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The house I grew up in had a root cellar entrance in the basement. My friends and I were intrigued by this and often went inside it to explore. It was rather hard to crawl into as the opening was near the basement ceiling, and the cellar itself was dirty, dusty




Chris Nesbit:  Why did we have to leave Milwaukee to come live in this small town in Iowa? I had
to leave all my friends behind, and now I wonít know anyone when I start high school in the fall. My little brother, Philip, doesnít have a problem with it. I did see a blond boy washing the car across the street and Iím not sure about his age, but he was kinda cute. Moving sucks, but our new house does have an interesting twist ... thereís a root cellar in our basement. I wonder whatís inside it.


Wendy Young:  A new family just moved in across the street. Thereís a girl about my age. She walks to the mailbox at the end of our block every day. Maybe Iíll watch and then follow her. Iím excited to get to a know a new girl my age. Maybe I can get her to join my club, the P.E.D., which stands for "Private Eye Detectives." Maybe sheíll help me investigate Mr. North and the milkman!


Virgil North: The house next door sold and thereís a family with two kids that moved in. I donít expect any trouble from them, but Iíd better make sure my secret project is safe. What they donít know about the house wonít hurt them, though I have a feeling I left something behind ... I canít find it and may have dropped it somewhere I wasnít supposed to be.


ISBN 978-0-944851-41-8    June 2015, Paperback, 150 pages     USD $8.95


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