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Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

from the February 2010 Star Beacon

By Commander Sanni Ceto
Q: Hi, Sanni,
      We are all connected. I know I am really ready to go home. I tire of this Earth the way it currently is. No love. I try and spread as much love in my daily dealings as possible.
     Sanni, do you know which planet Iím from? It is so very difficult as you donít know who I am, why Iím here. What am I supposed to be doing?
     I so enjoyed listening to your piece and plan to purchase your books. Thank you for being here on Planet Earth.

                                                              Anne Randall

A: Dear Anne,
      I would need a picture of you, but I sense youíre connected to the Pleiades and Lyra as your home worlds.
      Earth is such a closed-off planet to love and caring, and that is one reason itís hard to live here as itís also heavy in emotion and hate being here. People here on Earth are dumbed down and are afraid to open their minds and even consider that others are real, yet a lot walk among them.
      Your origin as Lyran or Pleiadian is strong in your love energies as thatís what this planet is directly lacking in ó love.
                                                                Love,  Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
     Are you getting information from your people about what is currently going on in this solar system?
                                                              Namastť, MB

A: Dear MB,
      Yes, I can give you answers and information. Much is going on inside and outside your solar system. Much will affect humans if they arenít aware or open to see and learn these things.
                                                                Namastť, Commander Sanni

Q: Thank you for trying to be helpful.
     For a start, let me say that I am not associated with any government agency or any other sinister organization. I am actually in the process of preparing a little lesson/presentation for my friends and I am trying to gather genuine info about the state of affairs for mankind. The purpose of my presentation is to create awareness and ó if possible ó a preparedness for things to come.
     I will try to be as open as possible and please donít worry about my capacity of digesting info, even if it may be some ugly stuff. I prefer the bitter truth instead of sweet ignorance. I know a little bit about the Reptilians, Annunaki, Montauk, etc.
     My questions will be in three main groups:
     The first group is about occurrences inside/outside our solar system. The second about Earth, and the third, more about personal perceptions/advice.
     Here I start with the first group:
     1. Are there currently some spacecraft stationed in the vicinity of the sun? If so, by whom are they operated and what is their mission?
     2. What is happening in and around the rings of Saturn?
     3. Alex Collier, a contactee, has mentioned that a craft of planetary size is slowly approaching Earth. Is that statement correct and if so, then who is operating it and what are their intentions?
     4. It has been said that a base has been operational on Mars, with humans being the main operators. If so, then has this base been attacked? If so, by whom and why? What is its current operational status?
     5. What is the purpose/secret of the Mars satellite Phobos?
     6. Who is operating the base on the dark side of Earthís Moon and for which purpose/intention?
     7. Why is NASA not any more landing officially on the Moon?
     8. What has and is happening in the Moon crater Tycho?
     9. Can you give some info about the history/purpose of Earthís Moon?
That is it for now. Please take your time. If you need to check with your people first, then let me know when to expect the answer.
     Thank you very much for your time and effort.


A: Dear MB,
      Here are my answers to your questions, though they are not in order.
That spacecraft he mentioned was pulled out of trajectory with your Earth a few years ago. It was a massive spheroid mothership that your people said was Planet X, but it was only disguised to resemble a planet to avoid detection as to its true origin. A planet is in a fixed orbital path and doesnít leave its solar system to wander throughout space. But spacecraft do leave and wander.
      The ring structure of Saturn (or Siate in my peopleís language) is being made to stabilize the planetís geomagnetics by utilizing strong magnets to bring the ring system closer, to make it stronger and to make the rings so they can be used as the planetís forcefield to bounce away or deflect any incoming hostile actions not generated by the scientists who are there doing experiments.
      On the planetís tiny surface (as Saturn is a gas giant planet and terra-forming is under way with technology similar to the chemtrail technology used on your Earth to transform the planetís weather, for example). Also, the rings are being made to interact with the gases and chemicals on the planet, to eventually create more of a surface or earth-like land mass and to make the planet use up its atmosphere, to create a rocky planet, for Earth scientists plan on eventually controlling the world once it is more earth-like in its structure.
      The satellites, both Phobos and Dione of Mars, or the planet we know as Mieue, arenít natural satellites, they are hollow, spheroid crafts created eons ago by the Pleiadians and Zeti peoples, to serve as life boats, such as your own Moon.
      The bases upon Mars (or Mieue) are not fully operated by humans, for the humans are supervised and donít have full control over their works. Pleiadians and Zeti people are the ones who operate these bases that serve mostly as observational cities and testing facilities. Your military has a few small bases and their work is strictly monitored by their overseers, who are the Pleiadian councils. The bases were attacked by Orions, who tried to destroy your Earth several decades ago, using nuclear strikes against it when their attacks upon Earth were stopped. This opened a big portal link in the worm holes to your solar system to Orionalis V, in the Orion Sector. These bases are about 50 percent operational currently.
      The bases on your Moon are mostly operated by your secret governmentís military industrial complex, though a few are operated by your scientists to study and terra-form your Moon into a permanent colony world, though the Moon isnít a world but a spacecraft disguised as a planet. The others there who have bases are the Zetis and Pleiadians.
      The Moon is off-limits to Earthís activities until the people of Earth have learned peace and joint cooperation among nations, and all nations learn unity and living as friends and end their wars.
      The Zetis and Pleiadian councils forbid Earth to use your Moon as a testing ground for war-like purposes, and treaties among them and your leaders have been made for landings to be stopped until Earth civilization can learn and grow instead of destroy itself and others.
      Another thing is the councils donít want your Moon used as a staging area to generate nuclear or other war activity that can spread and contaminate other worlds beyond your solar system.
      The crater Tycho is being turned into a huge research base with an e-lab transport and mining system using electromagnetic trains and unmanned drone machines to create it and maintain the structures. It will also be used as a type of interplanetary airport facility, to ship mining equipment and goods and crews to and off moon to other planets outside your solar system.
      Your Moon was created and towed into your planetís solar system by the Pleiadians, who were doing biogenetic works on Earth when Earth was a laboratory. The spacecraft was nuclear-powered and was to serve as an escape means when the species being created advanced to a point where it either threatened itself with mass extinction or was doomed by their star going nova. Your Moon is hollow inside and generates a pulse and acts as a transponder relaying information back to the Pleiadian people, who created it eons ago.
      Your Moon was also built as a future colony world or artificial world, to develop and create a new species of human that will be brought back to recolonize the Earth after its catastrophic changes are completed and the Earth has been terra-formed to support life.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

EDITORíS NOTE:  To ask a question of Commander Sanni, please e-mail or send to The Star Beacon, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Be sure to check out the Commanderís Web site at

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