Vol. 31, No. 1 - February 2017

The latest issue of The Star Beacon features Fasten Your Galactic Seatbelt for 2017 by Terra Rae and Crysta of "Team Earth." Also in the February issue: Did Trump's inaugural speech hint of disclosure of a secret space program? by Dr. Michael Salla; A True UFO Story by T Stokes; The After Death Game by Al Fry; Conversations with Spirit and John Cali ("10 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Life"); Cosmic Book Reviews: 'The Invisible Crime' and 'UFO FAQ"; Spiritual Visualization Exercises by Mary Agnes; The Optimism Bias by A. Raby;  Commander's Star Base by Commander Sanni Ceto;  DISC-ussion edited by Ann Ulrich Miller;  Moving into the fifth dimension world by Albert Russell,  The Forthcoming Golden Age by Marguerite dar Boggia; Soul Connection: Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds, by Erin Pavlina; Angels also known as Devas, by Marguerite dar boggia; and  The Meaning of It All ("Ursula, the Psychic") by Ann Ulrich Miller. Follow the links for a sample of the articles in the February 2017 issue. (Note: Not every article is live!)

The February issue is in the mail now!


Stepping Forth
An American Girl Coming of Age in the 60s
by Ann Ulrich Miller

50 Case Studies in Modern Palmistry
by T Stokes