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The Meaning of It All

from the June 2010 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Rainbow Majesty at last
        My newest book is coming out this month. Rainbow Majesty is a romantic suspense novel about light workers in Colorado, inspired by my many years in the North Fork Valley and by a very special place known as Electric Mountain Lodge, located about 18 miles north of Paonia. Electric Mountain Lodge burned to the ground in March 2005 following a gas explosion that resulted in the death of three children. Since then it has been rebuilt and it’s up and running again. I visited it on July 4, 2007.

       “In Rainbow Majesty, Ann Ulrich Miller has masterfully woven richly drawn characters, suspense, love and self-discovery into a captivating story. Readers for whom this is an introduction to spirituality can understand its presence in their own lives through the characters’ experiences, and already enlightened readers will applaud the clarity of universal truths throughout this greatly enjoyable book.”
       — Suzanne Ward, author of Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven
                                                        and other Matthew Books

       Light workers are a special breed. The inspiration for the characters in my novel came from many of my close friends and our wonderful meditation group in Paonia that met once a week during the mid-’90s. Those were memorable times for us all. I like to think that we were able to lift the vibration of our valley with our love and light.
       Of course Rainbow Majesty is not all about love and light. Juniper Sutton, the heroine, has just buried her long suffering mother after being her caretaker for two years. She is also still mourning the tragic death of her fiancé, who was killed in Iraq. Even though she was born in Colorado, Juniper grew up in Kansas, and when she receives an invitation from her Aunt Rosalee to come to Majestic Mountain in a remote part of Colorado, to help run a gift shop in the lodge, Juniper hopes she can discover some answers to her father’s death from a hunting accident 22 years prior.

       “A captivating, page-turning story of intrigue and romance. The beautiful setting of Majestic Mountain comes alive with Ann Ulrich Miller’s graphic descriptions. Her characters allow the reader to visualize them and feel as though they know them well. The combination of mystery, love and the holistic world of metaphysics makes this a delightful and exciting book. I heartily recommend it.”
       — Judith Horky, author of EarthShift and Soul Shift

       When Juniper flies into Colorado Springs, she is met by two male employees at the lodge. Wes Andrews, sensitive and good-looking, reminds her of Sean, her dead fiancé, and Drake Phillips, more the mountain man type, leaves her confused yet intrigued by his brash manner.
       Aunt Rosalee’s down home charm touches Juniper’s heart, even while she is thrust into a new way of thinking and encounters extraordinary people and ideas at the Rainbow Majestic Lodge, a healing and light center. Having been converted from a hunting lodge, the Rainbow Majestic now caters to light workers and is preparing for its semi-annual holistic fair. Juniper absorbs a huge dose of new philosophy through books and interaction with the various residents at the lodge.
       From the somewhat promiscuous massage therapist, Clover Wolff, to the overzealous handwriting analyst, Taffi Kincaid, Juniper piles up new friendships that also include the Goth-leaning, eccentric awakener, Starla Streber, and 9-year-old Max Leachfield, who leads Juniper through all the secret passageways in the old hotel. Then there is Vlad Petrovsky, the visiting ufologist from Russia, who tells Juniper she’s okay, even if she’s never seen a “yu-fo.” Elderly author Cyril Jorgensen spews knowledge and wisdom of all kinds metaphysical, while his angelic girlfriend, Celeste (in her 80s) constantly bubbles with laughter and joy.
       Aunt Rosalee’s stepdaughter, Gena Sutton Howard, is Juniper’s first cousin, and sets herself up from the beginning to challenge Juniper every step of the way. However, Gena’s psychic ability uncovers something she’d rather not know about the young woman from Kansas, and the lodge’s dark secrets begin to spill out — even to the point of murder.

       “Ann Ulrich Miller weaves a fascinating tale of love and hate, light and darkness into a rich fabric of human life in all its roller-coaster aspects. She takes us on an alternately gentle and rough ride across the golden rolling prairies of Kansas into the green majestic grandeur of her beloved Colorado Rockies. I read the whole book in just two nights —that’s how riveted I was by this powerful story. This memorable tale will move you to tears, inspire you with hope, uplift you with joy. At the end, you will know, beyond question or doubt, light always triumphs over darkness, love over hate. It’s a tale to be treasured and savored for many years.”
       — John Cali, author and channel of Conversations with Chief Joseph

       But darkness threatens to close the lodge, due to a sinister group of religious fanatics and a plot to close down the Rainbow Majestic by some rogue investors. Will love and light prevail in the face of sinister forces? Find out for yourself.
       I hope that you will get a chance to read Rainbow Majesty and meet all these special new friends whose lives revolve around beauty, love and light in a high energy locale.
       Rainbow Majesty will be available by mid-month on and on, or you can order it directly from Earth Star (if you’d like it autographed) for $15 plus $3.50 shipping cost (US).

       “Ann Ulrich Miller’s mastery of painting the most scenic, sensual pictures and characters with her words is unsurpassed in Rainbow Majesty. Set against the beautiful, untouched wonders of Colorado, this romantic/suspense novel is a treat for the mind and spirit, a real keeper! The enthusiastic (if not eccentric) and dramatic supporting characters complement the strong, deep, sometimes mesmerizing — yet always believable — focus “new friends” readers often feel they come to know in the best written novels of the time. These focal characters each face beguiling, life-changing circumstances, all of which weave a mystical web that surprisingly connects people who have never met before. Sprinkle in just about every topic of metaphysics —with both skeptics and participants alike — and you will think you’ve solved the mystery —until you turn the next page ... and then the next! Rainbow Majesty is refreshingly nonjudgmental as you wander the romantic journey with Juniper. She hesitantly experiences meditation, past lives, healing methods and the ever undeniable powers of love and forgiveness.”
       — Chrystle Clae, reviewer of romance novels

      Order your copy of Rainbow Majesty.

       You can view my articles on Relationship Transition at the Denver Examiner, Do a search on site for Ann Ulrich Miller.

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