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from the June 2010 Star Beacon

edited by Ann Ulrich Miller

Town dazed as UFOs suck up tons of water from swimming pools
         The following article, written by Gary Richmond, appeared in UFOs, et al blog on Sunday, May 23, 2010:
        Terrifying UFOs blitzed a town and stole thousands of gallons of water from residents’ swimming pools, reveal stunned eyewitnesses including a police officer. (No date on article)
        “I personally saw a huge illuminated oval object cruising over housetops, and, as strange as it seems, I saw it pull water up out of a swimming pool.” declared police Sgt. Carlos Palacios of Olavarria, Argentina.
        “There was no noise, and I even verified it by checking the pool. It was empty. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But as incredible as it sounds, it was not science fiction!”
        The astonishing event repeated itself over several nights in early January, and caused a sensation in the town, about 200 miles from Buenos Aires.
        The occurrences bore a striking similarity to the recent smash TV miniseries “V: The Final Battle,” in which space aliens pumped water from Earth into their hovering spaceships.
        “I saw a huge, long oval object literally parked about 100 feet above the yard,” said electrician Carlos Borelli, who was awakened at 3 a.m. by bright lights outside.
“The object was twice the size of a blimp and had a ring of colored lights around it which flashed on and off — red, yellow, orange and green.
        “All of a sudden, a beam of bright white light shot down from the object, and the water from the pool rushed up through the light so fast it appeared it was being sucked up a drinking straw.
        “Suddenly, the object shot off at an incredible speed — in less than three seconds it was gone. The whole event took 10 or 20 seconds. I’ve never seen anything like it.
        “I thought I might have been dreaming — but going out to the pool, I saw it was empty!’
        Jose Veiga, manager of a local bank added that the pool at his bank’s employee club was also struck. “Our club was visited by a flying saucer which emptied our swimming pool,” Veiga said. “More than 10,000 gallons disappeared.”
        Many other area residents — including Roman Catholic priest Romeo Musaragno and two Argentine Army soldiers — reported seeing brightly lit UFOs.
        “More than 20 witnesses of high caliber saw the incredible lights in the sky,” said assistant police chief Juan Carlos Longobardi. “That and the mysterious extraction of water from swimming pools point to what we recognize as fact: Olavarria has been visited by UFOs.”
        Note from P. Urial, editor of Church of Ufology: “While following up on correspondence sent to us while still in Seattle, we visited an older gentleman in Elna, Wash. He had seen a UFO over a close by beaver pond suck up the water. It had lowered the pond over a foot. Interesting that the pond was full of bull frogs, water plants, etc. If they wanted to study our water and what is in it, they got the whole gamut! I have an idea they were taking the hydrogen out of the water for their ships to operate, but that is only a guess.”

Former New Hampshire state rep claims Eisenhower was briefed about ET
        Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Michael Salla reports: A former representative to the New Hampshire House of Representatives has released a video statement revealing he saw a secret brief to President Eisenhower concerning extraterrestrial life. Henry W. McElroy (R), served on various committees during his time in the New Hampshire State legislature, and is best known for sponsoring a new Gold Money bill in 2004 that aimed to restore the use of Gold and Silver coins in the Granite State.
        He most recently ran for and won the Republican primary for State Representative to the 2008 elections, but did not win re-election. In his statement, recorded on May 8, 2010 in Hampton Virginia, McElroy claims that the brief revealed that extraterrestrials were present in the United States, they were benevolent, and a meeting could be arranged for Eisenhower.
                                        (Source: Filer’s Files #21, May 20, 2010)

Commander Sanni Ceto update
        In May Sanni moved back to Paonia, Colo., and is doing well after a challenging winter. A special thank you to Sara Hockenbery and the Howdeshells for helping her get moved to a better location. Look for the return of her column next month.

        For excellent weekly reports on UFO sightings and space anomalies, visit George Filer’s Web sites at and also You can sign up for email at He depends on donations to keep these colorfully illustrated reports coming.

        Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

        Order her spiritual autobiography, Throughout All Time.


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