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When I was in my early 20s, my husband Jeff Ulrich and I were students at Michigan State University. The inspiration for the first novel in The SpaceTrilogy series cane to me when I took a paranormal literature class at MSU. I woke up one morning and heard some people outside our bedroom window speaking in a foreign language. Years later, when I became interested in life on other worlds and esoteric subjects, I developed the story, originally titled "Speak No Evil," into science fiction, and eventually I added two sequels to make the trilogy.



#1 in The Space Trilogy

Johanna Dobbs

Johanna Dobbs:  My career as a concert pianist peaked 10 years ago. My brother Manley looked after me since I was a child, after we lost our parents in a car accident. He has always been overprotective and shooed away any potential suitors. Iím sensitive, Iím sheltered, and probably you could say Iím inexperienced when it comes to men and life in general.
            So, the day after the ballet, when things went haywire in my life, I was totally unprepared for the disruption of my sanity. Life in the mental ward of a hospital was nothing compared to what lay ahead for myself and some of my fellow patients.


Serassan:  The conversion to an Earth body was necessary to fulfill Estronís mission. I did not know at the time that one of the Terrans we had targeted would turn out to be my "special one." The first time I heard her music, my mission began to crumble and my destiny changed.


Manley Dobbs: My beautiful sister has disappeared and I am beside myself. Iíll never forgive that renegade Doctor Serassan for taking his patients out on a road trip. Who does a thing like that? How can beautiful Johanna have lost her life when the bus pitched into the river? Where are the bodies? But worse yet ... where is my own sanity when I keep having dreams about spaceships and messages that tell me Johanna is alive!


Thorden:  Ahhh ... Earth women are so desirable! That concert pianist has Serassan under a spell, but Iíve got my eye on that little Russian ballerina. Once we get on board the ship to Karos, I know I can provide plenty of entertainment and compensation to the innocent one. But no one else must know!


ISBN 978-0-944851-02-9    September 1988, Paperback, 178 pages     USD $6.75






#2 in The Space Trilogy


Manley Dobbs:  I started up the UFO Contact Center after my divorce from my wife. Doris couldnít take any more of my eccentric behavior after I lost my sister, Johanna. Her body was never recovered, and shortly after I started having dreams that Johanna is alive. Janet Wetzel, my sisterís doctor, doesnít dismiss my dreams like everyone else. She supports what Iím doing to help UFO contactees, and now I have a mission -- helping others who have interacted with aliens.


Johanna Dobbs:  Serassan is my husband now and we live on Karos, near his native world, Estron. We are part of a small colony of Earth humans brought here by the Estronians. I like it here. Iím happy being with the man I love. I thought Iíd never go back to Earth again, but something has come up and they have asked Serassan to return to Earth on a mission. I insisted on going with him. I might be able to see my brother again and explain to Manley what really happened to me. I wonder if it would be too much for him. Oh ... thereís that darn pain again ... Iím sure itís nothing, but maybe Serassan will let me see Plipquum, the Estronian healer, before we leave for Earth.


Dorothy Myers:  I need help. I just had a frightening experience while driving at night through Nebraska. I donít remember much about it, except that I know something happened to me. And what about the missing time? What about the flashbacks Iíve been having and the dreams about distorted heads with huge eyes leaning over me on a table? I think Iím going crazy. I think Iíll call that number I saw in the newspaper ads ... the UFO Contact Center. Maybe I was abducted!


ISBN 978-0-944851-06-7    July 1994, Paperback, 209 pages     USD $11.95






#3 in The Space Trilogy


Crystal Dobbs:  If you think being a teenager is hard, how about being a teen who is a hybrid? Itís hard enough living on a planetoid where there arenít a lot of people my age. But at least I have a few friends on the ship where I get my schooling. Still, the Estronian girls make fun of me and my looks. The Earth refugee kids on Karos are cool, but I really want to go into space and work on a mother ship. Father understands, but Mother thinks my idea is crazy. I havenít told anybody that I know that my Special One is out there -- not on Karos!


Blake Dobbs:  I'm 16 and I'm not happy about my dad and mom insisting we move to Colorado. They believe there's going to be some cataclysmic event and it won't be safe living in Illinois anymore. My friends think my parents are whacko because Dad runs the UFO Contact Center here in DeKalb. But I had this dream the other night ... and I could swear it was real ... a Light Being was in my room and woke me up. Whatever he told me I don't remember. It was just a dream, but now I kinda wish it was real.


Blue Jay:  I live on board The New Jerusalem, a spaceship that watches over Planet Earth. Hey, it's cool being in space and meeting new people, especially ones from other worlds. It sure beats the life on the streets of Chicago. I just made a new friend named Blake Dobbs. He digs music like me and we hit it off from the start, him on the guitar, me on the harmonica. We're groovin'!


ISBN 978-0-944851-23-4    January 2005, Paperback, 302 pages     USD $14.95


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