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from the December 2010 Star Beacon

edited by Ann Ulrich Miller

‘Blublocker’ sunglasses help see UFOs
       John Combest writes, “An acquaintance of mine telephoned another acquaintance who coordinates a local UFO study group to advise the coordinator as follows regarding a UFO sighting in the Houston, Texas area. This person’s observation is very important as it seems to indicate a method by which anyone who acquires Polaroid type sunglasses can be facilitated in viewing things usually hidden to natural eyesight.
       “A witness wearing Mr. Blublocker sunglasses saw invisible ships with them. He saw a shadow on his windshield on I-10 Highway on Oct. 14, 2010. He pulled over and saw a low flying saucer. When he took his glasses off, the UFO disappeared. With glasses on, it had turned on its side; zipped off and was gone in three seconds.
       “Two US patents cover BluBlocker sunglass lenses. The lens blocks all of the UV light and all blue light. Colors such as red and green are more vibrant. The lens has the ability to remove scattered or spurious light waves. Polarization eliminates annoying reflections off water, car windshields, and metal objects and helps spotting UFOs.” Thanks to John Combest.
                                   (from Filer’s Files #46 2010, Nov. 10, 2010)

Iwo Jima UFO during World War II
        Bill Stephenson writes, “I was standing in line to turn in my election bag when an elderly gentleman approached me and asked about the MUFON patch on my jacket. I explained what it was.
        “He went on to tell me about his experience on board an LST during the battle for Iwo Jima in 1945. He was on watch in the CIC room as a radar man when he noticed an object on the radar going 27,000 miles an hour. He also said the object was the largest object he has ever seen on radar. He called his Chief over to see, and he could not believe his eyes and he told the radar man to plot the object.
        “He asked the Chief, ‘Should we call the other ships in the flotilla to see if they observed the UFO?’ The Chief replied, ‘No don’t embarrass me.’ ”
Thanks to Carl Mecklenburg, who is in his late 80s.
                                        (from Filer’s Files #46 2010, Nov. 10, 2010)


UFO dives into reservoir
       Authorities had multiple reports from citizens visiting Lake Powell (in Utah) on Nov. 8, 2010, that an unidentified object dove into the reservoir. Government authorities were called in to investigate, but they are remaining silent. However, many locals know exactly what it is: “It’s a UFO. I’m positive of it,” said John Comito, visiting from New Hampshire with his family. “We’ve talked to a number of people around here and they said they’ve been seeing the object come in and out of the water for the last three months.”
       UFO experts have been aware of underwater alien craft and bases for decades. “Many people believe that aliens are just flying around in the sky. But they’re not, they are also in the water and on the ground — all around us,” said Chester Burlingham, a UFO hunter. “What makes this unusual is that the aliens are setting up a base in a man-made reservoir and this has some of us in the community alarmed.”
       The states of Arizona and Utah have sent their National Guards to Lake Powell to “keep an eye on things. Experts are fearful that the aliens are planning something because the UFO has been spotted coming out of the water with more frequency in the last few weeks.                                                     

World leaders briefed on UFO battle near Earth
       World leaders have been briefed on a devastating UFO battle between Zetan “Gray” and Sirian aliens on the fringes of the Zeta Reticuli star system, around the Reticuli star system, around 39 light-years away, that has claimed the lives of over 400,000 alien beings. Most of the casualties were Zetans, known as “Grays.” A few hundred casualties were of the highly advanced Sirians whose consciousnesses can be placed in new bodies.
       Frantic communications between the US President and alien groups such as Andromedans, who are friendly to Earth, have assured our leaders that the incident poses no threat to Earth.
       The conflict began when bandit Grays threatened Sirian power in the region, which includes our solar system. Grays are seen by many as a potential threat to Earth and hostile to humanity. The “Gray” bandit leader Ru-Illiar was killed in the event, which saw 700 mostly Zetan UFO craft destroyed in a dramatic space battle and a Zetan lunar colony in Zeta Reticuli obliterated.
       Grays have objected to Sirian hegemony for millennia and are protesting over being denied technology and resources by the Sirians, who regard the Zetans as belligerent. UFOs built by the Grays are typically shaped like classical flying saucers while Sirian ships are immense pyramid-shaped craft. Grays have been described by both alien abductees and Roswell witnesses many times. They are described as having oversized heads, almond eyes and grayish skin.
                                                               Source: Michael Cohen
                         , from All News Web

Commander Sanni’s Comments:
       This battle was started by the commanders of the Sirian fleets after they tried to take over our home worlds in the Z Quadrant, which encompasses the Zeti Reticulan worlds’ solar system. The Sirians are a Reptoid species mixed with renegade Lyrans who left their own system eons ago when one of their stars went nova. They settled on a planet called Sirius B. The claim in the article saying that Grays are hostile to humans is incorrect. Those are Reptilians shape-changing to appear as Grays, to make humans hate Grays. Reptilians and lizards control and own Earth and its puppets who are the mind-controlled humans.
       These Sirians who started this war came to your Earth to destroy it after they sent off their rivals, the Deraks and Teraks and the Draconians as they have been bitter enemies and have tolerated Grays and Pleiadians livng on Earth. The casualities were generated after this Sirian attack on several peaceful worlds in my home sector as they used nuclear devices and killed thousands of innocent people. The counter attack by my species was to protect your planet and your solar system from hostile takeover.


Zecharia Sitchin makes his transition
       Zecharia Sitchin, one of the giants of the Ancient Astronaut or Paleocontact theory, passed away Oct. 9, 2010 in New York City at the age of 90. Antonio Huneeus writes: “I met Zecharia several times. He was always friendly and we had dinner discussing his many books and studies. I asked him if he believed in the Bible. He stated, ‘I feel Genesis was based on Sumerian writing and was a summary of their writings and was the truth.’”
       Antonio explains that Sitchin started his lifelong quest for the Anunnaki, the gods of ancient Sumer, or the Biblical Nephilim, which in time he came to believe were real extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru. Sitchin’s parents were Russian Jews from Azerbaijan, who immigrated in the 1920s to what was then known as Palestine (present-day Israel), then under British rule. Zecharia was a 9-year-old boy attending Biblical school and the discussion focused on a cryptic passage from the Book of Genesis (6:4-1) concerning the so-called Anunnaki or Nephilim, who married the daughters of man and had children by them.”
       Zecharia Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of ETs from the planet Nibiru that has an elongated, elliptical orbit around our Sun. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into more than 25 languages. Since the release of his first book The 12th Planet in 1976, now in its 45th printing, Sitchin wrote 13 other books. Critic Michael Heiser called Sitchin “arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades.” He has been featured in TV programs such as the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, the Series. He graduated from the University of London, served during World War II at the Allied Command in Jerusalem, and worked as an editor in Israel. He eventually settled in New York.
       Thanks to Antonio Huneeus
                                   (from Filer’s Files #47-2010 Nov. 17, 2010)


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