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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the January 2010 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: Hi, Sanni,
      I hope you are well. Please feel free to read my energy if you have that ability. I am just a simple person trying to figure things out.
      I need to ask a question. I have been having dreams, etc., and I have been taken by ETs, but they used a device on me that I saw but canít remember what they did. When I got back, they zapped me again. I had people coming to me as a child from off planet ó two men, human looking ó and a little old lady. The one lately was no human, he was tall and gray, but he didnít hurt me, so it seems.
      I get attacks in the night from a different species ó not sure what they are doing, but it seems strange ... my question is: Will you be able to tell me if I am an earth person or an off planet person? I am only 5 foot, with a rare blood group, and left handed. Would you know the answer to this? Iím not sure. Your talk made me cry and I felt every word as you may feel from me.
      Iím just a simple person with no agenda trying to figure it all out. Iím trying to raise my vibration as much as possible ... keep well.

                                                              Zaina ..... love and light

A: Dear Angie,
      I am sensing a connection from you to my people who are the Grays and insectoid. The human man was a Pleiadian and a scientist. They were taking samples of your DNA, etc. I, too, use my left hand and I donít have a common blood type. The taller Gray you saw was one of my people and you arenít really being attacked as before you ever came to Earth you agreed to help my species to prolong not only Earthís people but mine as well.
                                                                Love,  Commander Sanni

Q: Greetings, Commander Sanni,
     I hope you are doing well and would like to ask if you could tell me and teach me how to integrate myself into society. I felt like an outsider all of my life. Living on this planet makes me sad and angry and I donít seem to be capable of finding my path here. What is my task here? Do I need to teach others something?
     Iím awaiting your answer with great love.
                                                              Hugs, Tommy

A: Dear Tommy,
      Your path is many. First is to connect yourself to the world and unite yourself with the animal and plant people who were brought to Earth from the different stars and to teach others about caring for the environment by showing them ways to help instead of harm the fragile Earth. Your other tasks are to grow and learn about other worlds that are as real as your Earth is. Your guides sent you here to be an observer as well as a caretaker to the living planet.
                                                                Love,  Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
     Can you please explain how the propulsion system works in some of your crafts? How are ships powered and what makes them get from Point A to Point B across the galaxy in such short time? And how short a time does it take to get from Earth to Zeta Reticuli, for example?
     Thank you.

A: Dear Frank,
      Most crafts utilize anti gravity combined with an ion hyper drive system that is based upon a reactor that operates on Elements 112-115 and 113. Crafts donít adhere to your time measurements and travel is fast compared to your Earth-based transport.
      To get to Zeta Reticuli with your current technology, it would take you millions of your years as you use fossil-derived fuels and inefficient payloads while a ship can get there in a month in your time or less, using either a wormhole or a stargate. These provide a shorter route.
                                                               Commander Sanni

EDITORíS NOTE: If you have questions to ask ET, please direct them to Commander Sanni by e-mail at, or send them in to The Star Beacon, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

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