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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the July 2008 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: I am fascinated by your species and wonder if it would be permissible to explain to me what your average daily activities are on Serpo Jadui? If this is not permitted knowledge, I will understand.
                                                      Love, Jujuolui

A: Most of our people on Serpo/Jadui are involved in scientific endeavors, especially those of the astronaut class, while others work on communal projects such as growing food and maintaining the cities, which are the bubble cities. Most of the heavy work is performed by androids and other machines.
       We sleep as you do, but our rest periods aren’t as long as on Earth, and we eat, though our cuisine is different than on Earth.
Houses and buildings are designed to be self-sufficient, and food is replicated in replicator devices, and rooms are self sterilizing and cleaning is also this way, and is performed with android help.
       Children are schooled in small settings, such as are found in small colonies by the elders under the direction of the Kiguish or ruling caste. Since there is no major illness as there is on Earth, all medical technology is to eradicate any future illnesses found in our population by genetic manipulation, etc.
       We have streets and roads as you have on Earth, but the vehicles don’t utilize fossil fuels as on Earth, and are friendly to the environment as most vehicles operate on energy collected and stored by on-board batteries and generators as are most buildings.
       Most big highways are created to work in harmony with the environment, using magnetics and electromagnetism to move large amounts of car-like machines that don’t run on wheels as yours on Earth do.
       Trains are operated by crystals linked to electromagnets, and are automatically controlled as are other mass transit operations on Serpo/Jadui.
       Most people of Serpo are humanoid and have similar needs as humans of Earth have, and live in dwellings similar to your houses. Their entertainment is of an interactive type, such as music and mind stimulation games, and diversions as you would have on your world as far as daily activities.
       Our people have a rigid schedule that is linked to the central hive as we function as a unit comprising several smaller units linked to a central hive and all fit into this unit, though they do have freedoms to an extent.
                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: How can you make your ships invisible? Also, what is it that causes car motors to die when one passes over and then the car starts up again after the craft is gone? Does gravity have anything to do with your flying or hovering somewhere?

A: The reason the car’s motor dies is due to interaction of a ship’s antigravity propulsion system combined with electromagnetics. The reason our ships can appear as invisible is due to our cloaking technology, plus the frequencies that the ship operates in when it’s in your atmosphere. Our ships can adjust their frequencies to appear as they are in your sight, or to appear as being invisible.
                                                                  Love, Commander Sanni

Q: What is the process of transition (physical death) like? And is the energetic life (“life in summerland”) filled with the same challenges of the physical? I am thinking that as long as we possess a brain, life cannot be that much different.

A: The process is on an energy level, to prepare the soul to continue on its journey, and this energy stage is to prepare the cells to turn off and send their last energies to make the soul lighter. Physical death to a creature is the final stage of its evolution on your physical level of your Earth.
      Once it reincarnates, it has a new shell or container with all new cells, but this container retains its past memories of its previous lives. The energetic life is similar to your prior life you had while upon this Earth level, but is of a higher frequency of vibration, depending upon its prior life, whether it was of a heavy or dark energy or life.
      The transition from one stage into another can be either pain free or pain filled, or it can be as if going to sleep and waking up on a different plane or level of reality upon a parallel planet, similar to your Earth but only more evolved and more tranquil.
      And having a brain isn’t where the memories and awareness of your life or death resides as this is stored into all cells and within everything around and within you. Every memory of all experiences is stored in all cells and not only in a conscious memory as in your brain.
                                                            Namasté, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander Sanni,
      Thank you for your participation and contributions to The Star Beacon. I find the questions and answers to be interesting and informative. My questions herein are prompted by your reference to Nibiru in the June 2008 edition, that “Nibiru was safely removed from its trajectory with Earth’s solar system...” etc.
      Who moved Nibiru and why?
      Is Nibiru home to those referred to as the Annunaki? Are these the beings that the Adam/Eve characters in the Old Testament encountered and experienced as “God”? Are the Annunaki reptilian in form? Are they the ones who were so taken by the human females and “entered into the daughters of men”?
      Did the Annunaki establish an interdimensional space port in the Fertile Crescent, modern day Iraq? Did the US administration attack and occupy Iraq to gain control of that Annunaki space port? Are some of the US leaders reptilian shape shifters in human form?
      Is Red Worm or Wormwood, the comet, the same space form mentioned in the Book of Revelations, where it seems to prophesy a fiery encounter with Earth?
      Thank you again.
                                                                        Bob Huth
                                                                        West Union, Ohio

A: Dear Bob,
      Nibiru was moved out of its trajectory by a team of four motherships. One was Zeti and the others were operated by Pleiadian sector worlds.
The Annunaki were the ancient black and reptoid hybrids who colonized Earth from a planetary system found in Andromeda and Orion sectors, and through the genetic programs gave rise to the predecessors of the modern Egyptians who settled in the regions of your Middle East. The beings that Adam and Eve saw were Pleiadians, who were the modern Nordics with blue eyes and blond hair, and were also the species that created the angel myth among Earth people as they were ancient astronauts who were visiting and doing genetic work on Earth.
      God stands for Geneticists Of Diversity and it wasn’t a single entity, but a collection of scientists from many worlds who were terraforming Earth to be a livable laboratory world.
      The portal in Iran and the Middle East was created by the Annunaki and their reptoid leaders from Orion Nebula quadrant, to establish a flow of technology between their species and Earth’s government, to give us an edge over lesser technologically evolved nations. Much of the technology was adopted for military endeavors and also this portal was an interdimensional stargate-time portal linking your Earth to its past and as a travel device for ships and crews. Mostly all the current leaders of your Earth governments are shape shifting to appear as humans as their true form is Draconian lizard or the Deraks and Terak iguanoids who work with the Draconians for control and rulership of Earth.
      The space port was also taken over by the USA in Iraq and Iran for development of testing a free-energy device which would eventually replace your gas and oil dependent fuel transportation on your planet, and to use as a direct route to a base upon your Moon, where your governments wish to create a military check point and space defense presence there.
      Redworm or Wormwood is a huge comet that was artificially created by destroying a planet and then turning it into rock and ice, creating a giant snowball. This is the same one mentioned in Earth’s holy books and its presence is a warning to generations upon Earth to awaken the dormant minds to see what their eyes are blind to and to hear what their ears have been tuned away from listening to by the programming by their government’s media and other forms of mind control.
      Wormwood is the precursor to the fleets of light ships that will follow and whose crews will establish a new and second Earth out where Mars and Saturn reside. These light ships are Pleiadian and will be the ones who help to change Earth from a planet of destruction into a world of peace and unconditional love. Wormwood will signal the start of a global war between reptoids or reptilians and Earth humans as the lizards will try to own Earth and keep humans as slaves.
      After this war the light ships from Pleiades will arrive and the final cleansing of Earth will occur. The new Earth, which is a planet called Enjah, will be larger, and a newer species of human will be created to live upon it, a transgenetic hybrid composed of all species of man will live upon Enjah and the former Earth will be a sanctuary for wildlife and a test planet to redevelop new species to place upon the second Earth.
      The comet Wormwood will impact Earth before the creation of the second Earth or Enjah, and will signal the process of global cleansing. Once the new Earth is created and the former Earth is cleansed, then your former planet will emerge into the fifth dimensional level. All wars will be eradicated by this impact of the comet with Earth and a new period will be initiated upon this solar system.
                                                              Namasté, Commander Sanni

       EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have questions to ask ET, please direct them to Commander Sanni by e-mail at, or send them in to The Star Beacon, 3885 Jackson Run, New Matamoras, OH 45767

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