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Animal Fiction

Animals have played a role in my life that inspired me to write about some of them. In younger years I wanted to become a veterinarian, but apparently writing and publishing were my destiny. I grew up with pets and would have many animals living with me now, if it were possible. One day that dream may come into fruition.




by Ann Ulrich Miller


Jay:  (Squawk!) Excuse me ... that worm I just ate didnít settle right. Iím Jay, Claraís best friend, and as you can see Iím a blue jay and I live in the backyard of Clara the Clutz. Claraís a white duck, by the way, and a blessing to bird kind because the humans who live in the red-stained house throw out a lot of goodies for Clara, which she shares with us all. You need to read this short story, illustrated by its author, commemorating the "real" Clara and her antics.

Itís not all humor, there is tragedy ... but Iíd rather not think about that time. This is really a kind of love story and it will leave you all warm and fuzzy, just like when Clara the duck arrived in a cardboard box with holes.


Clara: I rule the back yard. Everyone knows it. If it werenít for me, my feathered friends would have to scrounge for food. The One With Four Eyes brings us food every morning, but I still like hunting for worms after it rains, and I donít like it when the Grackle comes and steals food out of my pan. He made fun of me once and called me a double-breasted grassbeak!


Category: Animals/Humor, Illustrated      ISBN 978-0-944851-50-0      Published December 2016, Paperback, 48 pages, Retail $7.95





by Ann Ulrich Miller


Ranger:  When I was a puppy, I actually thought cats should automatically love me too. Mu, the cat, was a ginger tabby. When I came to live at the Second Chance Ranch, Mu was already starting to get old. She wasnít pleased that a puppy had come into her life. Of course I wanted to rough play with her ... umm, that was my first mistake ...

Mu:  I eventually got used to him. No sweat. But then they brought home Jasmine, another female cat ... Iíll tell you one thing, Iíll take an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler puppy over a timid, half-Siamese "fraidy cat" any day!


               Author's Note:  A Dog Named Ranger was published after his passing in late summer 2012. Ranger will remain my most unforgettable dog as he both lived through the last years of my husband Ethan's life. Ranger was devoted to Ethan, and after he passed I became Ranger's sole companion, along with Jessica the cat, both of whom traveled with me west back to Colorado in May of 2009.  Clara the Duck is a treasured memory of the Schumacher family in Monona, Wisconsin. These animals will never be forgotten.



ISBN 978-0-944851-34-0    November 2012, Paperback, 48 pages  (with Full Color photos)     USD $12.00



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