults from the West Coast are interested in the Nesbits' house for genealogy purposes, yet the girls sense there is something more on their agenda. PLUS ... the Nesbits' root cellar in the basement is unexplored ... and holds a decades-old secret.

June 2015
Retail $8.95 (paper)
5-1/2 x 8, 143 pages
ISBN 978-0-944851-41-8

Teen Mystery

Ann Carol Ulrich Miller is from Monona, Wisconsin, and a root cellar was under her family's house. Mr. and Mrs. North lived next door, and a milkman delivered milk in their neighborhood. She writes novels and currently lives in western Colorado.



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